Tendances Sneakers : Joma R. 5000 | Analysis, test and Opinions

Tendances Sneakers : Joma R. 5000 | Analysis, test and Opinions

We analyze the characteristics of the JOMA weapon for the fastest competitions: R.5000. Under that name hides the lightest shoe in the history of Joma: 187gr! (201.8gr in size 45 analyzed), a model designed by and for the competition and that will also be demanding with whoever wants to wear it.

And is that this Joma R.5000 is aimed primarily at runners and runners who can withstand the extraordinary design that allows you to get the maximum performance for those who run with a very good running technique, that are muscularly sharp and do not require too many protections from the midsole. This allows the shoe to scrape off grams by not adding excessive cushioning material or tread stabilizers.

Joma recommends it for those who run under 3 ‘per kilometer… Wow! When the manufacturer himself sets the bar so high, even if it penalizes him in sales, that … that is that the thing has to be very serious.

And although Joma recommends it for that profile of athletes, or even recommends it for long distances (here you have to give him the reason that muscularly they are well worked), let’s see that it can be squeezed in some more cases .

Knowing the shoe we can see if it can help us and in what situations we can squeeze every euro spent on it. By the way, that is probably the most surprising thing about this shoe, since, after trying it, you still think that it is worth only € 70. Amazing. Let’s go to see her.

Joma R5000 analysis


The upper or upper cut of Joma R.5000 has all the characteristic elements of a competition shoe: very light and breathable meshes, absence of excessive reinforcements (only the essential ones), thin material but that holds with force, extremely thin tongue and Above all, a minimalist look that conveys efficiency.

Then there are the things that are not seen, but are. In the case of Joma, there is VTS, which is the technology that allows maximum breathability. This is very visible in the toe, where, apart from the ventilation holes that are all over the upper, here they are mixed with other even larger ones, which even reveal the sock (or the skin, of whoever decides to run without them) .

Of the few reinforcements that an 187gr sneaker can afford, Joma uses a very interesting resource in this R.5000. It’s about Sportech and it’s very visible. The succession of strips made of injection rubber (similar in appearance to TPU) and heat-sealed to the upper, from the base of the eyelets of the laces to the heel, is responsible for a more than correct grip. In fact, it is the area where the most tension occurs and Joma solves it with a material that is tough, but extremely light. In addition, you can play with the thickness of this material, to provide more or less support depending on the specific point of the shoe.

The heel is easily deformable if it is squeezed with the fingers of the hand … but this is not a training shoe that needs great stability or control on impact. This is a competition shoe that logically has to be used by runners with such an efficient footprint that it barely enters the heel, hence the reinforcement buttress here is practically non-existent.

Approaching the interior, we can see some thin and flat cords, which are passed through the very fine tongue so that it does not move when running. Six buttonholes, leaving a seventh free, give way to the interior where several things to stand out are observed.
The first one is that there is no inner lining. It is not necessary, or at least, that they put it in another concept of shoe, here it is not intended to be comfortable and calm as in a training shoe, this is a competition shoe and comforts, just right. If anything, it is easier to ventilate.

There is still a surprise: if the thin insole is removed, it is observed that the footbed is made of natural EVA and it is not simply on top of the midsole, but is integrated into it, sewn flat, so that no seams protrude.


The Joma R.5000 midsole is novel for the Spanish brand because it is the first in its history whose drop is reduced to just 6mm. It goes hand in hand with the overall low profile of the midsole, with a height hovering 20mm (above the heel and below the forefoot) and confirms that as far as high competition is concerned, Joma passes the trend of monstrous midsoles (in terms of profile) of other brands that compete with each other to arrive (but fail) to the maximum limit allowed by World Athletics, set at 40mm.

At the level of damping, the absolute protagonist in this Joma R.5000 is Fly Reactive, the system of the Toledo brand that makes it possible to take advantage of a good part of the energy released when impacting while running. The way it does this is to make it easier to take off, but without lifting too much off the ground.

As the material is very light and flexible, this technology helps the running efficiency to be very high.


The Joma R.5000 sole shows an aggressive lug, ideal for competition shoes. But, on the other hand, it is also efficient thanks to a design that saves material (and its consequent weight) and also extends that advantage by taking it to another: flexibility.

Rubber is always a heavy material, and here it has been used exclusively for studs in contact with the ground. Joma has been based on a biomechanical study carried out on runners with a technical profile (just whom the Spanish brand wants to direct this new model to) for the design of the sole. Thus, it is easy to understand why the highest concentration of material is found in the metatarsals and even more in the area of ​​the toes, where the last impulse has to be produced when launching the stride. The type of rubber used is Durability, a rubber with high density and durability.

The position of the studs, especially under the metatarsals, is a consequence of Joma’s own Flexo technology, which affects the location of the stripes where the shoe has to flex, from the moment of impact until completing the transition of the tread.

Joma R. 5000 overview

Joma R.5000 is a competition or flying shoe that is designed to be taken to races with the will to go very fast with them. Joma herself says of this R.5000 that it is for runners capable of going 3 ‘per thousand. Perhaps it is not necessary to be so exclusively fast to be able to get their potential, but it is true that the further you move away from that rhythm, you will necessarily lose justification to wear some flyers and go on to mixed shoes, first, and now for calm rhythms, daily training shoes.

On the sole, a strong and strategically placed rubber will allow good traction. Above it is a midsole with a reactive material that takes advantage of part of the energy generated when impacting with each stride. And on the top, a very light and breathable mesh will allow the foot to be well supported and perfectly ventilated.

This Joma R.5000 can be used by runners of a certain level already and looking to compete to the maximum on “D” day. They are used for any type of distance, but, although from the mile to the 10k the range of runners is wide, from here, it is better if they are very muscular and have good running technique.

The official price of Joma R.5000 is € 70.

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