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Mizuno trail running shoes

The Japanese brand Mizuno has a range of technical trail running shoes that range from initiation to competition. When I speak of technical range, I am referring to the type of models where brands use the best materials and designs to obtain the greatest and best performance.

Of course, there are footwear with which there are those who run in any area, but these are the ones in which Mizuno puts all the meat on the grill for trail running.

Even the Japanese brand has an “initiation” shoe that is worked down to the smallest detail. And if you have to call it that because it is your turn, but do not fool newbies, it is a whole shoe that uses, for example, the X10 rubber, the most resistant of the Japanese brand ... There is nothing.

The thing about this Mizuno trail running collection is that with just four models They cover almost the entire arch of runners and runners who want to jump into the mountains, from the minimum to go well footwear to the most durable, the most versatile or the most competitive. There is even one that was not really born for the mountains but for the asphalt, but that, more than two decades after being a best seller, has earned the right to have an off-road version. Without further ado we will meet them.


Mizuno Wave Ibuki 2 is a trail running shoe focused on runners and runners looking for an initiation shoe with all the guarantees in terms of design and materials. Ibuki 2 is versatile and a great choice if used only for walking outings or already combined with running.

The cushioned midsole and the excellent sole and its great grip have to provide comfort and safety in the tread. Above, an upper made with a light and breathable mesh with AIRmesh technology, must ensure that high levels of comfort are maintained.

Whoever uses them without much pretensions in terms of sports results and yes in the comfort of use and reliability, and all at a contained price, have in this Wave Ibuki 2 a serious candidate to incorporate it into their equipment to go to the mountains. Its weight of only 330gr in men and 280gr in women (355gr and 295gr respectively in the Gore-Tex finish) is quite adequate for the profile of this model.

The official price of Mizuno Wave Ibuki 2 is € 100.


The adaptability and versatility of the Mizuno Wave Daichi 5 is its hallmark, so it will be an ideal shoe for those who practice trail running in changing environments or if they are a bad seat ass and are continually exploring new places and new routes .

They are versatile without having to have complications in their configuration, but they do incorporate a whole battery of technologies and materials for what it is all about: a high-end shoe.

Daichi 5 is quite practical and recommended for those who are wondering about a model that fits because their pocket only allows one shoe for everything (training, competing in different distances and circumstances ...). Also for those who have several different pairs of shoes for everything and want to have one for those sessions or races where the terrain is known to be changing or ... you don't even know anything about how that terrain will be ... 😉

The weight is 320gr in men (335 in GTX) and 270gr in women (280 in GTX), while the 29/17 midsole has a drop of 12mm.

The official price of Mizuno Wave Daichi 5 is € 135.


Mizuno Wave Mujin 6 lives up to its saga. This is because "Mujin" in Japanese means something like "uninhabited", which is the same as the places where one can get lost in the mountains. If there is something to recognize this model is that it is designed to cover distances as long as those that one's legs support. That they, the shoes, will not finish the road so easily.

This is because Wave Mujin 6 provides soft cushioning combined with exceptional grip and great durability. Stability is another of its strengths, since an excellent midsole, with the Wave plate, is joined by a wide sole, both in the heel and in the forefoot, which give a good grip surface and distributes the tread pressure. All very suitable for traveling long distances in the mountains.

The total weight of the shoe is not low, but it does not matter as much as if it happens with some competition shoes in use. It is 380gr for men and 330gr for women. The drop in this delivery is 10mm.

In short, the usage profile should be that of runners looking for comfort and reliability above all for long distances or periods running in the mountains, including the most technical areas. Another thing to keep in mind is that it does not matter the weight of those who wear them because they can handle everything (although undoubtedly the most grateful will be the heaviest). And speaking of weight, it is not the best option if you want to fly over shorter distances, perhaps the best Mizuno Wave Daichi or, above all, Mizuno Wave Hayate, the latter more focused on competition.

The official price for Mizuno Wavw Mujin 6 is € 140.


Mizuno Wave Hayate 6 is a trailrunning shoe focused on competition or agile training or where, ultimately, you want to get chicha to the matter. To go calmer or travel all kinds of distances, even ultra-distances, there is already Mizuno Wave Mujin. And between both, Wave Daichi, the most versatile.

But Wave Hayate 6 is a good tool for those medium-distance short trails, mainly, and better if those who use it are light or medium weight. Its low weight of 290 grams in men and 245 grams in women already indicate that they are not loaded with reinforcements and stabilizers to tackle excessive distances or contain heavy mountain weights.

Another thing is that, as it happens in the majority of shoes focused on competition, a good running technique helps to better squeeze their juice, especially for its low profile of just 16mm in the forefoot and 25mm in the heel (less than many asphalt). This gives a 9mm drop.

The Michelin sole, with fantastic lugs and guaranteed durability thanks to the Outdoor Compound material, together with an optimized upper make it a very good option when choosing an aggressive shoe to run agile and fast on the mountain.

The official price for Mizuno Wave Hayate 6 is € 130.


Mizuno Wave Rider TT is the trailer version of Wave Rider, so those who are in love with that model are in luck. And it does not remain in the easy resource that some brand that I am not going to name has done in the past, which is to remove the sole of a model, put different tacked on and, alas, to run like the goats! This (true) joke is to get serious, which is what Mizuno does with a flagship of the Japanese brand such as the Rider is to take its base and prepare it for battle in the mountains, not only on the sole, but on the upper.

In fact, the change is much more visible if you have both models in your hands. Initially, a strong reinforcement on the tips of the fingers will protect them from the small impacts that can occur when you travel on roads or forest trails or, I do not say anything if you get out of them (roots, stones, twigs, everything account to get in the middle and screw a finger). Well that reinforcement is made of synthetic leather and it is sure that it will star in some “save” while we run.

The mesh itself is very open to breathe luxury and also useful if we eventually get into a puddle or stream that leaves our feet absolutely soaked. With this open mesh it will be faster for the foot to be dry again, fundamental especially in long outings. The midsole features advanced U4icX and U4ic materials, combined with a Wave plate for cushioning dynamically tailored to the runner's footprint.

Then there is the sole, with a general design reminiscent of the asphalt model, but with a less transverse flex groove and the wave plate more protected by the midsole material that thus does not allow unwanted stones to lodge in the sole. And, as it could not be otherwise, the taqueado, which is much more accentuated, to drive perfectly on uneven roads and surfaces that we find, without these being very demanding, that's what the Mujin, Daichi and company are for. And of course the heel are in countergrip to promote grip on the descents.

Despite the protections, this Rider TT is lighter than its asphalt sister thanks to a weight of just 275gr in the men's finish and 230gr in the women's. Ah! And it also exists with a Gore-Tex finish.

The official price of Mizuno Wave Rider TT is € 150.

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