Tendances Sneakers : Mizuno Wave Sky 5 | Floating and bouncing sensation from heel to toe.

Tendances Sneakers : Mizuno Wave Sky 5 | Floating and bouncing sensation from heel to toe.

The new Mizuno Wave Sky 5 is here, one of the daily training shoes (for neutral tread) that pampers more cushioning, both from the point of view of sensitivity and efficiency.

It can be said that it provides high cushioning, in the line of its predecessor and, like that one, the comfort of use is one of its strengths. This could be said to be the main objective of the Osaka, for this model.

And although it is evident that Mizuno has made an effort to improve the upper (mainly the fit), the great novelty must be found in the midsole. In the last edition of Wave Sky we already saw that Mizuno Enerzy made its appearance as a component of the midsole. It is a compound capable of increasing cushioning by 17% and rebound by 15%. There it was combined with another premium material such as U4iC …

… What happens is that the true beast of the midsoles has arrived in Mizuno Wave Sky 5. A material that dwarfs the spectacular Mizuno Enerzy. Is about Mizuno Enerzy CORE. True, the name does not vary much compared to the Mizuno Enerzy, but if we say that it increases the cushioning of other materials used by Mizuno by up to 293% and the cushioning by 56% is to stay with your mouth open.

That it is called CORE is no coincidence: These spectacular properties charge a price: it must be inside another material, in this case Mizuno Enerzy, which can be placed anywhere on the midsole and here it complements CORE containing it inside.

At the moment Mizuno Enerzy CORE increases these two main characteristics in a midsole, but also the resilience (ability of the material to regain its shape after each impact, when running) and softness. Mizuno Enerzy (just) is still the main material, with its versatility that helps the overall performance of this shoe for training and accumulating rides and kilometers, in general.

Then there is the Mizuno Wave, also in the midsole. It is the wavy structure (very visible from both sides), which helps to disperse the impact throughout the midsole, providing stability and, therefore, improving cushioning. The drop does not vary and is 10mm.

Above, we said before that the upper or upper cut of the Mizuno Wave Sky 5, arrives with new reinforcements to improve the fit. This is visible on both sides of the shoe, where a multitude of thread strips now help to hold the foot more forcefully when closing the laces and in all phases of the tread.

Underneath it is equipped with X10 rubber, the most resistant solid rubber of the Japanese brand. The design of the new sole changes with respect to the previous delivery and now the Mizuno Wave Sky 5 uses a pattern where solid rubber has been removed from non-essential areas to save a few grams.

Although we will have the detailed analysis shortly, we can already advance that the weight of Mizuno Wave Sky 5 will be similar to the previous version since it remains at 334gr in the men’s finish and 277gr in the women’s one. As we say, although it is not a very light weight, it is certainly not the main role of a training shoe designed to accumulate kilometers, not only in a comfortable way (as if you were floating among clouds, the Japanese brand likes to say with this cushioning), but in a protected way so that the next day you can go out to hit the legs as fresh as possible.

The official price of Mizuno Wave Sky 5 is € 175.

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