Tendances Sneakers : Mizuno Wave Skyrise 2 | Analysis of Features, Opinions and Price

Tendances Sneakers : Mizuno Wave Skyrise 2 | Analysis of Features, Opinions and Price

Mizuno Skyrise 2 full review

We already have the analysis and characteristics of the new Mizuno Wave Skyrise 2, the long-awaited renewal of a model that broke last year among those that provide the best damping sensation.

Focused on runners with a medium build, this is a daily training running shoe that stands out for having very careful cushioning. The midsole in general, and the cushioning in particular, are two aspects in which Mizuno has taken a big leap in recent years.

Mizuno Skyrise 2 woman

If the Japanese brand had been characterized in the past by firm and spartan midsoles (but effective, I am talking about touch, not performance), today, this is not the case thanks to new designs, but above all to new materials, with Mizuno Enerzy at the helm.

In Wave Skyrise he explained that Mizuno did not resort to any “miraculous” technology … But this sentence is not valid for the new Skyrise 2, as a consequence of the use of that material Mizuno Enerzy that does break the deck in terms of properties, as I will explain now in the part of the midsole.

And precisely that: a very successful midsole that will provide a feeling of high comfort and comfort. And all in a weight content of only 300gr in the men’s finish and 240gr in the women’s one.

Let’s go to the details:

Mizuno Skyrise 2 analysis


The Mizuno Wave Skyrise midsole is probably the part where Mizuno has turned the most to this model. More than anything by the inclusion of up to three types of materials only present in “Premium” models of the Japanese brand and with the aim of maintaining that Skyrise accent of cushioned and comfortable sneaker.

These are Mizuno Enerzy, U4ic and XPOP, some names a bit cryptic, but they offer high performance in terms of damping and rebound rates, or use of the energy released when hitting the ground, while running.

Mizuno Enerzy is a compound that far surpasses previous Mizuno foams. In such a way that, the cushioning capacity of the best material that Mizuno had until its birth increases by 17%. And the same as for the rebound, in this case 15%. It is located along the entire length of the sole of the foot and, as if the midsole had two floors, it is located on the bottom, in the part closest to the ground.

Above the Mizuno Enerzy (and continuing with the simile from before, in what would be the floor above), we find the U4ic material, which is cushioned and light (36% more than a standard EVA).

The fact that the Mizuno Enerzy is closer to the ground helps it better absorb impacts, while the fact that the U4ic is closer to the foot allows the touch to be firmer and more stable. In the photos they are easy to distinguish since the Mizuno Enerzy is white, while the U4ic, in the back area of ​​the midsole, has a blue tone.

XPOP ​​is the third of the elements of the midsole. It is another material, specifically a PU (Polyurethane) but that is inserted inside the midsole (in yellow, in the photo). They are small spheres connected to each other that provide cushioning the impact but, above all, provide a high rebound capacity.

Something that repeats from Wave Skyrise 2 is the drop, 10mm. This figure comes from subtracting the height of the midsole in the forefoot area (21mm), from that of the heel (31mm).

And as in its predecessor, it does not incorporate any plate in Pébax to help cushion and stabilize the footprint. Everything is based on the design of the midsole and how the different materials embedded in each other are related … or what is the same: Wave Foam, the name given to this technology.


The Mizuno Wave Skyrise 2 sole maintains the design of its predecessor. The performance has been good, hence this is the part of the shoe where Mizuno has decided to keep it, with hardly any changes.

Something is different: it leaves aside the surprising translucent finish given to the rubber in the previous version. Now the solid rubber is more like the usual in the Japanese brand. Many studs and different designs run through this sole from toe to toe. Those on the inner face are round, while those on the outer edge are more straight and transverse depending on the direction of travel, to improve grip and traction.

These two very different types of designs are separated by a large central groove that guides the footprint while the foot makes the entire transition, that is, while it is in contact with the ground. That the studs on the outside have that shape and that arrangement also goes along the lines of providing some stability from the sole.

The transverse grooves that are seen just under the metatarsals of Skyrise 2, have the function of facilitating the transition of the tread making the shoe flex easily just where they pass.

The material used to build the sole is X10, with a wide travel in the Osaka brand, and it is Mizuno’s rubber most resistant to abrasion and wear.


The upper part of Mizuno Wave Skyrise 2 is, with permission from Mizuno Enerzy, the most disruptive part compared to the previous installment. Although it maintains the same line, it is without a doubt where some changes are better appreciated.

Keeps the lines smooth in sight, without synthetic leather reinforcements or that are stiff or heavy. On the contrary, they are all very discreet and give it that look between simple and elegant. Comfort is also important, hence the absence of coarse reinforcements confirms the comfort of use as one of its strengths.

Constructed in a single piece, the upper cut stands out for being very light and breathable, especially due to the number and thickness of the holes made especially in the toe area, where a lot of ventilation is needed.

That reinforcements are not appreciated does not mean that they are not there. In fact, DynamotionFIt is the technology that, precisely, is responsible for connecting all the elements of the upper so that the foot is well supported at any stage of the tread.

The laces of the Mizuno Wave Skyrise 2 are flat and are passed through six eyelets, leaving a seventh for those who want to tighten the shoes more at the ankle. They are not passed through the tongue because it is attached to the body of the shoe. That is, it will not move from its place while wearing these shoes. By the way, the tongue is padded, like the rest of the bowl, to hug the foot forcefully, but also softly. A 5mm insole of cushioned material is also going to push in achieving a comfortable Wave Skyrise 2 above all else.

And again we find that interior so grateful to the touch. Just insert your hand to notice how it is lined with a soft material that will give a high level of comfort. On the outside, a buttress around the ankle will stabilize the moment it hits the ground, with each stride. It is even more discreet to look at than the one in the previous installment, but it certainly does its job. They are finished with a reflective strip on the outer side of each shoe, to be well seen in low light conditions.

Test / sensations

When you touch this Mizuno Wave Skyrise 2 for the first time, you confirm that it is a shoe where comfort seems one of its strengths. When you pass your hand over the entire upper, without touching any element, neither rigid nor soft, just mesh, without seams, you know that they have taken care to make it comfortable. And you confirm it by reaching in and touching the interior walls. The lining is soft and you can’t find anything that catches your eye either. If anything, the union between the lining of the bowl, at the back, with the rest of the other lining for the midfoot and the front area … But let’s say something.

When you put them on your feet, the feeling of comfort is very high, as if they were not running shoes but something else.

And it is maintained by running with them. Mizuno talks about “floating.” The truth is that running one does not think about floating, but the feeling of being very comfortable and cushioned is very high. It works perfectly on the asphalt. When you wear them, you think that you are wearing them because the feeling that it is a very, very comfortable model is quite high.

On asphalt and on land it works perfectly. It grips quite well. Of course, at no time do you forget that you are wearing a training shoe, because it is agile to a certain extent and you appreciate that your thing is to take them on outings to accumulate time or kilometers. Let’s go, doing those training sessions where we have to shoot ”mainly.


Mizuno Wave Skyrise 2 is a daily training shoe for runners looking for very good cushioning and a comfortable wearing experience. Those who want some nervous shoes, for demanding training series, or competitions, for example, have other options, even within Mizuno itself.

The profile of a runner or runner would be that of a medium weight and a neutral or template footprint and that bases a good part of their training on filming to accumulate time or kilometers, especially if they are preparing a half marathon or a marathon. You can even take this type of race if you do not opt ​​for the main positions and go through those tests comfortably and comfortably.

This great tread management of the Mizuno Wave Skyrise 2 is thanks to a midsole that combines up to three types of materials with high performance properties such as Mizuno Enerzy, U4ic and XPOP. The drop of the midsole repeats, with 10mm. On the top, a mesh constructed in one piece will wrap the foot softly, but also forcefully, especially in the area around the ankle. Underneath, in contact with the ground, a sole made entirely of X10 rubber, Mizuno’s most resistant, will guarantee its resistance to wear and tear over many kilometers.

Regarding the weight, it is that of a daily training shoe, reaching up to 300gr in the male finish and 240gr in the female one.


The official price of Mizuno Wave Skyrise 2 is € 140.

Mizuno Wave SKYRISE 2, Men's Running Shoes, Scuba Blue / Platinum Gold / India Ink, 45 EU
Price: € 116.00

Mizuno Wave SKYRISE 2 (W), Women's Running Shoes, Ibis Rose / Platinum Gold / India Ink, 38 EU
Price: € 111.00


  • Quality / Price ratio: 8
  • Design / materials / durability: 8.5
  • Damping: 9
  • Grip: 9
  • Lightness: 8
  • Stability: 8
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