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New arrivals running shoes 2019

adidas demonstrates pace with new additions to his running shoe rack. Being one of the most important brands in the world in terms of sales volume in virtually all sports disciplines, the one that interests us, that of running, is not far behind.

In this moved 2019 for the German brand, with the continued deployment of the Solar family of high performance running shoes and the arrival of the new concept of Ultraboost 19 does not mean that other models of other styles can not break through. Quite the opposite. To show that the German brand is in shape in terms of launches, we will give a brushstroke of the latest developments.


The new adidas Pulseboost running shoe comes with a profile designed to run mainly in urban environments, with hard surfaces such as asphalt or sidewalks. That's where the midsole built with high density Boost material will work to offer both damping as energy return and stably. The height of the midsole is 18mm in the heel and 10mm under the metatarsals, which gives a drop of 8mm.

On the bottom, in the sole, we find Continental ™ rubber for a good grip and durability. It uses Adaptive Traxion technology precisely focused on hard surface environments, as is usual in cities. Above, the upper uses Adapt Knit, a mesh made in point, with perforations to breathe better and provide adjustment to the foot in all phases of the tread. As details, it should be noted that the coordinates of three major cities such as Paris, London and NY are inserted in the tab, but above all, a QR code to focus directly on the mobile and receive information about the adidas runners community and recommended routes. , among others. The weight is 340gr, while the official adidas Pulseboost price is € 139.95 (check the best offers).


After the arrival of adidas Solarboost a few months ago, now it is the turn of its equivalent with stability control: adidas Solarboost ST (ST = Stability). The Germans use technology inspired by NASA itself to obtain a superior cut where not a single millimeter is left at random ... literally. Subjection and flexibility are the result of using the ARAMIS system, with thousands of photographs per second of the movement of the foot while running, to obtain an exceptional upper. This is what adidas calls TFP, or Tailored Fibre Placement. On the back, Fitcounter, a visible buttress, will help stabilize the foot at the moment of touching the ground when running.

In the midsole we find a Boost with reinforcements of higher density under the arch to continue obtaining a cushioning with high rebound, but that it is stable. The drop is 10mm based on heights of 32mm in the heel and 22 in the forefoot. As in Solar Boost, Propulsion Rail is used for greater stability in the footstep and when launching the stride. On the bottom, in contact with the ground, we find Continental ™ Stretchweb rubber, more flexible and that allows more to adapt the footprint to the ground. The weight is 314gr in the men's finish and 278gr in the women's finish. The official price of adidas Solarboost ST is € 159.95.


adidas Speedfactory AM4 RFTO is another running shoe for training with the soul of being kidnapped by those who want it just to wear it. Its name is pure coding of what it is: Speedfactory is the manufacturing innovation platform in which the German brand produces articles with a specific focus and design. On the other hand, there is AM4, which is the acronym for "Adidas Made For... "and in this case it is RFTO, that is: Run for the Oceans, which we have echoed in adidas, Ricky Rubio and Run for the oceans and previously in adidas Parley:" Run for the Oceans ".

In short, adidas Speedfactory AM4 RFTO in a running shoe in limited edition that is characterized by using yarn from the recycling of networks recovered from the oceans. The entire upper is designed with the colors that inspire the oceans, as part of the customization. This mesh comes with all the reinforcements necessary to contain the foot during the race and is mounted on a midsole made of Boost, the cushioned material that returns part of the energy in each step. Inside there is a Torsion unit to control the ankle when it hits the ground. The sole is made of rubber and forms a multitude of flat blocks and a generous surface in contact with the ground, excellent pattern for asphalt or cement, for example. The price of this very "wearable" running shoe is € 149.95.


adidas Sensebounce + arrives with a blunt appearance. It is a running shoe by asphalt with which to perform all kinds of kilometers. The midsole is built with Bounce, a compound that has nothing to do with Boost and is built with a high quality polymer with better performance than a traditional EVA. As we explained in adidas Alphabounce Beyond, it is a material that provides cushioning with certain reactivity and flexibility capable of adapting to different situations of use. This midsole is wide providing stability and is characterized by a drop of 8mm based on heights of 18mm in the heel and 10mm in the metatarsals.

The sole is built with solid rubber without excessively aggressive tapping, which makes it easier to use. In the upper we find a classic lace closure on a knit mesh in a single piece, topped by a high heel that acts as a shooter, useful to those who have trouble passing the foot. The tongue incorporates a QR that links with the runners community of adidas and with options of routes to cover training (as long as you scan it with your mobile, of course!). The weight is 366gr and can be a good option for runners and runners of scale and who usually move through urban environments. The official price of adidas sensebounce + is 99.95 € (SEE OFFERS).


The adidas mixed shoes par excellence, adizero Boston, in its latest installment is shown with a midsole made in Boost. This material provides this agile shoe the cushioning and rebound with return of energy, which is so appreciated for a mixed shoe that can be worn in any competition, especially medium and long distance if you have a low or medium weight. The height of the midsole is 29mm in the heel and 19mm in the forefoot, for a drop of 10mm. Inside there is a Torsion System unit to facilitate the rotation of the ankle during the tread.

The sole is manufactured by Continental ™ and is Stretchweb type, very flexible and adaptable to the ground, providing a plus of softness. Above we find that the upper is built with Microfit, a type of very light and breathable mesh that closes on the foot with a very good fit. The weight is quite low: 244gr in the man's finish and 202gr in the women's finish. The adidas Adizero Boston price is € 139.95 (SEE DEALS).


adidas Alphaboost Parley is another new model in the running category but it is good for some extra activity. The sole, built by Continental ™ in a surprising white color, comes with a waffle tapping but nothing aggressive that does not limit the movements in any direction so it can be combined with other activities, or in a complementary way. Even so Alphaboost Parley deceives, because it can seem rough and not at all since it falls of 300gr (289gr exactly). The sole will also allow a good flexibility thanks to more than a dozen transversal holes that configure it.

Above the sole, a midsole built with Boost guarantees cushioning and a high degree of rebound. And not only that, adidas has inserted a higher density Boost under the bow that will help the footprint to be more stable by controlling overpronation. The drop is in 10mm thanks to heights of 20mm in the heel and 10mm in the forefoot. The upper is what gives the model its name since it is built with Parley mesh, from fishing nets recovered from the oceans and subjected to a laborious recycling process. The bowl is booty type and is topped and topped with two large strips that act as handles. The official price of adidas Alphaboost Parley is 139.95 € (SEE offers)


adidas Solarboost 19 refines even more in the extraordinary upper that has differentiated it from the other shoes. Thanks to inspiration from how NASA optimizes its creations to the maximum, adidas develops an upper that does not leave any millimeter without a specific job. So he has used in his creation the ARAMIS system with which to analyze all aspects of the footprint in thousands and thousands of photographs per second of that movement. The result is an upper with a modular construction that uses fibers according to a pattern made by computer with an exact precision of how each point of the mesh will work and that does not allow for the use of excess material.

The midsole is made with Boost, a compound capable of working in very wide temperature ranges and provide cushioning with a high degree of energy return when running. Inside there is a piece called Rail propulsion that helps to stabilize the tread, is built in EVA but does not intervene directly in the cushioning. The height of the midsole is 32mm in the heel and 22 in the forefoot (10mm drop). Underneath, the sole is Continental ™ Stretchweb type, a material that grabs both dry and wet. The official price of adidas Solarboost 19 is 159.95 € (SEE THE BEST OFFERS).


adidas Senseboost GO is another running shoe designed to train comfortably and reactive thanks to its midsole built with Boost ™. The soft but forceful cushioning feature of Boost ™ makes up this part of the shoe that has heights of 18mm in the heel and 10mm in the metatarsal area, which gives an idea of ​​the perception of the soil that you have when you wear them. The drop, as it can not be otherwise, is 8mm. Underneath, a Continental outsole built with the flexible Stretchweb will allow it to adapt even to small irregularities, although surfaces such as asphalt will be its best environment. A very numerous and flat taqueado will favor this point. In addition, both sole and midsole has a wide base, to favor turns or changes of direction.

The upper is constructed with a single layer of a piece, although it is spectacular external reinforcement that embraces from the joint between midsole and upper, holding the laces exerting the first eyelet, a surprising solution that will hold enough for possible lateral forces what can be given The tongue is soft and will facilitate the closing of the loop. It is topped with a QR that connects with the adidas runners community and routes recommendations (using the mobile). The weight is very light: 274gr them and 237gr them. The official price of adidas Senseboost GO is € 119.95.


The fourth installment of the competition shoe Adidas Adizero Adios, keeps key elements in its success as is the midsole built with Boost ™. Repeat with 80% Boost® and 20% EVA matching the top most in contact with the foot. The height is 27mm and 17mm (heel-metatarsal) so the drop is 10mm. The sole is the same as in Adizero Adios 3, therefore, it is a rubber produced by Continental®, the German giant tire manufacturer, serving the top models of his adidas compatriot. Through the sole we see Torsion System, the one in charge of stabilizing the rotation of the ankle during the tread.

The most important change is found in the upper. And although the first may seem very similar, adidas already warns that it fits so much that it is better to take half a number more than the usual one. The reduction of leather material is very noticeable and therefore the mesh surface increases, improving breathability. The three bars have a less forceful function than in the previous delivery, not down to the base of the shoe. The weight is maintained in the 226gr of the man's finish and the 186 of the woman's. The price of adidas Adizero Adios 4 is 149.95 € (see offers).

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