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New Balance 860 v11 - Stock Broker

New Balance 860 v11, the best known stability control training shoe from the American brand, has arrived. In this eleventh edition, revolutionary edition, rather, we already notice a whole battery of innovations and improvements that, without losing the essence of the model, give better treatment to key aspects such as cushioning and stability.

This is due to the irruption of the star material Fresh Foam X, the new reformulation of a compound with great properties, starting with the damping itself. This is thanks, among other things, to a design based on intelligent geometry, which in turn is based on the study of the footprint when running.

Fresh Foam displaces TruFuse as a star compound in the 860 saga, but T-Beam, the person responsible for stability in previous editions, also disappears. Stability is thus given, giving way exclusively to a material with a higher density, but much softer, making this new 860 the most comfortable finish in a series that continues, more than a decade of travel and experience.

On top New Balance 860 v11 is divided into two large areas, the front and the rear. The most advanced corresponds to an engineering mesh, light, breathable and that adjusts in a personalized way according to the shape of each foot. The back is more an ergonomically shaped padded cup to hold the ankle well and protect the Achilles.

On the other hand, on the bottom, in the sole, what New Balance 860 v11 hides are two materials, a Blown Rubber or blown rubber in the area of ​​the goals for great adherence, while in the rest it is a more resistant rubber , for good durability.

Another thing in which the new version wins is in the lightness since it manages to take a good bite to the scale and clearly lower the weight, both in the finish of men and women, reaching up to 315gr in the case of them and the 260gr in theirs. The drop itself remains at 10mm.

Come on, congratulations to those runners who are looking for a daily or intensive training shoe, with stability control, but with a soft feel. On the other hand, if they are also medium or heavyweight, they are going to get all the juice out of this great model that in this eleventh edition takes a spectacular leap forward.

The official price of the New Balance 860 v11 is € 140.

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