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New Balance 880v10 | Complete analysis and opinions

New Balance 880v10 review

We analyze New Balance 880v10 another of the New Balance models that is in the top of the best daily training shoes. The performance of the 880 has perhaps always been overshadowed by another giant such as New Balance Fresh Foam 1080, but those who train ... and train a lot, know the benefits, too, of this versatile model that never fails.

Shooting or moments when you have to squeeze them are situations where 880 has managed to carve out a career that has already lasted a decade. Those who like to compare sneakers, since its arrival, has been a tough rival for the Nike Pegasus. Today, it even surpasses it in its traditional niche, given the modifications and mutations of the Oregon model.

Returning to the protagonist, the really special thing about this new relay is the irruption in the midsole of Fresh Foam X (the new, the improved), as we realized not long ago in New Balance: Fresh Foam X Collection, where we met the New Balance helm turn bringing the new Fresh Foam X to new franchises of those in Boston. Illustrious example, apart from the mentioned 1080v10 is New Balance Fresh Foam Tempo.

But ... How is it that Fresh Foam is present in a model of the 800 series? Good question, because until now, the previous Fresh Foam was linked to finishes that sought soft, comfortable cushioning, prepared to do the kilometers that were needed, whether they were few, as many, as many ...

The 800 series, on the other hand, was characterized by using TRUFUSE (combination of ActEVA and Abzor, two cushioned compounds but with a firmness suitable for any need ...). Well now the new Fresh Foam X allows you to enter the 800 series and combine it with a small part in EVA, inheriting the performance of TRUFUSE. Much cryptic name that is summarized in:

Soft cushioning + Reactivity = Versatility and Performance.

Well, that's what this new 880v10 is about, with a classic shoe appearance but that hides the newest of the NB Sports Research Lab under a meager 293gr in the men's finish and 250gr in the women's one. All the details:

New Balance 880v10 Review


In previous versions of 880, New Balance inserted TRUFUSE that consisted of combining two types of compound such as Acteva Lite and Abzorb in search of the best performance. Well, precisely, the performance improvement has been responsible for the fact that Fresh Foam X has broken into the 800 series in general and this 880v10 in particular.

That is the great novelty, the incorporation of the new Fresh Foam X as the main element of cushioning. And an evolved formula regarding TRUFUSE under the forefoot, taking advantage of all the proven and confirmed 800 series in these years to obtain a gain in damping and reactivity. The latter is the black material of the midsole, in contrast to the Fresh Foam X, in white.

As New Balance works with D2D (Data To Design), the study of the pressure maps of the runners has been the reason for this distribution: A small portion of the material derived from EVA is reserved under the metatarsals, where the runners and Runners exert more focused pressure on impulse. The rest is handled by Fresh Foam X, soft to absorb shock forces, and reactive to restore momentum.

Softer, more cushioning, more flexibility and more reactivity, but maintaining the same 10mm drop thanks to a 28mm high midsole at the heel and 18mm at the forefoot.


The New Balance 880v10 sole also comes with improvements, from the moment the American brand decides to give it a flatter cut to obtain a greater contact surface. What New Balance is looking for here is that this 880v10 transmits greater support to the irregular geometric shapes of the midsole for better cushioning.

Of course, that greater support surface improves traction. Especially due to the Expanded Blown Rubber material, a type of rubber to which air is added to make it softer and gain adherence.

Expanded Blown Rubber is present on almost the entire sole. That "almost" is because those in Boston reserve a much more abrasion-resistant rubber for the heel area, the one with maximum wear. It is NDurance and it is easy to check by nailing the nail in the horseshoe of the heel and then in any other part of the sole to intuit the different degree of hardness.

The cavity under the ankle (you can see the midsole here) will promote cushioning and also reactivity, forcing the material to return to its place after pressing it when it hits the ground. On the other hand, at the design level it is easy to see the longitudinal line that will help the transition of the footprint. The same applies to the two large grooves that run through the shoe at the level of the metatarsals and that work exclusively to improve flexibility.


The New Balance 880v10 upper is another of the places that monopolizes changes despite the fact that, as I said before, the cut of the shoe is classic. But there the classic remains, because New Balance uses a new technique of flat weaving where the threads are embedded subject between two layers: one inside and the other outside.

I'm talking about Hipoknit, another technical technique that allows the threads to stretch and tighten while still supporting the entire length of the foot, always adjusting as necessary. As a good American brand, New Balance likes to show its virguerías, as if it boasted. That is why in the outer mesh of this 880v10 it has arranged small windows where these threads can be seen that run vertically along the sides holding the foot. By running between the two layers seams are avoided and therefore irritations.

It is very easy to check the force with which you are going to hold the foot, if the hand is inserted and the mesh is stretched through the area of ​​the toes, it, in a hyperventilated area and without reinforcements (which it does not need here), stretches and deforms at will (giving space to the fingers); On the other hand, when trying to stretch the midfoot area, it does not yield to the pressure of the fingers, and it is normal, here it has to struggle with the tension generated by the support of the whole body, down to the last kilo of the runner.

The “N” itself, which serves as the brand's logo, is no decoration. Apart from giving consistency to the area, NB will manufacture it by covering it with reflective material, very useful in low light conditions, as can be seen in the photo:

On the heel is Ultraheel, a buttress with a rather clip-like appearance since it does not reach the highest point. Enough to stabilize the ankle when running. This area is precisely very padded inside, which will result in high comfort. In addition to being lined, the interior hides a removable 5mm thick foam insole. Added to the also thick tongue, all this confirms that for New Balance it has been important to provide this 880v10 with very high wearing comfort.


New Balance 880v10 is a daily training shoe for neutral tread or insole. But not only that, it is a very versatile model, with high damping and reactivity benefits, which will be able to be used in all types of training. Even in competitions, if you intend to do at rates that are not the fastest on the grid (for this there are already mixed shoes, or even your own competition shoes) or if the distance is long and comfort is sought for the entire route.

It is a renewal of a very reliable model, one of the best in its profile, and a refuge for those who want to accumulate training of all kinds and kilometers in a reliable way without having to wear a shoe more "tocha".

With just 293gr in men and 250gr in women; a midsole constructed primarily from New Balance's signature compound: Fresh Foam X; a sturdy, grippy rubber outsole like Extended Blown Rubber and NDurance; and an upper with the latest: Hipoknit; make this 880v10 a compendium of good resources to help improve performance and avoid injury.

New Balance has a rhythm that is difficult to follow, as evidenced by the grid of models with carbon fiber that it treasures right now: New Balance Fuelcell collection with carbon plate, being a world leader in that sense since no one has managed to have as many models with that technological resource in the market. The continuous renewal of models and the creation of new ones, with also new technologies, as we can see in The 10 best New Balance running shoes shows that the American brand is in good shape, which is a gift for the runner world since it is always it is better to have variety and quality to choose from.

The official price This New Balance 880v10 is € 140.

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