Tendances Sneakers : New Balance 890v7 | Analysis and Opinions highlighted

Tendances Sneakers :

New Balance 890v7 | Analysis and Opinions highlighted

New balance 890 v7 review

Analysis and characteristics of New Balance 890v7, a sneaker that can be placed comfortably on the border between a mixed shoe and a competition shoe. As we discussed in its predecessor, we celebrate New Balance betting on the continuity of a model that is one of the best in its segment.

In addition, the American brand has achieved something very difficult that is to lose weight not by a bit, but a real bite: from the 255gr of the previous 890 v6 in man happens to only 204gr (20% !!), while that of a woman goes from 222gr to only 158gr. A lot of improvement in that sense.

A sharp construction, with a fairly low profile for better contact with the ground, elimination of non-essential elements, etc ... Without a doubt everything focused on helping us to train or compete as quickly as our legs give, that of the rest already order this 890v7. We see what this huge shoe hides.

Analysis New Balance 890v7


The New Balance 890v7 midsole, with only 6mm drop, is undoubtedly one of the great successes of Boston by the combination of two materials: RevLite and Ground Contact EVA. This part of the shoe is also responsible for much of the improvement in terms of lightness.

RevLite is a classic among the materials used by New Balance when a shoe demands reactive damping by adding light weight. RevLite weighs 30% less than other standard materials and is able to provide a good response in the race.

Ground Contact EVA is a compound that provides a firm cushion and can work as a sole. This new formula improves the firmness and abrasion resistance of the New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon (included in The Best Running Shoes of 2018, in the category of "Best Debutantes"). If with that we were surprised by this material, capable of working as part of the sole, we are not surprised to include it in models where lightness is fundamental.

To complete the task, New Balance has added to this solution Ground Contact RevLite a solid rubber inserts to further improve the response and durability.


The sole of New Balance 890v7 goes to horse of the commented previously since the material Ground Contact of the midsole, with insertions of solid rubber does the times of sole.

Although not everything. New Balance has arranged some solid rubber pieces in the sole. The most resistant are placed in the contour of the heel, an area of ​​great wear when running and walking. In this way, the life of the shoe is extended. The toe is another place that has received these reinforcements.

And under the metatarsals? For there, especially in the center and at the base of the big toe, the inserts are made of a softer solid rubber because here what is sought is not only the durability but also the adherence of the material. And in an aggressive shoe com is this 890v7 it is not even painted this resource.


The upper of New Balance 890v7 is absolutely renewed. This is an important part of the shoe, although sometimes some runners do not appreciate it.

Here with what surprises NB is with the use of a mesh type Hypoknit that offers an adjustment for all the phases of the tread along with a great breathability. That is breathable is appreciated as soon as you see it because the large holes that surround it completely already indicate the high degree of ventilation it has.

The area of ​​the fingers is the one with the largest holes, together with both sides. You can clearly see the color of the socks you wear ... if you wear them, because 890v7 allows you to run without socks without any problem.

So much lateral perforation can compromise the grip, but here the Massachusetts brand uses an inner strap on both sides of the foot (also perforated) that helps hold it.

These straps are attached to the tongue so no one is afraid if you do not see the fastening strip in front, as it is not necessary in this model. Speaking of the tongue, it is surprisingly fluffy. I expected something more spartan in the fight against grams, which I was pleasantly surprised. Above, the laces are flat and close on only five buttonholes leaving a sixth free for those who want an extra tightening.

The collar of the shoe is thin and elastic, designed to close on the ankle without leaving gaps in the air. Underneath a slim template of just 3.3mm helps not to subtract sensation from the ground to a foot that travels very close to it. The heel counter, this one, is more scarce, in a model in which the weight is sacred and this element does not make as much sense as in a training shoe where there are many that tend to enter the heel when running.


In the introduction he said that New Balance 890v7 can be placed on the border between mixed and flying. But to say "the border" is not because it is not one or another sign, but the opposite, that is capable to carry out the functions of a mixed one in terms of fast, split training, and all that is to squeeze it to achieve work at better rates ... how to use it also, or exclusively, for the races, where its agility and low weight will work as if it were a pure flier.

His extraordinary low weight, of 204gr in the masculine finish and 158gr in the feminine finish, along with its drop of 6mm will help improve beats to runners and runners of all types of weights in short distances, up to 10k. Now, in the long ones, those who have a higher weight profile, especially if they do not have a worked musculature, can demand something more structured or with more protections, at the level of cushioning / stability or reinforcements. That's where 890v7 can be the best ally for the day of the series, for example.

In any case, those looking for a shoe to squeeze training and / or take it to compete have in New Balance 890v7 one of the best options in the market. Definitely.

The official price of New Balance 890v7 is € 120 (see offers)

NEW BALANCE 890 V7 -M890RB7- (40.5 EU, Red)

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