Tendances Sneakers : New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v11

Tendances Sneakers : New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v11

The new one New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v11 it’s here. A model with characteristics that make it one of the best options as a daily training shoe.

If in the previous version, 1080v10, we saw how Fresh Foam X (evolution of Fresh Foam) was the star in terms of material, in this new installment we continue to rely on this compound that provides more energy return than its predecessor.

Not only that, at the design level, if a year ago they had gone from regular hexagonal shapes to Voronoi geometries (irregular shapes, also based on hexagons in this case, to manage the footprint more efficiently), now they are make another turn of the thread with the cut, using the laser again for it, and that the damping is as precise as possible. The grace, roughly, is that these irregular shapes maintain a balance with each other, and are capable of managing the pressure that occurs in the midsole when running and dividing the work of absorbing the impact in each stride.

In any case, the reformulation to give this technology of the midsole irregular shapes, trying to imitate the imperfect shapes and lines with which nature solves situations it faces, allows Fresh Foam 1080 v11, a maximum cushioning , soft and very reactive. As 100% of the midsole uses Fresh Foam X, it can be said that it is a complete 360º performance.

The Fresh Foam 1080v11 upper comes with a Hypoknit-type mesh design whose function is to provide a soft fit. Hypoknit has the ability to stretch more or less depending on whether the area of ​​the foot where it is needs more support or more mobility.

Another part that stands out in Fresh Foam v11 is Ultraheel, the system that hugs the ankle and stabilizes it when running. It has an ergonomic shape, using less material while occupying less volume.

Performance and comfort for a daily training shoe, which uses very good cushioning, both due to the compression capacity of the material, the softness of use and the ability to take advantage of the rebound, when running, since it obtains a greater return more energy than Fresh Foam classic (which already contributed enough).

Undoubtedly a good alternative for those looking for a training shoe for neutral tread or insole, with a lot of cushioning (and energy return) and above all a lot of comfort and convenience during use.

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