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New balance Fresh Foam 1080v10

We already have the detailed analysis of New balance Fresh Foam 1080v10, the latest release of this bestselling American brand. The best-selling thing is made by thousands and thousands of runners and runners who trust in this daily training shoe that has gained a lot of prestige based on using good materials in good designs.

Design and materials That is everything and here in this 1080v10 it is already evident only by the groundbreaking aspect compared to other previous finishes and the use of Fresh Foam X, the “new” jewel in the crown of the Boston ones.

Good words to start, but it is that this tenth installment of 1080 has fallen in love from the moment of taking it out of the box, with its worked aspect and even more when testing it on the asphalt that, in the end, is where the tests are of interest.

What's new with this v10? Well, Fresh Foam X input, a reformulation of a compound that was born to integrate damping with control into a single material, without auxiliary systems. Thus we have seen how Fresh Foam evolved from the hexagonal cells of its beginnings, with the concept of emptying or filling them (concave or convex) depending on the damping treatment.

Fresh Foam X now presents asymmetric shapes in a way to imitate nature to, from irregularity, work better on damping. Fresh Foam X is also a compound that improves in damping, comfort and, especially in energy return in the form of reactivity (in this last aspect it surpasses its predecessor by 11.23%, according to measurements of the NB itself ). But, as in the tagline of some cartoons from decades ago ...: There's more! Fresh Foam X is lighter (up to 8.5%), which helps the total weight to drop from 295gr from 1080v9 to the current 280gr of v10 in men (a world in running shoes) and from 254gr to 238gr in the case of the finish for women.

After all this, now we go with the details for each part of the shoe.

Technical analysis New balance Fresh Foam 1080v10


The New Balance 1080v10 midsole stands out above all for the first time use of the new Fresh Foam X compound. This new formulation represents before all more cushioning; Let it be soft; much more reactive than before; and also lighter. And it is that if it is accepted that a daily training shoe is usually moved between 300 and 330 grams, this 1080v10 clearly drops from the three hundred thanks, especially, to the midsole.

In it we find heights of 27mm in the heel (this is the amount of material that separates our foot from the ground), while in the forefoot, the height is 19mm. This fall, or difference in heights, what is known as drop, then it is 8mm. This figure is the same as in the previous 1080v9, but that is the only similarity, because apart from different material, the thickness increases since before it only went up to 24 / 16mm.

More material, more cushioned, more reactive, lighter ... No need to do spoilers ... with these characteristics and you get an idea of ​​what you will feel during use ... or we would go wrong then ...

Another feature that results from the new Fresh Foam X es that 1080v10 is also more flexible than before, so that our foot will be freer when it comes to transitioning the tread (heard! runners and runners to whom the characteristic of flexibility is an important value).

The material alone does not do all the work. The way in which New Balance has distributed that material is quite to blame as well. The original Fresh Foam shapes were hexagonal and have evolved to the current Fresh Foam X where the shapes are more irregular and asymmetrical, looking for a similarity with nature shapes to better manage impacts. These new forms also allow to give them those concave and convex finishes so responsible for adapting the compression that occurs during damping to different conditions of use.

One way to see this that I just explained is to compare a Fresh Foam midsole, with great damping power, and a Fresh Foam X midsole, where the irregularity is clearly seen, which together improves all the compression of this part of the shoe .

Hexagonal geometry of Fresh Foam (example: midsole 1080 v9)

Asymmetric geometries of Fresh Foam X (example: 1080v10 midsole)

Another detail in which New Balance has thought is that these forms are present at the edges of the midsole itself, in order to work even with this part and thus counteract any multidirectional force that may occur (in turns, for example).


Not to be outdone, the New Balance 1080v10 sole changes radically from the previous version. Smaller number of tacos, but with larger diameter; part of the midsole that becomes a sole, different distribution ... come on, we are still entertained with this analysis!

At the design level, now the heel heels and those located under the metatarsals are larger, but for different reasons:

The heel are made of Endurance Rubber, a solid rubber compound with high abrasion resistance. It is the heaviest rubber of the sole and if it is only in suffered areas it is because its function is to resist the wear and tear of running and walking and that increases the durability of the shoe. This part is black to distinguish it from the rest of the shoe.

Those under the metatarsals, in gray in the photos, are much larger and softer. The reasons here are two: to provide stability thanks to the large contact surface and also better adhesion, both for being soft rubber, and precisely covering more surface.

Between heel and metatarsals we find Fresh Foam X ... And what are you doing here? Then replace the solid rubber (heavier) in an area where the contact is not as important at the level of traction and if in stability, since New Balance has sought the largest contact surface in this 1080v10.

eye! That ahead we find Endurance Rubber, also in black, but here the material is somewhat softer than in the heel, also for reasons of adhesion.

The clear flex grooves of the previous version have now given way to two grooves, in goals and toe, sufficient for the flexibility of a shoe that already uses a fairly flexible material such as Fresh Foam X.


The Hypoknit 2.0 fabric is actually several fabrics in the same upper. To specify: What New Balance does in this 1080v10 is to use different patterns according to the need of each zone: one for around the fingers, where the mesh is more open and flexible; another seeking support, but with mobility (outside the metatarsals); another with more support (both sides of the foot, just under the letters "N".

Actually, the work of breathability occurs in all areas. It is the way of working the support that changes most according to the fabric used and that results in great comfort in general and support only in more specific areas.

Intarsia is the technology used by New Balance and consists of that creation of different patterns, with different plain knit threads fitted together, on the outside of the mesh. These threads are also different, being more elastic in the area of ​​the fingers and more rigid in the instep. The fact that it is inserted on the outside gives New Balance the opportunity, at the design level, to also try to give it a recognizable look.

In the heel we find Ultra Heel, which is the buttress that has to stabilize the ankle every time we hit the ground when running. It is semi-rigid, and a characteristic to highlight is that New Balance has manufactured it molded, with a more anatomical shape so that it adapts better to the heel. In addition, above the Achilles it has given it a smooth shape to reduce the possibility of irritation in this area. Memory Foam (a foam that adapts to the contours of the foot) completes the battery of technologies that New Balance has been able to concentrate just around the heel.

The 1080v10 structure is loot type since the tongue is attached halfway to the rest of the upper. From here it has soft and elastic straps, they are anchored on both sides to the midsole. The laces are flat and go through no less than seven eyelets, leaving an eighth free for those who want to adjust the tightening even more. Inside 1080v10 we find a template made of Ortholite® very padded, 5mm thick, which rests on an additional 2mm footbed of padded material ... It will be difficult to run uncomfortably with such equipment.

Finally, it should be noted that both the heel and the tongue are higher than usual to serve as handles when the shoe is worn.


With so much element with direct connection to comfort, I thought that the moment of introducing the foot would be something like… sublime! Well, no. The foot enters easily, catches well, fits well, but without nonsense, go. I guess so much thinking about comfort I thought I was going to do something similar to a foot massage and everything ... In the end, where you see what it really takes you find it when one foot follows the other and you start to get rhythm .

The first impression you get with them running is that it really is what it looks like: a high performance training shoe. Comfort appears on all four sides (literally) when you are using it for running, which is what it is all about.

The fingers have room to move. The fit is really good, although the laces, in the first uses, need to be pressing the tongue until the final position is taken after several exits.

Used only in shootings (and not in fractional workouts), on asphalt, sidewalks and, occasionally, on land to see how it behaves on those surfaces. In all these lands it goes luxury, although it is an asphalt animal, without a doubt.

The way it cushions me particularly is the one I like the most: softer than firm. And although this progressive notes, if you give some chicha the midsole responds as defined: cushioned and with good response.

New balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 price

New Balance 1080v10 Running Shoes - SS20-47.5


New Balance 1080v10 is a top daily training shoe With great cushioning and comfort of use. Despite belonging to that group and being able to withstand any type of shooting-based training (regardless of time or mileage), it has a really low weight: 280gr in the finish for men and 238gr in that of women.

Much of the blame is on Fresh Foam X, since by itself this compound manages to significantly reduce the total weight compared to its predecessor by putting even more volume of material in the midsole. Another notable element is the flexibility of both the Fresh Foam and the sole itself (the latter thanks to a segmentation that favors and softens the transition of the tread).

Those who use it could also take it to some competition, especially the more distance it is or if the pace in the race is going to be over 4’20 ”-4’30” a thousand. For happier rhythms, there are other options, including valuing combined with mixed shoes, or if it is really fast and is only wanted for certain workouts, with competition shoes.

Fresh Foam 1080v10 is highly recommended for those who in addition to performance also seek high comfort. Tremble have to be their direct rivals such as Nike Air Zoom Vomero, ASICS Gel Nimbus, Mizuno Wave Ultima, Adidas Ultraboost or Brooks Glycerin, for example. The official price of New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 is € 170.


  • Price quality: 8.5
  • Design, materials and durability: 9
  • Damping: 9.5
  • Grip: 8.5
  • Stability: 8.5
  • Lightness: 9

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