Tendances Sneakers : New Balance Fresh Foam Evoz

Tendances Sneakers : New Balance Fresh Foam Evoz

New Balance Fresh Foam Evoz is here, the great bet of the American brand as a versatile running shoe at a very interesting price. If we are having a hectic start to the year, with the arrival of improvements in Fresh Foam 1080 or the great Trail shoe that is Fresh Foam Hierro, now those from Boston surprise us with a new model for this prolific family.

The range of runners that this new Evoz is aimed at is very wide thanks to the use of the Fresh Foam compound in a generous midsole. This model is aimed at those who have a medium or high weight and who are looking for a cushioned training shoe for a neutral footprint or insole and that moves around 300g of weight. It arrives with a 4mm drop (thanks to the 22mm height of the heel and the 18mm of the forefoot). It is a low drop that is reminiscent of the Fresh Foam Boracay model, although currently, if there is another model to compare it to, it is without a doubt Fresh Foam More.

In any case, it is a new example of the use of intelligent geometries to distribute the pressure of the tread throughout the midsole and to do so, in addition, at a very affordable price.

Underneath, in contact with the ground, the new New Balance Fresh Foam Evoz uses a blown rubber sole. This rubber has different densities depending on the area. For example, on the heel and toe, solid rubber is harder and therefore more resistant to wear. On the other hand, in the middle area and, especially, under the metatarsals, this rubber is softer to gain grip, since this is where you work more on grip and drive.

Otherwise, different material empties help keep the weight low. The cuts in the sole will help in flexibility and the transition of the tread.

Above, the upper of New Balance Fresh Foam Evoz uses a mesh that facilitates breathability thanks to a technical fabric that will also be resistant and durable. On the back, on the heel, it has been equipped with a foam that hugs the ankle, but in a soft way, to ensure that the Achilles does not suffer, as it sometimes happens, from contact with this area of ​​some shoes.

New Balance Fresh Foam Evoz arrives to carve out a niche among the running shoes for neutral tread. It uses first-class technical materials, but it does so without having to pay a high cost, in fact, it is the cheapest model among those that use the advanced compound that is Fresh Foam. New Balance begins 2021 with news and at a good pace, as we announced not long ago, that it was coming. Although then, the thing about this new Evoz for the training shoe segment was well hidden 😉.

By the way, the official price of New Balance Fresh Foam Evoz is € 100.

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