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New Balance FuelCell Rebel | Features and Opinion

Analysis and characteristics of New Balance FuelCell Rebel, an amazing shoe (one more) of this American brand and that is designed to go very fast with them.

As part of the process of creating New Balance FuelCell 5280 (a shoe defined as a nail shoe, without nails ”and directed not to any public and almost to practically professional athletes) those in Boston were asked to open a conceptual path and that It took shape in this FuelCell Rebel that concerns us.

NB Team athlete Jenny Simpson has grown tired of winning the New York Mile with flying shoes, available to few who are able to squeeze them to the fullest and not suffer from inadequate physical preparation. Based on his experience, New Balance has sought a shoe with part of those characteristics, but able to respond in medium and long distance races and in a larger chassis spectrum, and not only that of the sharp elite athletes. The result of that idea has been this Rebel.

New Balance FuelCell Rebel review

FuelCell itself is a damping system clearly focused on those runners and brokers who They want to climb a step in terms of increasing the pace, in their workouts and, especially, in their careers. This is based on a careful damping that involves a high return of energy.

But FuelCell Rebel, when you have it in your hands (208gr theirs and 174gr theirs!) You see that it goes beyond just basing everything simply on the midsole compound. This Rebel has a design that leaves no one indifferent, like the sturdy translucent sole. I go with all the details.

New Balance FuelCell Rebel Analysis


The New Balance FuelCell Rebel midsole is what defines this model. To the point of being part of his name. He opened the FuelCell Impulse can, in what looked like a timid reaction to the competition's Boost or React. Nothing is further from "shy reaction" since now we can say that FuelCell is the best midsole ever created by New Balance.

The EVA-based derivatives of great quality, durability and response to which this American brand has accustomed us, have seen how a compound based on a foam of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomers (TPU) was passed to the left nitrogen under pressure making it much more spongy and expandable. So much palabreja, taken to the common of mortals is a cushioned material that, in addition Not only is it extremely light, but it is also highly reactive, returning some of the energy released while running.

Well, that's what the FuelCell Rebel midsole consists of, a part of RevLite that contains a portion of FuelCell inside. Where? Just below the metatarsals, an area that will benefit directly from the impulse properties of this material. In addition (attention Spoiler), the translucent sole will allow you to see through it just where this compound reagent is located.

The heights of this part of the shoe are as follows: the heel is raised 24mm from the floor, while the forefoot is up to 18mm. The fall between the two, or drop, is therefore 6mm.

But there is something else to highlight about the midsole, in combination with the sole: the exaggerated width at the height of the midfoot, with a peculiar shape that grows outward. This must be understood through the tests carried out by New Balance and its Data To Design. Through them they have thought in this way to improve support in the midfoot (especially if you run from metatarsus), with extra stability to favor with it all the race train.


The New Balance FuelCell Rebel sole is made of Blown Rubber, a type of solid rubber with a high adhesion capacity on hard surfaces such as asphalt, sidewalks, cement ... But not all the surface of the sole incorporates this rubber because, to save on weight, part of the middle and heel area does not incorporate this reinforcement. The reason why these areas do not use this material must be found in that, as the runner or broker profile is rather of those that enter midfoot, instead of heel, it is discarded, since solid rubber is one of the heaviest materials in a shoe.

The design of the taqueado shows us a small and incisive forms from the middle part to the same toe. They are thus to improve another of the characteristics to find in a good sole: the traction.

The flexibility is given by the spacing between the small block. And precisely in those spaces between the studs we see some holes in the material. They are to improve flexibility and to save material (weight and money).

The other feature that does not contribute anything in terms of performance, but it is interesting to comment, is that New Balance has decided that the rubber of the sole is somewhat translucent to allow checking where it is and how the FuelCell compound inserted in the midsole is distributed . In this way we verify that it is located just under the metatarsals in a sort of mapping of the pressure points of this part of the foot during the race.


The New Balance FuelCell upper is another of the striking design achievements of the Boston ones.

This FuelCell Rebel uses a one-piece Jacquard mesh and topped with ankle boot structure. There are no large holes or openings that define this mesh, but it is because it seeks robustness without relying on other elements that do other shoes, where the weight is not so decisive and can be helped in them. Or what is the same: There are no synthetic or heat-sealed leather reinforcements. Here NB burns the ships to achieve that low weight characteristic of the Rebel.

In exchange for this, it uses a technology called Trace Fiber that consists of very thin reinforcement cords (barely 1mm in diameter, but more than 1m (yes, “meter”) long each) that are contoured on both sides of the midfoot, joined with thread to the outer mesh. The result is a great capacity of adjustment and support with the minimum weight.

More thread: New Balance discards the typical PU eyelets to design them with braids of thread, in turn sewn to the shoe structure. Only five eyelets where completely flat cords pass.

The tongue is part of the body of the shoe and is reduced to a somewhat elastic piece to better pass the foot. Ahead we see that the toe does not carry any reinforcement other than the weft of the mesh itself, which here is much busier.

The only place in the upper that is allowed to use a blunt piece is the heel since here we find a rigid structure to stabilize the ankle at the moment of hitting the ground. And although it is smaller than in any training shoe, here it performs its function in excess, since, as we have said before, the profile of use of this Rebel is not as linked to who heels as it does to who runs from metatarsal.

The bowl is crowned by a very high heel that acts as a shooter, when it comes to wearing shoes. Inside, we find a removable insole that is only 3mm thick.


Released in the Brooklyn Half Marathon, where I used them like this, first (yes, yes, that we must never do 😉), taking advantage of the fact that they fell into my hands the day before in the world presentation of several New Balance models, This one among them. The truth is that I planned to run with about 1080v9, when taking it as a cumulative shoot, but at the last moment (literally) I decided to try them trusting that with everything that New Balance has turned into them, they could not get away with problems of use.

So confident I went to release them in competition Take now! Well, they answered as I thought: zero problems. It is true that, with use, the shoe has been getting more at the foot, but I offer myself as proof that, from zero to 100 without problems ... But why do I talk about problems? On the contrary, the shoe played in my favor. The feeling of first-level grip was very good, the rubber, despite not having scraped even those first uses of the taqueado were well taken, even on the asphalt wet by the multiple and long supplies. Perfect cushioning and reactivity ...

Afterwards, the times I have used them have gone better, because they adapt to the foot and the feeling even improves with use. I still have not completely threshed, I need because They are not daily training shoes, but for the days when I have done something more nervous than usual, they have been phenomenal traveling companions.

An aspect maybe not definitive, but that is interesting, I think, is that eThe lateral widening is not noticeable in the race. I want to say that you run as if it did not exist, when due to the exaggeration of what stands out it might seem that you have to notice running ... But with one exception, at times when, for whatever reason, you load more on the outside of the foot (either by an excessively closed turn or by a change of direction), you notice that extra reinforcement stabilizing that the shoe does not lie down too. It reminds me of the action of tennis shoes, with similar design, but for exclusively lateral movements. Well, maybe New balance did not think about that when he designed them, but if you rely on the outside in the race or in a change of direction, during an exercise or simply because the route demands it, it shows positively.


New Balance FuelCell Rebel is a model that can be used as mixed shoe for quality or competitive training, if you combine them or even if you book them for any type of career in which you intend to go a little further in your rhythms or in your records. Being practically all mesh, without reinforcements of any kind, it adapts luxury to the foot. And although, due to circumstances, I have released it in a half marathon without problems, to say that in the following sessions of use I have noticed how it is adapting better to the contour of my foot, so it does not hurt to give it a session before taking it to compete.

I believe that the best use utility is in rapid training, series and competition. Not at all in daily training based on filming and accumulate kilometers. In the latter case, New Balance, with FuelCell Propel, already covers that possibility, with a more structured shoe for all types of workouts.

New Balance FuelCell Rebel is a shoe and that is why it enters by right both in the relation of the 10 best running shoes New Balance, as in the Selection of mixed sneakers for series, fast shoots and competition. He does it thanks to his few 208gr in the finish of man and 174gr in that of woman. Also by the use of FuelCell, a compound that is the best thing that New Balance has ever manufactured in terms of energy use refers, combined with RevLite, another totem in terms of material of the American brand midsole. Midsole, by the way, of only 6mm drop. Below, the translucent sole is a blown rubber that tracts very well on all types of surfaces.

The only territory where it is not its habitat we could say that it is the mountain and, in general, the dirt roads. And not because it does not hold on to them, but because its durability would plummet and the upper is not designed for tensions of irregular terrain.

The official price New Balance FuelCell Rebel is € 140.

New Balance FuelCell Rebel Running Shoes - AW19-42


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