Tendances Sneakers : New Mizuno Wave Sky 4 with Enerzy technology

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New Mizuno Wave Sky 4 with Enerzy technology

Wave Sky 4 / AW20 Running Supporting Action Shots

The new one is here Mizuno Wave Sky 4 that incorporates the new technology of the Japanese brand: Enerzy. And no, it is not a typographical error, although it could well be, since energy, or rather: the return of energy, is very present in the new Sky.

The increased cushioning, and improving rebound, also improves the comfort of use. And that, as we saw in the analysis of Mizuno Wave Sky 3, comfort already has very high values ​​in that one.

But not only the new technology Mizuno Enerzy works to manage the footprint, also Foam Wave, Mizuno's own, collaborates in making the moment of impacting the ground, which is the landing, smoother and with more cushioning. Foam Wave maintains its relevance in the midsole guaranteeing stability and shock absorption.

Undoubtedly the arrival of this Wave Sky 4 is good news for those runners who are looking for maximum comfort for any distance, especially the longest, whether in training or racing. The Wave Sky 4 weight is 335gr (in men's size 42) and has a drop of 10mm.

Wave Sky 4

Mizuno Wave Sky 4 is focused on runners with a neutral footprint or who use some type of custom template and who want to dedicate it to daily training. XPOP, the third actor in the midsole is another technology typical of the Osaka brand that, combined with the Enerzy and Foam Wave material, returns maximum comfort, fluidity in the footprint and reactivity, increasing the feeling of floating while running.

In the upper part of the shoe, an AeroHug mesh is used that improves breathability and fit. It is combined with a collar that provides quality support around the ankle and heel. Continuing with the adjustment, for it to be safe Mizuno has included some fastening straps right in the midfoot.


This new Wave Sky 4 benefits from this also new Enerzy material that places Mizuno at the forefront of sports innovation. It is located throughout the midsole taking advantage of its 17% more cushioning gain and 15% more energy return, compared to previous Sky versions.

Improving performance has been the leitmotiv of the development of Mizuno Enerzy, in addition to guaranteeing athletes to use it with greater reactivity, great durability and a feeling of comfort.

Mizuno's extensive experience in Wave technology as well as in more sports, not just running, is what the Japanese brand has used to get all this contribution from this new technology. Without a doubt, everything the brand has worked and learned with Mizuno Wave has collaborated in the creation of Mizuno Enerzy.

And is that the level of comfort and energy return had not been seen before in Mizuno. Considering the high levels of both Mizuno Wave Sky 3 and Mizuno Wave Skyrise, that's saying a lot. In practice you see Mizuno's constant effort to achieve great cushioning and softness in the tread that provides the feeling of floating when running.

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