Tendances Sneakers : News New Balance 2021 – The Broker’s Stock Exchange

Tendances Sneakers : News New Balance 2021 – The Broker’s Stock Exchange

Under the campaign We got now and the mass manufacture of masks to stop COVID19, the American brand New Balance has already presented the new models designed for the coming season. They are, in most cases, existing shoes to which the American giant is gradually polishing and adding new materials and technologies to help us improve our performance.

Running is not easy. Or it is for very few, so a good combination of designs and materials is key to progress comfortably and safely. In that sense, it is logical that star models, with great implantation and acceptance, repeat, although, as I said, with improvements to advance, and also to make it difficult for the competition, everything must be said.

1080 v11

Thus, from the Fresh Foam X collection, We can see models like 1080 v11 and in which the damping is sacred; 880 v11, with a consolidated tour; or the one designed for the mountains with a high level: Iron v6.

On the other hand, from the FuelCell family, Designed to accelerate the pace, a training or mixed shoe will arrive, depending on the interest, such as Rebel v2.

There is also room for “retired” running shoes in terms of effort, but due to their aesthetics they remain alive among those who like style, comfort or, simply, the iconic of the model. This is the case of 574, a shoe that year after (and beware! Since 1988) continues to be one of the brand’s best sellers. At the end of the 80s, and even later, it was a technological model that gave way to new designs and materials facilitating the arrival of others, and thus until the present time, it remained strong in sales. Today it remains an icon that still has a lot of rope left.

Even further back in time is the inspiration for New Balance 327, as much as in the 70s, which makes it even more curious that it is going to be one of the stars of next season. And it will not be because New Balance does not have an extensive catalog, that it does, as we can see not only in The 10 best New Balance shoes, but in each and every one of the technical range models that it has available in its catalog.

These sneakers open the can for 2021, we will have to be attentive to see what else comes from the American brand.

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