Tendances Sneakers : Saucony Triumph 17 | In-depth analysis and Opinions

Tendances Sneakers :

Saucony Triumph 17 | In-depth analysis and Opinions

Saucony triumph 17 - review

2020 is approaching and we have here the new version of one of the most popular models of the American brand Saucony: Triumph 17. Yes, without the word ISO accompanying the name since Saucony has decided to only name the shoe by model and number. Recall that its predecessor was Saucony Triumph ISO 5.

Why the number 17? It really is edition 17 (11 editions without ISO and 5 with ISO).

It is the reference of those in Pennsylvania for long distances and excellent damping. In addition, Triumph 17 arrives with two other great novelties. On the one hand, leave the midsole Everun behind and surprise us with a new compound, the PWRRUN +. And in the upper one, replace the Isofit system by betting now with Formfit

Lighter than its predecessors, Saucony Triumph 17, has a weight of 305gr in the male model and 261gr in the female model. The drop in both cases is 8mm.

Saucony Triumph 17 analysis


Saucony Triumph 17 presents a very sober design, with the option of choosing 3 colors, both for men and women, and waiting for its Black line.

One of the great novelties of the shoe is in the upper, it is the Formfit. A material that comes to replace the Isofit and that provides more softness and breathability. It has a great interaction between the various materials and technology, which results in an upper comfort and fit.

The interior is made without seams, except at the base of the tongue. It is all designed in one piece, thus enhancing the sock function that will allow a natural movement of the foot while running. All without losing the feeling of adjustment.

As for the outside, we can divide the shoe into two parts. In addition, the division will be made by the vertical color line different from the rest of the mesh.

On the front of this Triumph 17 we find a double mesh (it is reinforced while it is breathable). Inside is a thin heat-sealed strip that draws the shape of the inner part, very flexible, which protects the area of ​​the fingers and increases the durability of the shoe. And the outer part of the toe, on top of the big toe, is reinforced with heat-reflective reflective lines.

The half foot, several lines, also heat sealed, go from the sole to the laces, close enough to hug and hold the foot better. The two symbols of the mark on the side and side of the upper will also contribute to the support.

The area of ​​the cords has a reflective strip at the base and is reinforced in each of the holes. The laces are of optimal length, round and slightly flexible.

The tongue, padded while thin, is integrated into the upper itself. It is sewn to the sides, to prevent it from moving and also optimize the support to the foot.

The back of the vertical (back) line of the shoe is really protected. All starting with a generous padded heel collar and a good outer buttress topped with a reflective strip. It is a very wide buttress that provides greater rigidity and stabilizes the foot during support.

Triumph 17 incorporates a double insole, an interior, attached to the base of the shoe in flourescent color and another template that you can take out, designed with Formfit. The latter, according to Saucony, adapts to the foot as it is stooped to provide additional support and guidance. It narrows at the heel and opens as it goes to the toes. The last is quite wide and allows you to put insoles with maximum comfort if necessary.

Half sole

Very renewed midsole, a change that comes to provide durability, flexibility and lightness to the shoe. As we have commented, one of the great novelties of the Triumph 17, is the elimination of EVERUN and the appearance of the new compound, the PWRRUN +.

If we analyze it with the naked eye, the new technology PWRRUN + It reminds us of small porexpan balls well compacted between them. Actually, it is a foam mix EVE and material of TPU. He PWRRUN + It is a material that, according to Saucony, is 28% lighter than its predecessor. It has a cushion that adapts to the tread and absorbs 5% more than in the previous model. It is twice as flexible so that support, transition and momentum are softer as well as efficient. And if that were not enough, the PWRRUN + It is 3 times more durable than EVERUN.

By placing this material on the entire midsole, just below the insole, Saucony aims to improve cushioning while having a transition from heel to toe tread, thus reducing pressure on the front of the foot.

One of the things that PWRRUN + seeks is to adapt to the different needs of each runner, combining a softer impact on the posterior region of the foot and reducing the pressure in the front for a better momentum.

The heel height is 33.5mm, while the metatarsal is 25.5mm. Or what is the same: the drop of these Triumph 17 is 8mm.


The sole of Saucony Triumph 17 is the one that undergoes less changes of the shoe. Follow with the Crystal Rubber material. Although if you look closely you can see that it is in the form of a rocker: both the heel and the tip do not touch the ground. It is more prominent than in its predecessor models looking for this design to facilitate a more fluid footprint.

It has a vertical design in three lines, thus providing more stiffness and stability in the tread. This allows, at the time of contact, this area can expand and be more dynamic. The PWRRUN + midsole itself, visible in the same slots, will help you.

The tacos of the three lines are shaped like an arrow, but we are going to break down each of the parts because they are very well studied according to the wear that occurs in the tread.

There is a combination of drawings on the studs, both for traction and for grip. The outer part has a nerve in the middle of the arrow shape, which allows good flexibility, but also prevents it from expanding across the width.

The part of the heel and the base of the big toe, are designed with a different material, to facilitate support and impulse in addition to increasing the durability of the shoe.


Brutal! Yes, I start like this because I really liked it so much. I have tried the two previous versions, and I can assure you that the Trumph ISO 5 were excellent, but the American brand, with Triumph 17, has been exceeded.

Let's go in steps, the first feeling is comfort. They have a magnificent upper adjustment, you have the feeling that they hug the foot, in part, thanks to the fact that they have held the tongue and upper together. In addition, it has a fairly wide last, for those who use templates will be ideal.

They have a very soft touch, the material is very nice, and on the back, the neck of the shoe covers the heel very well and gives you security. While it is true that, if you like this part to be more minimalist, this would not be your ideal model.

We are going to run ... although it is designed for medium and high weights, do not worry if you weigh little, (I also have a light weight) you will notice them very comfortable. They are quite light and I like the increase of material in the area of ​​the half foot. This improvement allows you to perceive more cushioning travel and that increases comfort.

Triumph 17 has a very smooth, controlled, stable and fast footprint transition, thanks to the new midsole material, the PWRRUN +. Unlike the material used previously, with the PWRRUN + you perceive a faster return of energy, better transition. It is true that the faster the answer, the better, but in smooth shootings it has a very good response.

If we have to look for a but, for me it would be in ventilation, I think that the double mesh with holes very close together does not allow the foot to ventilate quickly. The same for winter months is ideal, but thinking about summer will be a bit fair.


Saucony Triumph 17 is a shoe for runners and runners of medium-high weight, with neutral tread and looking for a comfortable footwear and buffer for all types of workouts, especially for long runs and competitions. Thanks to its last, it becomes a very good option to use templates.

With a drop of 8mm and a weight 305gr in the male model and 261gr in the female model, they are lighter than their predecessors and that will make them even more versatile both for the type of training and competitions as for asphalt surface, ground, grass…

In short, if you are looking for maximum cushioning, without losing the option to compete with them, this is your option. You can do daily workouts and your longest competitions (half marathon and marathon). He sale price Recommended for Saucony Triumph 17 is € 170.

Enjoy them!

Rating (score)

  • Value for money: 9
  • Design / Materials / Durability: 9.5
  • Damping: 9.5
  • Grip: 8.5
  • Stability: 9.5
  • Lightness: 8.5

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