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The 10 best Asics running shoes

The ASICS sports equipment brand, founded more than half a century ago in Kobe, Japan, has long been a world leader. And obviously it was not going to be less in its division focused on the world of Running where, more than a reference, it is a real power.

Thanks to the fact that in 1990 he founded the Institute of Sports Sciences, the brand has skyrocketed in terms of innovation and quality which has caused that in recent years some of the Asics running shoe models have managed to unseat the top positions in sales to rivals of other distribution giants.

In this article we want to summarize in one place which are those star models of ASICS running shoes which are currently available in the market:


ASICS Gel Nimbus 21 is a high-end daily training shoe and prepared for all types of distances, including longer ones. It is focused on runners and runners of neutral or seedling tread and looking for a high quality shoe for their training based on shooting and long distance competitions in which they want to be comfortable above all.

The way ASICS achieves it in this Nimbus 21 is by combining the material AHAR and Blown Rubber of the sole (traction and durability), with those of the midsole: GEL®, Flytefoam and Flytefoam Propel (durable cushioning and reactivity), and a mesh Jacquard (fit, lightness and breathability).

The midsole also offers a 10mm drop for men and 13mm for women. And all with an approximate weight of 310gr in men and 250gr in women.

A great option for those who like to run or compete at quieter than nervous rhythms, leaving the tasks of the series and / or the competition for the most appropriate footwear according to the case: mixed or flying shoes (competition).

The official price of ASICS Gel Nimbus 21 is € 180 (see best offers).


ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 is the renewed delivery of one of the most important running shoes of the Japanese brand. It corresponds to a daily training shoe with stability control, capable of working in favor of all types of runners and runners, especially against more weight, as they can with everything. In any case, for extreme cases, they can always consider using another ASICS model such as GT-4000, specifically aimed at those with a high weight and excess pronation.

As it is a very comfortable shoe, it will not only serve to train, but also for those who want to use them in long races where the rhythms do not have to be the fastest, much less.

The weight is reduced compared to the previous delivery in men reaching 325gr in them and 278gr in them. The drop is different depending on the sex. So for men it is 10mm and for women 13mm.

And if in the previous installment we highlighted that the midsole premiered Flytefoam ™ Lyte and Flytefoam ™ Propel, in this installment the grace is that, maintaining those same materials, a tad is touched up the configuration to improve the flexibility in the race. The official price of ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 is € 180 (See offers) -


ASICS Gel Cumulus 21 is a high-end daily training shoe suitable for runners and runners of neutral or seedlings. Valid for any type of weight, but especially suitable for medium weights. For those who are very heavy, it might already be a matter of assessing the use of ASICS Gel Nimbus.

Cumulus 21 can be used in workouts of all kinds, although it will get better performance in shooting and long runs. Also, if you want, it can be used in competition, although if the rhythms are faster than 4’20 ”4’10, maybe consider using shoes with a more agile profile like ASICS RoadHawk or ASICS Dynaflyte

The weight for the male finish is 285gr, while for the female it is 236gr. The drop in both cases is 10mm.

The price of ASICS for Gel Cumulus 21 is € 140, while the finish in Gore-Tex is € 10 higher reaching € 150.

Asics Gel-Cumulus 21, Men's Running Shoes, Blue (Mako Blue / White 400), 42.5 EU
Price: EUR 99.46

You save: EUR 45.53 (31%)

Asics GEL DS-Trainer

ASICS Gel-DS Trainer 24 allows you to have a model to use in joyful rhythms in competition and that also provides the support of a daily training shoe… perfect combination!

New image changes in the latest edition, retaining the best of its performance to provide an even better version of this classic that has evolved since the 90s. The shoe is designed as the solution for those who want to improve their time ...; but it is also a fantastic tool for new athletes who look at more agile rhythms without losing control in the tread.

These Gel-DS Trainer 24 incorporate a seamless mesh that adapts flexibly to the foot, improving fit, comfort and breathability.

The rest of the set of this mixed model remains true to what was already incorporated in previous versions. The midsole still uses the soft FlyteFoam Lyte foam, also Dynamic Duomax (more rigid and that serves to control the stability during the tread) and a piece of GEL in the heel, to improve the cushioning capacity of the shoe and reinforce the overall performance of the shoe model.

The sole combines technologies and materials to favor grip with front treads and small but incisive studs; and Guidance Line (slit that guides the foot during the tread). In addition, it has excellent durability thanks to ASICS 'own AHAR rubber.

With a weight of 246gr in men and 201gr in women; and a drop that now goes down to 8 millimeters; This shoe is (for its versatile design, for its functionality, durability and competitive price), an excellent choice for both series and rapid training, as well as for short and medium distance competitions.

ASICS offers this Gel-DS Trainer 24 for an official price of € 140. (see offers).


Without a doubt, Metarun is the most technologically advanced ASICS shoe in its history ... until the appearance of Metaride, that there, there are two buckets to see who is the most technological of both ... What a duel of the Titans! Among the ten-and-a-half technologies, Metarun includes five new ones the day of its presentation and also up to four new patents. It is a House of Technology, that is, an article in which not only new technologies are concentrated but it is the product from which others appear taking advantage of its technical background. Even some of them are found in this same compilation article.

ASICS Metarun is a daily training shoe with a normal weight of 310gr in the men's finish and 245gr in the women's finish. It incorporates only high-end elements, some of them obtained after years of research at the Institute of Sports and Science that ASICS has in Japan.

Daily training, but with stability control, so runners and runners can use it with an excess of pronation in the tread. For this, the midsole uses FlyteFoam and a material of a hybrid formula of X-Gel that increases the damping by 18%. AdaptTruss is the piece that is responsible for providing progressive stability. That is, it will work more the more the foot tends to lean in excess. The highest density material on the inner face is Sloped Duomax and also provides greater stability. The drop is different in men than in women: 10mm in their case and 13mm in theirs (the intention of ASICS is to give more protection to the female Achilles heel that suffers more, according to their studies).

In the upper one, Jacquard Mesh and Metaclutch stand out. The first is a mesh of a monolayer fabric that hugs the foot by holding it without wrinkles forming in the flexion zone, or at least minimizing this fact. The second is an exoskeleton that is responsible for stabilizing the ankle when it hits the ground. The outsole is constructed with AHAR + (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber +) a material that guarantees high durability.

The price of Metarun is € 250 (see offers) -


Asics DynaFlyte 4 is a training shoe for neutral runners, whose main feature is the exceptional balance between lightness and damping, combining both characteristics in the same model.

It is useful for both long runs and faster workouts, because thanks to the FlyteFoam you get a great response in the race while being well protected thanks to its excellent damping properties. The lightness and low profile, together with a relatively low drop, already indicate that, in case you want to squeeze them, even being training shoes, they have a vocation to roll fast.

Its natural environment will be asphalt, where ASICS best exploits the qualities of FlyteFoam combined with Gel ™. Its solid rubber sole will guarantee durability, while a Jacquard mesh is responsible for providing lightweight support with high breathability.

The recommended price by ASICS for this DynaFlyte 4 is € 150 (see outstanding offers).


ASICS GT-2000 8 in its eighth installment remains true to its philosophy of providing similar protections in terms of protection and stability such as Gel Kayano or GT-4000 but without going so far in the level of protection. GT2000 8 is looking for something else, which is to provide lightness and response, thinking especially of runners and brokers with less weight than those who use them. Or simply that they like to go with some more liveliness in their careers.

For this, it uses a FlyteFoam midsole to which a part with Dynamic Duomax ™ is added, which is that material with a higher density and that is the one that supports most of the work of stabilizing the tread. Not only does the heel part incorporate a GEL capsule (in addition to that FlyteFoam in that area is somewhat softer), but we also found another right in the forefoot.

The sole is separated into two large blocks, the area under the metatarsals being the one that pulls and flexes thanks to large transverse grooves. The heel, in the form of a horseshoe for better efficiency when deforming on impact and returning to its position, is attached to the front with the Trusstic piece that will help when transitioning the tread. The sole material is AHAR +, very resistant thanks to the addition of carbon.

That said, a good training shoe, but with a vocation to go somewhat more agile, or be useful for people of low to medium weight, both training and competing. The official price of ASICS GT-2000 8 is € 140.


ASICS GT-4000 is a Daily training shoe with features that make it ideal for heavy or very heavy runners and runners (+ 85kg them and + 70kg them) or large and also need great control of pronation. And even if they are training shoes, they will also be able to be used in long competitions such as half marathons and marathons (or more distance if necessary) if they intend to do at rhythms similar to those of the shootings.

GT-4000 provides a maximum protection thanks mainly to stability and damping and in it, first level materials are used within the Japanese brand that make it very comfortable. It cannot be said that it is the competence of “la Kayano” (ASICS Gel-Kayano), since this GT-4000 goes much further in terms of correcting the pronation and the weight / wingspan that it must contain.

The configuration is designed for bulky feet (already home with heavy or large corridors), given the large interior space. Durability is another positive aspect since having a correct design and material configuration prevents it from having premature deterioration, as is usually the case with the shoes used by those who have a high weight.

The rhythms have to be those of the shootings and exits of continuous race that each one uses in his training. The weight is 320gr for them and 272gr for them, and they come with a 10mm drop. The official price of ASICS GT-4000 is € 160 (see offers).


Although ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 and Gel-Quantum 360 have different characteristics, they are more similar, so we will explain a bit of the two best models for maximum cushioning of ASICS. In both, the overwhelming presence of GEL® in the midsole stands out above all. That's why these two shoes have the profile of supporting runners and runners of medium to high weight, and especially those of high. This is based on a midsole that combines the high-end cushioned material Solyte with the GEL® as a cushioning system. In the case of the 360 ​​model, the GEL® goes around the entire length of the midsole. On the other hand, in model 180, the proportion is smaller, and it can be said that it is wrapped in half. In any case, maximum damping for a Solyte base, surrounded by GEL to spurs.

Also in both cases the mesh has no seams so that the breathability is also comfortable. In the heel area, both have changed the exoskeletal buttress of the previous deliveries to now keep the ankle stable with a more elegant appearance. In the sole, the AHAR material will guarantee proper traction and very good durability.

ASICS Gel-QUANTUM 180 4 and ASICS Gel-Quantum 360 5 are not designed to perform the fastest races, nor for many kilometers, but they will guarantee maximum cushioning, especially for those who need it, or have a high weight The official price for ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 is € 140 (see offers), while the official price for ASICS Gel-Quantum 360 5 is € 170.


Although it must be said that ASICS Metaride is a slipper of daily training for neutral or seedling tread, it's really much more than that ... literally. It is a new shoe concept where, thanks to a surprising design, the Japanese brand reduces the fatigue caused by running.

Gateway to a whole series of new models, the key to this reduction in fatigue must be found in Guidesole ™, the curvature of the sole and midsole, which favors the exit forward of the next stride.

Metaride has a correct weight (306gr in men and 265gr in women) and is very efficient, which translates into energy savings, very useful if the training sessions are long or are used in long distance races. It is not to go to stratospheric rhythms. Those looking for something like that, I recommend that you look at the best mixed shoes, or even think of flying or racing shoes.

Metaride is not a shoe for use in anything other than the running race. And at the time of running, the rhythms should be the most similar to the usual filming of each one. It may not be the best option for anyone who wants to go faster than 4'15 ”-4’30” a thousand. Instead, from there up they are a great option. Runners and runners of medium and high weight are the most suitable to wear them.

ASICS conceives this Metaride, like Metarun, as a House of Technology, where a high number of technologies are concentrated. The price of ASICS Metaride is € 250.

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