Tendances Sneakers : The 10 best flying shoes

Tendances Sneakers :

The 10 best flying shoes

best flying sneakers

Choose the best shoes to compete to the fullest, be it a mile, a 5k, 10k, half marathon, even a marathon is not an easy task. We will help you as much as possible explaining what the athletes look for and what the competition shoe market offers.

Competition. Hard to talk about when we move between those two realities that appear to be the same and that some describe as athletics and others as running. In theory we would be talking about the same, but it is true that, increasingly, the invisible gap between professional athletics and amateur or amateur is enlarged.

Translated to the sneakers supposes that what for some are training shoes every day, for others, that same model is their usual sneaker to use in competition.

The shoes that we are going to describe are which the manufacturers themselves call "Racers" and which are designed exclusively to compete or for tests or series totally focused on the competition. Popularly they have been known as "flying" sneakers, for the idea that it is in competition where you have to "fly".

And although it was long ago it was easy enough to divide the shoes into three groups according to the object: training, competition (or flying) and mixed (halfway between the first two) today, as in everything, the line is sometimes diffuse. It is also in that the profiles of brokers and brokers are multiple whereby the shoe often is not oriented primarily to the object and purpose of the activity to be performed but to the user's own taste.

What characteristics do flying sneakers have?

One of the main characteristics that flying shoes have is their incredible under weight, well below the training models (sometimes 50% of the total weight, within the same brand). This "incredible" is not entirely true, because, apart from putting the best and latest technology in them, much is based on the classic concept of throwing overboard everything that is not essential. All to get sneakers the maximum of light.

Less protections (or almost nonexistent), smaller thickness of midsole, less mesh and more open, "Holes" to empty material, ... anything goes in the race against the scale!.

Flying or competition shoes: runner type

They are shoes that are focused on runners and runners who already have a good technique, with little need for cushioning (they will have, but not in abundance) no footprint control (Same as for the damping).

But to have in your hands a shoe of barely 95 grams more than one will make you think that maybe there is something more behind so much technological virgueria ... And you will be right. The muscular requirement of this footwear is very high. Something taken to the minimum expression as a competition shoe is going to demand that whoever uses them, also has to do their part. By force will have to exist a balance between shoes and runner or runner. Put another way: they are not made for anyone.

Those runners who are tanned at all levels, mainly the muscular, will be those who can use them and not die (metaphorically speaking) in the attempt. They are shoes with less materials, less protections, less cushioning and less drop than what is usually used to test those who use them. Using lightweight shoes may have a price to pay and those who are not well prepared will notice, after the race, in the form of pain or, in the worst case, in the form of injuries.

So that, proprioception work, career technique, continuity and strength to use these shoes that will allow a better development in the race.

Training shoes vs. Flying shoes in a Marathon

Just a mathematical fact: If someone uses a daily training shoes, for example, 330gr to run a marathon, probably complete it without problems, well protected and cushioned. Of course, have dragged those 330 grams in each of its steps, and if we make a calculation rounded very to ojímetro (please, do not give me the whip, just to facilitate the data) that each stride measure a meter, for in a marathon, which are 42195m, approximately 42,000 strides leave, that is, 21,000 with each foot. Throwing the stride 42,000 times, for 330gr gives the chilling accumulation figure of 13.86 tons. If we perform the same calculation with the incredibly light New Balance RC5000, 95gr, we stay at "only" 3.99 tons.

In the career economy it is obvious that running with a few pure fliers comes out on account. But as we have said, the fine print says that the runner has to go more or less in conjunction with the shoe and be well or more than well trained to use them and get the most out of them.

And although they are shoes with which you can even run the marathon, obviously they are also indicated for shorter distances with whatthe range of people who can use them opens up as the chosen competition decreases in kilometers: 21k, 10k, 5k, ...

We go there with a pureblood selection what better results have returned:


We would start badly explaining a sneaker when in reality it is two different models ... But no, it is totally justified because New Balance 1400 v6 and New Balance 1500 v4 they are a pair of sneakers to compete that come to offer similar benefits, but for the two most universal footprints in the world of the running race: the neutral and the overpronadora (for the joy of runners and runners of this second group, and that competition shoes are not usually done thinking about this type of tread). It's not about the same shoe for different footprints, it's more than that:

New Balance 1400 v6 It is a flyer designed for neutral tread or seedlings. It comes with a midsole built with REVLite, a compound that, apart from being cushioned and light, provides a very good reactivity. The sole is made with a blown rubber that gives it softness, but a very good grip. The upper mesh, ventilated and light is reinforced with FantomFIT material, to hold the foot well. Suitable for those who want to make very explosive series, not too long distance. Already in competition they adjust to a little all the distances, although for longer than a half marathon, who see them may have to be well seasoned based on training. The weight is 204gr in the case of them and 170gr in theirs. The official price of New Balance 1400 v6 is € 120 (see offers).

Similar option, although with important nuances such as stability in the midsole and a drop noticeably lower than the 1400, is New balance 1500 v4. This competition shoe, also usable in fractional training, is designed to run any distance. The midsole uses the same REVLite, although with a part with a greater density that allows to stabilize the rotation of the ankle when running and to contain something overpronation. From the sole it is possible to see the TBeam piece that also helps the twisting of the ankle is not excessive. The drop, that's only 6mm. The sole combines solid rubber with Blown Rubber, softer and with better grip. Above, a mesh of soft lines, without seams, but very perforated, and reinforced with FantomFIT, will be responsible for providing good fit lightly.

1500 v4 mounts all that in just 244gr for them and 200gr for them. The official price of New Balance 1500 v4 is € 120 (see Offers)


adidas adizero goodbye 4 is the continuation expected by many. Several years has been his predecessor in the limelight. As much as to suggest that the goodbye of an iconic model capable of breaking records of the marathon world at the feet of the best athletes was lengthening. But no. adidas adizero goodbye remains in shape, so much so that in its fourth installment maintains key elements in its success as is the midsole built with Boost ™ the compound that broke the deck of the return of energy when running and the sole.

"What does something work ...? Let's keep it! "... It seems that the Germans of adidas have said. Repeat the same midsole with 80% Boost® and 20% EVA matching the top most in contact with the foot. The height is 27/17 so the drop is 10mm. The sole is the same as in goodbye 3, therefore, it is a rubber produced by Continental®, the German giant tire manufacturer, serving the top models of his compatriot adidas. Through the sole we see Torsion System, the one in charge of stabilizing the rotation of the ankle during the tread.

The most important change is found in the upper. And although the first may seem very similar, adidas already warns that it fits so much that it is better to take half a number more than the usual one. The reduction of leather material is very noticeable and therefore the mesh surface increases, improving breathability. The three bars have a less forceful function than in the previous delivery, not down to the base of the shoe.

The weight is maintained in the 226gr of the man's finish and the 186 of the woman's. The price of adidas adizero goodbye 4 is € 140 (see best offers).


Those looking for the DS-Racer have nothing to do, but that does not mean they are left lying. The best option of ASICS is nowTartherzeal 6, a competition shoe, in the line of the DS-Racer but using the new Flytefoam midsole combined with a GEL® capsule. Cushioning and rebound for a 10mm drop midsole.

The upper is quite structured, which is surprising considering how light this model is. Thus, the foot is well secured and the fingers well protected. The mesh is ASICS Adapt Mesh type: lightweight and breathable. A butt in the heel will help keep the ankle stable. The sole has two different parts: the back, with a flat surface (it must be taken into account that the profile of the runner to whom this model is directed hardly carries the heel) and the front, with a multitude of small cleats designed to scratch the ground looking for the maximum traction.

The weight is spectacularly low since the male model does not exceed 160g while the female model does not exceed 140g.

The official price of ASICS Tartherzeal 6 is € 130 (See discounts)


Mizuno Wave Sonic 2 is a very light competition shoe that can also be used in training at strong or fractionated rates, such as series. Designed for the route, Mizuno conceives her to go very fast with her. It is not for less, using the compound U4ICX, in all the midsole, capable of providing soft cushioning, but with a better degree of rebound than other compounds. The height in this part of Wave Sonic 2 is 21mm and 17mm, for a drop of 4mm. Here we find ESS Wave, the plate made in Pébax responsible for further improving the cushioning and that this is done in a stable manner. If it is observed, it does not have the typical wavy shape to which Mizuno is accustomed, but it is a compact piece located in the middle zone of this Sonic 2.

The sole contains a large number of tacos of medium size, with pointed shapes for a good grip. The rubber with which they are manufactured is X10, typical of Mizuno, with very high durability. Above, the mesh is the main element. It is AIRmesh, very light and airy. Its appearance is simple, but everything is controlled with precision. That is why the subjection is done by DynamotionFIT, a Mizuno system that allows the foot to be firmly grasped, but at the same time adapting the mesh to the foot movement itself in all phases of the tread.

The weight is 220gr in the masculine finish and 180gr in the feminine finish. See best Offers.


Nike Vaporfly 4% is one of those shoes that have a thick appearance, but hide a sharp racing machine. The 4% refers to the fact that all the characteristics that define it help improve the economy of the race by an average of 4% compared to its previous reference as an ultra-fast shoe, especially for medium and long distances like a marathon.

These features are a midsole built with one of the latest compounds from Oregon: ZoomX, reactive and lightweight. Inside, throughout the sole of the foot, a carbon fiber plate is housed, with a special curvature, responsible for increasing the capacity of the shoe to return to its position in favor of the impulse. Of course, the thick appearance that said before is due to a height of 31mm in the heel and 21mm in the forefoot, the highest in this ratio of shoes. The drop is 10mm. The sole is constructed with rubber that draws geometrical shapes that barely protrude. This gives more surface contact with the ground. On top, the one-piece Flyknit mesh adapts to the shape of the foot like a sock providing comfortable fit and acceptable lightness and support. The weight in the man's finish is only 195gr, while that of women barely reaches 164gr. The official price of Nike Vaporfly 4%, the most expensive of this list is € 250.


Another competition shoe with the vitola to be the lightest of a brand. And is that Brooks Hyperion was born for the asphalt. In the midsole we find Biomogo DNA material, which is actually the combination of several things. On the one hand, the damping is done with EVA to which Brooks' own technology has been added: Biomogo that will facilitate the biodegradation of the midsole for when it finishes its life cycle, especially if it ends up in a landfill and DNA that is the system that Brooks has developed to improve efficiency in the race thanks to the recovery of energy produced by the rebound.

In the midfoot there is a transition zone of the tread while in the sole Propulsion Pods are in charge of the traction. In the upper, the absence of seams in a ventilated and light mesh will result in comfort.

The drop for these flying shoes is 10mm while the weight stays at 181gr. for men and 153gr for women.

The official price of Brooks Hyperion is € 130.


Mizuno Wave Emperor 3 is another racing shoe from this Japanese brand that is so caring for this segment. In the midsole he uses U4iC material mainly (mainly because there is also a bit of AP +). We also find the characteristic Wave piece in the heel area, as a cushioning system. Below we see that Emperor 3 uses a string of spectacular and aggressive tacos in the entire front half of the shoe. In part of the sole the durable X10 compound is used, but in the middle zone, G3 is used, to improve traction. And as a good model Mizuno, the upper is not unprotected because surprisingly has unusual reinforcements in flying.

In the case of this AIRmesh mesh, the reinforcements do not penalize the final weight, leaving it in the man's finish in 200gr, while in the women's in 155gr. The drop of the midsole, in both sexes, is 9mm (22/13). See Offers.


Saucony Type A8 is a veteran model on the grid that shares with Saucony Fastwitch the racer zone of this American brand. But if Fastwitch, among others, has to take care of the stability, thanks to a greater density in the inner face of the midsole, Type A8 is a neutral with more radical biases, if possible. Starting with the weight, since Saucony Type A8 weighs only 167gr in the man's finish and 144gr in the woman's finish.

A thin midsole, with only 4mm of drop, provides an important perception of the ground for a more natural tread. It is built with SSL (Saucony SuperLite) EVA, a material that maximizes bounce in addition to having a good durability. The sole is constructed with PWRTrack, also composed of its own, such as the SSL EVA, which aims for a good grip on different types of surfaces. On top, the one-piece mesh uses FlexFilm technology, to hold the foot lightly. The laces are flat and hold the template so that it does not move. Check the best offers.


New Balance Hanzo S v2 is perhaps the most radical model of New Balance. With the permission of the people of the New Balance Sport Research Lab, how capable they are, as I write these lines, of inventing again something that exceeds the most they have done up to this very moment. Although difficult they have it, because Hanzo S v2 (that weighs 170gr in the masculine finish and 145gr in the feminine one) leaves the level very high. Anyone looking for a flyer that goes further, in the most radical sense speaking, should look at it.

It is a model with REVlite midsole, own New Balance, much lighter than other standard midsoles, and which provides a high response capacity, along with great durability. The drop is only 4mm. The sole repeats the configuration of the first delivery, with sharp studs under the metatarsal area looking for adhesion based on a soft rubber and traction for the sharp design of the same. The studs are much larger in the other areas of the sole, thereby balancing the durability. In the upper, a seamless mesh has thick holes in the front area for proper ventilation. It is more reinforced in the middle zone, with 3D applications attached without seams and, above all, in the heel area, with a visible buttress that will help stabilize the ankle when running. The official price of New Balance Hanzo S v2 is € 150 (see offers).


ASICS Gel-451 is a 185gr flyer that, although it is focused since its inception for triathletes, competes against its partner ASICS Tartherzeal since many runners use it for their asphalt races. It is easy to see many competitors using the 451, without being at all triathletes. In fact, ASICS is already careful not to include in the names of the triathlon shoes, the word "TRI", which previously characterized them, precisely so that they do not happen to be pigeonholed.

One of the things that draws attention is the closure BOA ™, which means that you do not have to waste time in knotting or undoing the loop. The mesh where BOA ™ is inserted is seamlessly constructed. Inside, a template with perforations will allow better drainage of water or moisture that may accumulate inside the shoe.

The midsole is constructed with a SpEVA material that hides in the heel area a GEL capsule, the characteristic damping system of ASICS, to ensure good impact management. The height difference between the heel and the metatarsus, or drop, is 6mm. In the sole we see a typical pattern to bring forward traction, but also thanks to a large surface contact with the ground. The longitudinal line that crosses it serves to guide the tread. On the back, where the sneakers wear more, the compound used is AHAR +, much more durable. The price of ASICS Gel-451 is € 130

We hope you found it interesting. You have the comments open to any question or suggestion.

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