Tendances Sneakers : The 10 best Mizuno running shoes

Tendances Sneakers :

The 10 best Mizuno running shoes

best running shoes mizuno

The Japanese brand Mizuno is one of the most reputable firms of all those that manufacture shoes and other accessories necessary for the foot race. This forcefulness is due to the experience within the world and to share space with other runners and brokers and see how they trust the Japanese brand when they start to have more boards in this of running.

Why? Perhaps because Mizuno does not have the “multisport” presence of giants from the distribution of sports equipment such as Nike or Adidas, for example, that for this same reason, for many they are only initiatory brands, and then end up moving to others such as New Balance, ASICS, Brooks or Mizuno herself.

Created a whopping 113 years ago in Osaka, Japan, has been growing over the years. And, especially in the last two decades, it has been able to evolve technologically, hence its success among those who know what they are looking for when they are going to buy.

Here we have a compendium of the best of this Japanese brand: Daily training shoes, both for neutral tread, as well as for footprints with excessive pronation, mixed and competition shoes. A wide range of options with the most technological and best performance of Mizuno. There are the 10 best:


Mizuno Wave Ultima 11 is considered the top of the range of the Japanese Mizuno in daily training. Getting a neutral shoe with great damping capabilities, stability and comfort, It is aimed at runners and runners of medium-high weight (around 80 kg in men and 65 kg in women). Even those who tend to pronounce slightly can also use this shoe, given its great stability.

The materials used in the midsole are U4ic and U4icX, for a soft but reactive cushioning. These two compounds are complemented by a plate built in Pébax to improve both damping and stability. The drop that handles Ultima 11 is 12mm, thanks to heights of the midsole of 32 and 20mm. The sole, in addition, is reinforced with carbon to increase durability against wear. And in the same way as in other models of the brand or in previous versions of Wave Ultima, the wide last allows you to place templates without great difficulties. Their weights are 320gr in the men's version and 265gr for the women's version.

Given its great comfort and cushioning, it allows long runs on any type of surface, whether on asphalt or dirt. See best offers.


Mizuno Wave Rider 23 is a daily training shoe for neutral or seedling tread and focused on runners and runners looking for both good cushioning and great shoe performance. They are going to take advantage of those who go beyond in terms of technology and squeeze a fast daily training shoe.

The midsole incorporates several leading technological solutions, such as U4ic and U4icX materials, and the Wave piece, built in Pébax. Together They provide one of the best cushions in the market. Below, the sole uses the two best Mizuno compounds: X10 and Blown Rubber, for a winning combination of traction, grip and durability. And above, the renewed upper (a double mesh of AIRmesh type, with Intercool technology to keep the foot as fresh as possible) improves in lightness to its predecessor with a fine appearance like never before had “the Rider”.

They will be able to use it to the full advantage of medium-weight runners and brokers mainly (or medium-low or medium-high weight, but without going to extremes)

The drop of the shoe is 12mm based on midsole heights of 19/31, while the weight is 290gr in the finish of man and 240gr in that of woman. See better discounts.


Mizuno Wave Sky 3 is a daily training shoe designed for those who seek, above all, travel great distances and also do it comfortably. This is because the Japanese brand has sought in this model to concentrate the largest offer of cushioning in its entire catalog ... there is nothing! Wave Sky 3 breaks with an almost Mizuno tradition since it does not include its traditional Pébax plate in the midsole. Instead, it uses the new XPOP compound, combined with two other materials such as U4iC and U4iCX. The three together contribute maximum cushioning, along with durability, softness and reactivity. An all in one, come on. The heights are 30mm in the heel and 20mm in the forefoot, which gives a drop of 10mm.

It will be very useful for those who want to make all kinds of runs, especially medium / long distances ... and beyond! The user profile that can get the most out of juice would be found among those looking for a great and soft damping and that this is not at odds with a good return of energy.

Brokers and brokers who train long distances, or even want to take them to long-distance competitions They are going to have a great ally in this model, especially if they are of medium to high, high or very high weight, and the rhythms they are looking for are not exactly the fastest of the “grill”. Its weight is logical in a shoe of this profile: 320gr in the finish of man and 275gr in that of woman.

It is clear that Mizuno has searched in Wave Sky 3 for a high-performance shoe, but with great comfort. Check out the Featured Offers.


Mizuno Wave Inspire 15, with pronation control, is one of the most prominent shoes within the Japanese brand. It is indicated for runners and runners with a mild or moderate overpronation, who want them to train or compete and who its weight does not exceed 75-80kg in men and 60-65kg in women (for heavier ones there are other interesting options, even within Mizuno).

Inspire 15 incorporates a midsole with the new Wave technology using Pebax inserted between two compounds: U4ic and U4icX. Both cushion smoothly and lastingly, but the second one has more reactive properties than the first. The drop is 12mm thanks to a height difference between the heel (31mm) and the forefoot (19mm). The sole is constructed with X10 rubber, the most durable of Mizuno, combined with Blown Rubber, a blown rubber that improves adhesion. In the upper, an AIRmesh mesh will ventilate and hold the foot lightly, while in the ankle area, Intercool will work to keep this area as dry as possible.

This is one shoe with some versatility, both for varied training, and to take it to some competition if control and comfort is required. The control is what makes it valid for those who have problems with an excess of pronation in their footprint.

The weight of Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 is only 290gr in men and 245gr in women. Check the offers.


Mizuno Wave Creation 20 is a shoe with two decades of travel and focused on runners and runners with neutral or even slight tread until moderate pronation. This is due to the efficient management of the tread performed on the midsole. The aesthetics of this shoe is spectacular due to the large windows that are observed under the heel. The legend "Infinity Wave" already indicates that the damping is its strong, thanks to the piece of Pébax that deforms in a controlled way to cushion every shoe that can be given on the asphalt.

So much protection has its price in terms of weight, since it reaches up to 385gr in the case of men and 330gr in that of women. At the level of heights, being high, the shoe is not as high as it may seem as it goes up to 33mm in the heel area and 21mm in the forefoot, for a drop or drop of 12mm.

The mesh that covers this Wave Creation 20 is of the AIRmesh type, which provides breathability and lightness, while DynamotionFit technology ensures that the foot is well secured during all phases of the tread.

This daily training shoe can be used those with a medium or high weight and who seek to shoot with the peace of mind of enjoying a good cushioning with stability control. See featured offers. Check the price.


Mizuno Wave Paradox 5 is a cushioned shoe with maximum control of pronation. The midsole is expressly constructed to provide a lot of cushioning, but also to stabilize any footprint with excess problems when pronar.

The way Mizuno achieves it is largely thanks to the Wave piece, manufactured in Pébax. This structure allows to distribute the pressure that occurs when hitting the ground, but reinforcing the inner face of the ankle. Wrapping all of this, two materials: AP + and U4icX are going to be partners in that stable and comfortable cushioning. The sole is constructed with X10, a solid rubber that is the most wear resistant of Mizuno. Above, the upper uses AIRmesh as a lightweight breathability mesh while reinforcements under the “Firebird” logo will help not only hold the foot, but also keep it stable, working as a team with the midsole.

Congratulations are those who have problems with a large excess of pronation in their footprint, since Wave Paradox 5 will be responsible for stabilizing that footprint. So, who likes to perform training based on shooting has a great ally in this shoe.

The weight in the male finish is 315gr, while that of the female is 265gr. The drop, based on a 33mm heel and a 21mm forefoot, is 12mm. See discounts.


Already in the third installment, Mizuno Wave Shadow 3 is consolidated as a great mixed shoe option, by the Japanese brand. Not only will you collaborate on provide pace and speed, but it will also do it comfortably and lightly.

It weighs only 255gr in the finish of man and 210gr in the finish of woman and is characterized by using a midsole based on the U4iC compound for reactive damping. The thickness of the midsole is defined by its 25mm heel height, by the 17mm of the forefoot. Neither too much nor too little for a shoe of his style that, as a good mixed, stays at 8mm drop. To finish off that area, a Wave piece made of Pébax is responsible for improving not only the damping, but also the stability and transition of the tread. Below, the sole is divided into two large blocks, one rear and one front, and joined precisely by the Wave piece (making Smooth Ride good, which is the technology that works to achieve a fluid footprint).

In the sole we find a longitudinal line to guide the tread and transverse stripes between the incisive studs to improve flexibility. The material used here is X-10 the strongest in Mizuno. Above, an AIRmesh mesh with very soft lines and heat-sealed reinforcements on the toe, will perspire lightly. To assist in the support of the foot, on both sides, under the mesh, there are a pair of reinforcement straps that will work at the time of closing the loop. Official price € 136 (See Offers).


Mizuno Wave Sonic 2 is a very light competition shoe that can also be used in training at strong or fractional rhythms, such as the series. Thought for the route, Mizuno conceives her to go very fast with her. It is not for less, using the U4icX compound, throughout the midsole, capable of providing soft cushioning, but with a better degree of rebound than other compounds. The height in this part of Wave Sonic 2 is 21mm and 17mm, for a drop of 4mm. Here we find ESS Wave, the board made of Pébax responsible for further improving the damping and that this is done stably. If observed, it does not have the typical wavy shape that Mizuno accustoms us to, but it is a compact piece located in the middle of this Sonic 2.

The sole contains a large number of medium sized studs, with pointed shapes for a good grip. The rubber with which they are manufactured is X10, Mizuno's own, of very high durability. Above, the mesh is the main element. This is AIRmesh, very light and ventilated. Its appearance is simple, but everything is precisely controlled. That is why the support is carried out by DynamotionFIT, a Mizuno system that allows the foot to be taken well, but at the same time adapting the mesh to the movement of the foot in all phases of the tread.

The weight is 220gr in the masculine finish and 180gr in the feminine one. See better offers.


Mizuno Wave Duel is a shoe designed to go very very fast and that the Japanese brand recommends to run marathons ... whoever is able to dress them, of course. A very small weight of 200gr in the case of men and 165gr in that of women, it is already clear that this sharp arrow requires that the musculature of the archers and archers who want to wear it be consistent.

Of course, this is partly because of the low profile of the midsole that, rising only 23mm by the heel and 14mm by the forefoot, leaves a drop (height difference) of 9mm. The main material we find is this part of Wave Duel is U4ic, a lightweight foam that provides comfortable and reactive cushioning. The sole is divided into two types of rubber: X10 for the heel, as the area of ​​maximum wear; and especially G3 Sole, a compound with a great capacity of adhesion and that is the way to shape those tiny but sharp tacos occupy the entire middle area, to the toe and through the metatarsals. Above, Mizuno uses an AIRmesh fabric as a guarantee of ventilation and light support. See price


Mizuno Wave Emperor 3 is another competition shoe of this Japanese brand that takes care of this segment so much. In the midsole uses mainly U4ic material (the main thing is because there is also some AP + foam).

We also find the characteristic Wave piece in the heel area, as a cushioning system. Below we see that Emperor 3 uses a string of spectacular and aggressive tacos throughout the front half of the shoe. In part of the sole the durable compound X10 is used, but in the middle area, G3 is used, to improve traction. And as a good Mizuno model, the upper is not unprotected because it surprisingly has strong reinforcements, unusual for flying.

In the case of this AIRmesh mesh (which provides ventilation and lightness, as well as support) these reinforcements do not penalize the final weight, leaving it in the finish of man in 200gr, while in the finish of woman in 155gr. The drop of the midsole, in both sexes is 9mm (22mm / 13mm). See Offers.

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