Tendances Sneakers : The 10 most viewed neutral shoes.

Tendances Sneakers :

The 10 most viewed neutral shoes.

Today we highlight the 10 neutral shoes that have attracted the most attention to those who visit the running shoes section.

1-Brooks Glycerin

Brooks Glycerin 17 is a shoe of daily training for neutral or seedling tread. It is focused mainly for those looking for a maximum cushioning and also that this is very soft.

It can be used by runners and runners of all rhythms, since, as we said, thanks to DNA LOFT, the midsole is able to gently dampen at calm rhythms and instead be firmer and reactive to fast rhythms. Even so, I still say that shoemaker to your shoes, and if you want a sharper profile this is not exactly the right choice. And Brooks precisely offers shoes more in line with those needs such as Levitate or Ricochet.

The weight of those who dress it can be very varied, although those who are going to get the most potential are going to be runners and brokers of medium and heavy weights.

Speaking of weight, these shoes stay in 301gr in the finish of man and 261gr in that of woman. For both sexes the drop is 10mm.

The official price of Brooks Glycerin 17 is € 170 (see Offers)

2- adidas Solar Boost

adidas solar Boost review

Adidas Solar Boost stages that adidas closes the circle. If after these years of Boost they have managed to put the best in the midsole and then also in the sole, with Continental and Stretchweb, now completely redefine the upper with what we said closes the open circle five years ago with Energy Boost and everything that has come next.

Adidas Solar Boost is a Daily training shoe with mixed traces. And despite being in the vicinity of the 300gr, it is not the image it transmits.

Versatile shoe that is valid for anything that is thrown: training based on shooting or shooting, and also fractional or series that are not flying (in the case of ultra-fast series it would already be a matter of a pure mixed or even a flying). It can be a very good training partner in rhythms of all kinds or even in competition, yes, already in medium or more modest rhythms where the use of mixed or flying is not an option.

The heights of the midsole range from 32mm in the heel to 22mm in the forefoot, so the drop is 10mm. 295gr and 244gr is the weight in the male and female finish, respectively.

The price adidas Solar Boost is € 160 (see offers).

3-adidas Solar Glide

adidas Solar Glide replaces adidas Supernova (“Supernova” to dry but misnamed by some as Supernova Glide 9). This is a daily training shoe for neutral tread that gathers the good of Supernova to stay as top in shoes of this profile. Although this focused on training based on shooting of all kinds, some use it in competitions, the longer the better, to benefit from its comfort and efficiency in use.

The midsole still based on Boost to obtain a reactive damping in all types of conditions. It can be used at any time of the year and practically at any latitude thanks to the properties of the midsole remain unchanged in a wide range of external temperatures.

adidas Solar Glide incorporates aNovelty as is Propulsion Rail, which allows guiding the tread by encapsulating it from the moment it hits the ground until the exit through the front. The height is 32mm in the heel area and 32mm in the forefoot, which throws a 10mm drop.

The upper Solar Glide is characterized by using a Engeneered Mesh, Light and breathable that will hold the foot in the most critical areas, such as the midfoot. The heel is well collected thanks to the Fitcounter piece that will work especially when hitting the ground.

The sole is also manufactured by Continental® and use Stretchweb, the material that has grip while durability. Its flexibility makes the tread better. Torsion System, below the shoe, will help stabilize the tread during the transition.

The weight of adidas Solar Glide is 306gr in the men's finish and 256gr in the women's finish.

The price Official adidas Solar Glide is € 139.95. See the best offers.

4-Nike Pegasus
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 first impressions

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus It is a saga that dates back to 1983 and can be presented as the most sold running shoe of all time. And it's not just for a matter of longevity, no, it's that on numerous occasions it has been the best selling shoe of the year.

Many runners and brokers have placed their trust in a large daily training shoe for neutral tread or seedbed. Its comfort, its cushioning capacity, its lightness and a profile for nothing "billet" compared to many of its rivals (especially discontinued models, which have not resisted the passage of time) make it not only resist, but be a model that any athlete with some baggage, if you have not used it, at least know it.

Of course, the air chamber incorporates it from day one. At the beginning in the heel, once along the sole of the foot, by the metatarsus, not visible, visible, again not visible ... It does not matter the combination, which has always been there. See the best offers.

5-Asics Gel Nimbus 22

ASICS Gel Nimbus continues to be among the highest searches on the web.

This is one of the most cushioned ASICS shoes. ASICS Gel Nimbus is a Daily training shoe for runners and runners of neutral or seedling tread. It is ideal for runs, especially long, as it is more than ready for it. It can be used by runners and runners of all kinds, including weight, but without a doubt they will get the best out of those who have a medium to high weight. Also say that Nimbus pleases those who have the foot of normal thickness or wider than narrow.

The weight stays at 310gr in the finish of man and 255gr in that of woman. The drop is 10mm for them and 13mm for them. The mesh is breathable and lightweight, while the sole is prepared in detail both in design and in materials for running especially on hard surfaces, such as asphalt. See the best offers.

6-adidas Energy Boost

adidas energy boost, this is what you should know: features, price and reviews

adidas Energy Boost is a Daily training shoe, cushioned and very reactive. Focused on runners and runners with a neutral footprint, it is valid for all types of circumstances and type of training and a very good option for competition on asphalt, especially against more kilometers have the test.

The reactive midsole, thanks to the BOOST, the sole with a great grip thanks to Continental's Stretchweb and an upper foot-dragged make the Energy Boost invite you to go happier than usual.

Its weight is 312gr for a size 41 EU in the finish of man and 276gr for size 38 2/3 EU in that of woman, while the drop we have already commented that it is 10mm in both sexes. See the best offers.

7- Asics Gel Cumulus


Training shoe for neutral or seedling tread. It comes with renewed configuration of the mesh in the upper (favoring breathability, lightness and comfort). . The sole has also changed to improve especially the forefoot. Like his older sister, Nimbus, he presents the improvement in damping of the hand of Fluid Ride 2.0, consisting of two different densities in the midsole: SuperSpeva and Super Solyte. The Gel® cushioning system is also present to give that extra softness in the impact against the ground when running. See the best offers.

8-Mizuno Wave Rider

Keep keeping that training shoe spirit but light cut, very versatile, as it can serve as a competition shoe or fast training for those heavier runners, around 85kg, who will use it promptly or as a daily training shoe for lighter runners.

It handles perfectly in a wide range of rhythms since it has enough damping to roll with them at any rate. In addition, thanks to its lightness and that great response in the support, it will allow us to descend at rates of 4 min / km or less without noticing a ballast on our feet.

The damping touch is dry, with a good response, characteristic of Mizuno and the last is of normal size, neither wide nor narrow, which is another fact to reflect its versatility in terms of potential runners. See the best offers.

9- New Balance Fresh Foam 1080

New Balance 1080v10 is a top daily training shoe with great cushioning and comfort of use. Despite belonging to that group and being able to withstand any type of shooting-based training (regardless of time or mileage), it has a really low weight: 280gr in the finish for men and 238gr in that of women.

Much of the blame is on Fresh Foam X, since by itself this compound manages to significantly reduce the total weight compared to its predecessor by putting even more volume of material in the midsole. Another notable element is the flexibility of both the Fresh Foam and the sole itself (the latter thanks to a segmentation that favors and softens the transition of the tread).

Those who use it could also take it to some competition, especially the more distance it is or if the pace in the race is going to be over 4’20 ”-4’30” a thousand. For happier rhythms, there are other options, including valuing combined with mixed shoes, or if it is really fast and is only wanted for certain workouts, with competition shoes.

Fresh Foam 1080v10 is highly recommended for those who in addition to performance also seek high comfort. The official price of New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 is € 170.

New Balance 1080v10 Running Shoes - SS20-47.5

10-Brooks Ghost

Brooks Ghost 11 - "width =" 640 "height =" 427 "srcset =" https://www.sport.es/labolsadelcorredor/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Foto-1.jpg 640w, https: / /www.sport.es/labolsadelcorredor/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Foto-1-630x420.jpg 630w "sizes =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

Brooks Ghost 11 is a great Daily training shoe with a vocation to be able to be used in races, especially those of medium and long distance. Those who are going to go to medium or moderate rhythms have a great ally in Ghost 11. And although runners and runners of all types of weight can use it, for those with a heavy weight it would be perhaps more advisable to use another Brooks model such as Glycerin.

Brooks Ghost 11 incorporates the most advanced materials, especially in the midsole where performance is combined with ecology. Brooks uses BioMoGO DNA and DNA Loft combined to achieve a soft cushioning that becomes firmer and more reactive as the person who uses it prints more pace to the race.

The drop of the midsole stays in 12mm in both men and women, while the weight is different in each sex and also in the GORE-TEX® finish. 306gr in the men's finish and 269gr in the women's finish, while the weight for the waterproof finish is 335gr for them and 295gr for them.

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