Tendances Sneakers : The 15 best sneakers to work out in the gym (or at home)

Tendances Sneakers :

The 15 best sneakers to work out in the gym (or at home)

sneakers exercise in gym or at home

When choosing what type of footwear is the right one to wear in a certain sport, it is important to know what is necessary for two fundamental things: improve performance and prevent, even prevent, injury. Point. That easy…

… Easy to say, but not so much to put it into practice. This is because depending on the sport, there are a series of characteristics that must be looked for to the detriment of others and depending on which sport, the tables are changed and what is important is turned around.

Features gym shoes

To give an example: in Running, cushioning and little multidirectional grip will be very important, since it is a high impact activity and unidirectional movement. On the other hand, in the gym (or for those who ride it at home), the cushioning is no longer the most important (except for activities with jumps, which are carried out sporadically) and instead, the activities with movements these are normally of all kinds, therefore multidirectional.

What kind of characteristics, to a greater or lesser extent, should we look for in a sports shoe, of any type: grip, adherence, breathability, support, cushioning, stability, lightness, durability, ...

But then it happens to us that if we carry out a single activity, we can look for a specific shoe for that sport (for example, football, with cleats, to sink into the grass of the playing fields) that makes it difficult or impossible to use it for something else.

To focus a little on the stick we played today, it must be said that Running shoes, the most technical, are not specifically designed to work in a gym. Elements such as the sole, some with incisor studs, are designed to maximize traction in only one direction: forward. In some parquets they are not allowed to use because they cling so much that they damage it. But for the user they are not a good element either because in movements such as turns, they hold too much, and that is not good, either. At the level of support, neither, because its reinforcements are designed for footfall cycles, one-way, and in the activities of the Gym, movements and tensions come and go in all directions.

And this is where the concept appears X-Training, Cross Training, or any other name that comes to define this: crossing disciplines (or sports).

The ideal for those who alternate running with gym is to have a shoe of each type. But for those who do not want or cannot have two pairs of shoes, there is the concept of crossing disciplines, which amounts to something like a running shoe that works for the Gym or vice versa.

Very useful, of course, but keep in mind that the streamlined Running shoe has to give in terms of cushioning levels:

  • Increase the grip and modify the grip so that it allows flexing forward.
  • Grab in all directions and allow turns on yourself.
  • The Pure Training one has to compromise on reducing the support of the midfoot, increasing breathability, increasing cushioning and allowing the sole to flex better, especially in the metatarsal area.

And if you can not afford a running shoe and another for the Gym or its domestic variant ... How do you know which shoe to buy? A problem that occurs many times, because not everyone can afford sneakers for each discipline and they have to focus their spending on one that works a little for everything. In those cases, I like to talk about percentages:

- If running takes 75% to 100% of your sports activityBetter buy some specific running shoes and when you use them in the gym or at home, do it knowing its limitations in terms of movements and restraints on that stage;

- If the Gym or home takes 75% to 100% of your sports activity, Better a shoe with all the attributes, especially referring to the upper with the reinforcements and the sole, with multidirectional designs; but if you distribute in a more or less balanced way the time that you dedicate to Running and to the Gym or home, then it is when you have to look for the concept of crossing disciplines (X-Training, Cross Training, or similar names, depending on the brand), and That it serves you with total guarantee for everything, without being specialist shoes, because they have a little of everything.

We are going to see some models of various types, but especially those that serve both for the Gym or home, as well as for at any given time, also train Running, both on treadmill and on the street.


New Balance Minimus 40 Trainer, shoe that the American brand itself refers to as “multifunction”, is one of those models that are designed to run with them, even if that is not the main activity, and to carry out routine exercises and directed classes , thanks to the design of its sole and the construction of the upper upper.

Materials like Rapid Rebound or REVlite in the midsole are responsible for a response and stability during use. Since it also works for running, the drop it uses is 4mm. The sole has a lot of traction thanks to Vibram®, only present in high-end models, while at the top, the upper is very open to ventilate and is built without seams.

The official price of the New Balance Minimus 40 Trainer is € 110 (see offers for men and women)


Reebok defines itself as "The best Fitness brand in the world" ... The Reebok Flexagon 3.0 shoe does confirm the antelope brand's great ability to produce models focused on the Gym in all its variants. This one that we have now is a training shoe with a large breathable open mesh surface, but with reinforcements that will hold tightly to the foot if required

The midsole is built with Fuel Foam, a cushioned material capable of responding to impacts that occur during use. The sole is soft rubber throughout the midfoot and metatarsals, leaving the toe and heel very reinforced.

The official price of Reebok Flexagon 3.0 is € 79.95. See Offers man. Offers woman.


A great brand, with more than a century of experience, launches into training with all the baggage of decades of development in the world of Running. That is what happens with Mizuno TC01, thought from the running point of view, with the will to work on other aspects than just the running race. C.O.B. stands out in the Polyurethane (PU) midsole, a softly cushioned material and 4mm drop. as star technology. C.O.B. It is responsible for balancing and stabilizing the foot during use by performing exercises.

The upper cut uses a mesh that adapts to all types of feet. On the inside it has a bootie construction to hold it well, while on the outside, a series of reinforcements take care of the forceful work of fastening.

Mizuno Tc-01, Unisex Adult Indoor Sneakers, Black (Black / Quiet Shade / Wht 10), 42.5 EU
Price: € 121.63


The simple appearance of the Puma Zone XT hides a cushioned midsole with the Hybrid foam typical of the German brand. Hybrid consists of the combination of two other foams that have been giving good performance to Puma models: Ignite and NRGY. The midsole is well accompanied both below and above.

Down on the sole, we find that to make it light, part of the rubber has been removed in the central area, leaving the toe and heel as stronger points. The under-finger design will help pull in every way. On the top there are two different areas: The front has a very open mesh so that it is very breathable in the area of ​​the fingers; the back, on the other hand, is much more robust and loaded with reinforcements so that it supports the foot well when it is squeezed to the shoe.

The official price of Puma Zone XT is € 80. Offers model woman - offers model man.


Inov8 will surprise more than one who does not know that the British brand, born focused on the world of trail running, also manufactures indoor training shoes today. With Inov8 F-Lite G 235 v3 we are facing a model with the appearance of a running shoe but with all the attributes to train circuits and routines as we now detail:

Lightness is its strength, thanks to a measly 235gr of weight. But also the use of a midsole with 4mm drop Powerflow + cushioned material. The sole uses G-GRIP, a solid rubber compound enhanced with none other than Graphene to increase the elasticity and resistance of the material (makes it stronger). Despite the reinforcements in the upper cut, the low weight is one of its advantages and, in part, it is due to the light and elastic mesh that wraps the foot. As extra reinforcements is Rope-Tec, which is responsible for protecting the uppper from abrasive moments such as raising or lowering the rope.


Nike Metcon 5 in its few editions has become a benchmark within the world, especially since they serve to squeeze them in all kinds of disciplines, such as HIIT. Along the way, they have been adding improvements that make it compatible with all disciplines, such as the fact that in this fifth edition it has been optimized to also be used in weight lifting. For this, in the box comes a rise of 8mm in height that an @ can put on or take off depending on the discipline that is being carried out at all times.

The herringbone pattern of the sole will allow traction in all directions, especially if changes of direction are required. On both sides of the shoe, the midsole material rises helping to stabilize. At the top the mesh is very open, with a very clean and breathable design.

The official price of Nike Metcon 5 is € 130.

Nike Metcon 5, Men's Sneakers, Black (Pale Ivory / Black-Seaweed-Lt BR 123), 41 EU
Price: € 129.95


Adidas Fitbounce is one of the versatile models of the German brand for indoor training in a segment where, without leaving Adidas itself, the competition is very high. One of the things that characterize this Fitbounce are the different lines that cross it, from parts that remind of a classic Running shoe and others that show its character of a training shoe. This on the part of a mesh with large reinforcements throughout the middle area and highly ventilated at the front, where the reinforcement in the area of ​​the big toe stands out.

The midsole is made with Adidas' own Bounce compound, which will cushion but will also provide a reactive response, which works very well in intense exercises. Underneath, the sole has a lot of contact surface with the ground, which makes it stable and with a lot of traction. The design of the lugs also favors, precisely, traction in all directions. To top it off, Adidas has incorporated guides to facilitate flexing.

The official price of Adidas Fitbounce is € 79.95. See men's offers - women's offers.


ASICS Gel Craze TR 4 is a shoe that may surprise anyone who doesn't get much out of the world of Running. But that only if you do not know the great tradition of ASICS in the indoor world, especially in team sports such as handball, futsal and, above all, volleyball, where it is a world power. Thus, this training-focused shoe can be used to run, mainly on the treadmill, and go on to perform any activity based on routines or directed classes that is worth considering as it is multidisciplinary.

With a weight of 265gr, the GEL-based cushioning that is so widely accepted in the world of Running stands out in the midsole, but here as part of a strong structure capable of daring even with weight lifting. The drop it uses is 10mm. Above there is a very high contrast between the finger area, very clean and with huge holes for high ventilation of that area. For the midfoot area, ASICS has provided a large TPU reinforcement that runs along both sides of the foot, holding it firmly if necessary.

Asics Gel Craze TR 4 Women's Fitness Shoe - 43.5


Under Armor Speedform AMP 3.0 is a shoe for different workouts since it incorporates a midsole built in EVA that will cushion the impacts in all kinds of exercises, even if they are used to run on the treadmill or in a moderate way on the street. This AMP finish, at just 265gr, emphasizes caring for the plantar arch area by giving it freedom to move freely naturally. Under Armor does this by emptying this part of the midsole with material, leaving the arch free.

The Speedform line also takes care of the fit to the foot using a light and resistant mesh, especially to the friction that can be caused by using them with material from gyms or training routines. On the heel part there is a buttress that is going to be in charge of supporting the ankle during the exercises. The sole is prepared to pull in all directions on any surface, while the more reinforced area has grooves to facilitate flexibility.

The official price of Under Armor Speedform AMP 2.0 is € 130. See offers.


With Zante Trainer, the American brand New Balance adds another model to the indoor training shoe grill, but this time with the evolution of one that comes from the asphalt and with proven cushioning and comfort of use. Weighing just 229g it is one of the lightest complete training weapons on the market. The drop of the cushioned and soft Fresh Foam midsole is 6mm.

The sole is designed with a multitude of studs with a more or less hexagonal shape that allow traction in all directions. Furthermore, the distance between them makes the shoe very flexible. And above, the laces stand out above all else: If the mesh is tremendously open for maximum breathability, the apparent fragility remains in that: appearance. You only have to see the four lateral straps, through which the cords are passed, which, when pulling them to close the loop, pull hard on those straps and securely hold the foot.

The official price of the New Balance Zante Trainer is € 100. See men's offers and women's offers.

New BalanceMxzn - Fresh Foam Zante Trainer Men, Blue (NB Navy / Pigment), 42 EU

Price: € 61.24

You save: € 38.76 (39%) (39%)


Reebok Nano 9 is a model that has moved from training to Crossfit, so if you alternate physical exercise with that discipline, this Nano is a good choice. It touches all the sticks, since it has to provide not only the typical benefits of indoor training, but also be strong in flexibility, or in support, and support, in weightlifting ... All without neglecting Running.

And it is that the traditional comfortable cushioning of Nano, is now more stable thanks to the fact that the polyurethane material of the midsole rises on the sides, better collecting the foot. Reebok has called this resource Nanoshell. Above, a mesh with Flexwave technology allows the mesh to end up being very thin and light, but tremendously open to breathe. A mesh that, by the way, after many years of Nano, no longer shows the Delta logo (the triangle) but recovers the characteristic figure of the antelope, traditional of the brand.

The sole is divided into two zones. The front, in dark color, is softer for great grip, and the rear, in light, which is harder and more resistant. In addition, there are three stripes at the toe, called MetaSplit to improve flexibility.

The official price of Reebok Nano 9.0 is € 129.95. See men's offers - see women's offers.

Reebok Nano 9, Men's Sneakers, Black (Black / Bright Cyan / White 0), 44.5 EU

Price: € 78.41

You save: € 51.54 (40%) (40%)


The Nike Superrep GO has a forceful look thanks to the midsole design, making it clear that cushioning is an important value in this model. That is why cushioning seeks to provide comfort with a soft and flexible material. The cushioning will therefore have relevance, not only in comfort, but also in performance in support-based routines.

The mesh is structured and, as in many training models, it is much more open in the toe area and sturdy in the midfoot. The semicircular reinforcement at the base of the metatarsals stands out, which will be very useful in exercises or routines where lateral movements prevail. The sole features a horseshoe-shaped heel that works well for all types of tread and a circular forefoot tread design to aid in movements where turning is required and the foot is easily tilted. The official price is € 100.


Although ASICS can sometimes present it as unisex, ASICS Gel-Fit Sana 4 is a specific model for women. It has a simple appearance but it houses a model prepared for the vicissitudes of training and that is already in its fourth edition, a sign that it is not going badly. The idea of ​​a clean upper with elements, extremely comfortable and ventilated, has permeated those who do not seek so much the reinforcements for big beatings, as the comfort and comfort above all.

That not simplicity, because in this shoe solutions such as the absence of a tongue are overturned thanks to a bootie structure that will hug the foot comfortably. It also uses a crisscross pattern in the mesh weft to eliminate pressure points and friction and that is inserted into the midsole. The cushioning benefits from the GEL inserted in the midsole and characteristic of Running shoes. Below, the sole has a valid design for traction in all directions. See Featured Offers.


Adidas Alphabounce Trainer collects the route of the Alphabounce saga to take it to the training ground. It does this using Bounce foam in the midsole, a compound with cushioned, reactive and flexible properties, characteristics that are good for activities that require any type of movement in any direction. The base last is wide and the strength of the shoe already says that it can be used by all types of athletes, especially those with a bulky foot.

For the upper cut, a Forgedmesh fabric is used, which consists of the absence of seams and reinforcements in critical areas such as the midfoot. Also, Forgedmesh is capable of doing this dynamically based on movement, or where foot pressure increases. As a detail we must mention the heel puller to make it easier to put on this shoe. Underneath, in the sole, a Traxion rubber is used with great adherence, with a small but incisive tread for maximum traction at all times.

The official price of Adidas Alphabounce Trainer is € 99.95. Discover the offers for men and women.


Skechers has such an infinity of models, even different families, that it is hard to believe that they clarify each other. In fact, there are several of men that have no equivalent in women and vice versa. That's what this selection is about: an exclusive model for men and one for women.

The men's one is Skechers Relaxed Fit: Equalizer 4.0 Voltis (what I said, quite a mess, but as far as we go, the material) a training shoe, with a very clean upper and comfortable to use. It uses a very elastic mesh that is also combined with elastic laces. The support is not his strength, but instead, comfort, yes. Since it does not use a tongue, Skechers has inserted a handle on the highest part of what that accessory should have been to help put the shoe on.

The midsole uses Skechers own Burst foam to cushion the impacts. It is light and flexible, and is combined with a sole without radical studs that will favor movements of all kinds. It does not have rubber reinforcements so in the end a low weight of 269gr is achieved.

The official price for Skechers Relaxed Fit: Equalizer 4.0 Voltis is € 70. See featured offers.

The women's model is Skechers Flex Appeal 2.0 - Simplistic and the main feature is that it is a very flexible shoe, thanks above all to the large midsole cross sections. It is of the FlexSole 2.0 type and another of its characteristics is that it is very light. In addition, as it is part of the sole, it saves a few more knuckles since Skechers only puts solid rubber in the areas of maximum wear, such as the toe and heel.

The upper cut is made with light and breathable mesh but highly reinforced with Trubuck-type synthetic leather, both in the front and in the midfoot. A shoe that can be worn outdoors without problems. The insole is Memory Foam Air Cooled whose function is to improve the comfort of use of the shoe. Both the tongue and the cup where the foot is inserted are padded, making it clear that comfort is one of the objectives of this model.

The official price of Skechers Flex Appeal 2.0 - Simplistic is € 60.

Skechers Women's Flex Appeal 2.0 Multisport Outdoor Shoes, Black (BKW), 4 UK 37 EU
Price: € 60.36

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