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The 5 best Hoka shoes

Although it is very difficult to make a selection to suit everyone, we analyze the characteristics of the five best Hoka models available in this 2019. The French brand Hoka, created in 2010 by Nicoleas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard continues to hit hard in Running shoes for route and trail with a bet, in its surprising moment, that not only endures the pull of its presentation but also strengthens its loyal users with more models than ever available in the market.

Hoka divides its segment of slippers on Highway, Trail, Trekking Y Track ..., although the latter is another species ... 😉. But it does not stay here. Depending on the finish, the runner can look for a Hoka shoe according to its cushioning (softer, firmer or balanced). Also if the adjustment on the foot is wide or more closed. Finally and as is logical, depending on the type of footprint of who is going to use Hoka shoes: neutral or pronator.

Taking into account these parameters, we have highlighted two neutral shoes: Hoka One One Clifton 6 and Bondi 6; a stable, for excess pronation: Hoka One One Arahi 3; and, finally, two of trail, such as Hoka One One Speedgoat 3 and Challenger ATR 3.


Hoka One One Clifton 6 in a tread for neutral tread that is characterized by providing a great cushioning and, at the same time, that it does not penalize the weight. The search for a fast model that would satisfy runners who would not want to lose cushion was the challenge that led Hoka One One to conceive Clifton.

In its sixth installment is characterized by its midsole, 5mm drop, and built in EVA. It reaches part of the sole, where solid rubber is reserved only for places of maximum wear: Heel, metatarsals and toe. The cut, or beveled on the outside of the heel favors the landing is more progressive, giving entry to a sole with much surface contact with the ground. Above, a lightweight and breathable mesh upper has heat-sealed reinforcements on the toe. On both sides, some embroideries are responsible for reinforcing the midfoot, by inserting into eyelets that have increased in strength with respect to the previous delivery. It keeps the handy handle in the heel to help you put on.

Maximum and light cushioning for this saga that aims to become a veteran based polishing a very good product. 266gr in the man's finish and 246gr in the woman's. The official price of Hoka One One Clifton 6 is € 140

HOKA ONE One Clifton 5 - Running shoes for men, alloy and steel, Size 11 M
Price: EUR 131.22


Hoka One One Bondi 6 is another sneaker for asphalt, mainly, and de the most damped of the brand French With 310gr for them and 246gr for them, it is in the conventional point ... Come on, neither too heavy nor too light.

Meta-Rocker is the technology that allows a permanent support throughout the race, in a midsole made entirely in EVA. The drop you use stays at 4mm. Underneath, a sole reinforced with rubber (solid rubber) will provide grip and durability. To save weight, not all the surface of the sole incorporates this rubber, only the areas of more support and wear. The heel is bevelled so that the moment of hitting the ground, when taloting, is not too abrupt. Above the mesh has holes in both the fingers and the sides for better ventilation. From behind, a large reinforcement embraces the heel to stabilize it, while it is crowned with a strip that helps when it comes to shoes.

Bondi 6 seeks above all a contribution of comfort in the race, based on the midsole and the upper, so that the passage of the kilometers is as comfortable as possible. The price of Hoka One One Bondi 6 is 150 € -

Hoka Bondi 6, Running Shoes for Men, Blue (DresdenBlue / Black DBBC), 44 2/3 EU


Hoka One One Arahi 3 is another option for runners and runners who overestimate and race mainly on asphalt. The cushioning is still important.

It is based on the EVA material, but in this model, Hoka incorporates the J-Frame ™ technology that is responsible for control the excess rotation of the ankle of those who have to live with too much pronation in their footprint. This support for Hoka stability calls it Dynamic Stability, while the drop of the midsole is 5mm. Underneath it, a sole with big studs, but of short depth give it that profile asphalt that characterizes it. Above, the mesh has many holes for good ventilation. There are no visible reinforcements, neither on the toe nor on the sides, on a simple mesh in the shapes but light and functional.

All this results in a weight that is surprisingly low: 261gr in the case of them and only 217gr in theirs. The official price of Hoka One One Arahi 3 is € 130.

HOKA ONE One Arahi 3 Men's Trainers Blue / Green - 46 - Running / Trail
Price: EUR 119.98


Of blunt aspect, Hoka One One Speedgoat 3 gives a I jump to the mountain to become a cushioned option for those who dedicate themselves to the trail. Speedgoat (inspired by Karl "Speegoat" Meltzer, the dozens of 100-mile ultratrail winner in the US, such as Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run, -5 times) is a brown beast designed to dare everything he throws in front of him .

It works stability thanks to a sole mainly in EVA that is combined with another part in CMEVA. The large amount of material in the midsole, by the way, has 4mm drop, makes it a very cushioned shoe. The base is also wide, which results in a sole with a large contact surface that also helps stability. Precisely in contact with the ground is a star material such as Vibram® Megagrip, with 5mm thick studs that will provide good traction and durability. The orientation of the heels on the heel is reversed to improve grip on the descents. The resounding aspect of the upper is thanks to the reinforcements, both lateral, as in the toe. Those in front will be responsible for protecting the fingers, while the TPU side straps from the heel to midfoot, through the eyelets, will ensure the necessary support on the mountain.

A trail shoe very cushioned and stable, with large reinforcements that do not penalize for anything the weight that remains in only 292gr in the finish of man and 258gr in that of women. The official price of Hoka One One Speedgoat 3 is € 140


Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5 is a Slipper for all kinds of circumstances. It is what is known as a versatile shoe. Able to dare with any road, when he returns to the city he does not disgust the stretch made by asphalt or sidewalks, thanks to the configuration of the sole tacking.

The design of the sole, with large studs 4mm thick, goes to allow good traction on land and in general any trail running. The studs are more stuck in the heel area, but more open under the metatarsals, to improve traction, where the sole tends to sink into the ground. But as we said before, they are wide enough to not be uncomfortable in harder or changing terrain. The midsole is built on the usual EVA of the French brand, combined with CMEVA. Above there are several things to comment. To start the mesh is a visual simplicity. And it is like that. The reinforcements of the toe would remain testimonial if it were to be used in technical and aggressive environments. It is not the case, since its function is that it serves for a broken and unstitched, but without being a specialist. It is clearly visible on the toe cap, with the thin strip of thermosealed TPU covering the fingers. On the sides there are strips of interiors, like a double layer, which will help in the support of the foot. Behind, could not miss the practical strip that helps to put on the shoe.

The weight is too low for a trail shoe. Precisely, the absence of protections for more technical areas helps that. So it remains in 254gr in men and 209gr in women. The official price of Hoka One One Challenger 5 is € 130.

Hoka One Herren Challenger ATR 5 Schuhe, Color Blue, Size 43

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