Tendances Sneakers : The best running shoes for training (neutral and pronator)

Tendances Sneakers :

The best running shoes for training (neutral and pronator)

training running shoes, featured models

Most runners and runners use a running shoe model for running, be it training during the week, or competition, in the Sunday race. It is a necessary complement, the most important if possible, of everything necessary to go well equipped.

Types of training there are many, as many as races to prepare, athletes, levels, environments, ... But there is a type of shoes that is the most used in all of them: the so-called daily training shoes.

Why are they called like that? Because in its construction many factors are taken into account. Apart from that they all work on having some specific features such as lightness, cushioning capacity, stability, support, breathability, grip, flexibility, durability, etc.., in addition they must be able to absorb the workloads that are required of them… And it is in the training sessions where the greatest loads occur, which normally translate into kilometers of training or time spent running.

Keep in mind that training is not a day's flower. That is, at the end of the training, the runner or runner, tired apart, must be in the best conditions to be able to work in the next session. The shoe collaborates with the training content itself in this way: working in favor of the runner and preventing, even avoiding, injuries.

We have mentioned characteristics that these daily training shoes must have. Let's explain a little what of what, and why.

Damping: The shoe must be well cushioned because it has to withstand the passage of many kilometers, whether they are followed, or accumulated over time. This is especially important in a treadmill, since the passage of the kilometers is making a dent in men and women and the midsole must be able to absorb the maximum of the negative effects caused by the impact on the ground when running.

Stability: In general, the shoe must be stable, so that its owners are guaranteed a correct footprint. This means that when the person who uses it, during the tread falls with all its weight on it, it must remain stable and not yield laterally. But there are also models of shoes that incorporate extra elements to enhance stability and curb aspects such as overpronation. They are the shoes that are popularly known as "pronators."

Lightness: All the elements are focused on being constructed with the lightest materials, so that the resulting shoe is as light as possible and thus benefit who uses it. In a daily training shoe it is not as critical as in a competition shoe, but lightness is no longer important.

Breathability: Due to the sweat, the foot itself and the one that runs down our body and our legs, it is necessary that the material that covers the shoe be able to perspire in the best way and keep the foot as dry as possible. And especially if we are going to use a training shoe in long sessions.

Subjection: The mesh that wraps the foot is light and breathable, but weak, so the shoes use elements such as synthetic leather, heat-sealed and others, to reinforce especially the medial part of the foot, where it is most necessary.

Grip and traction: two sometimes confusing concepts that want to explain how important it is in a running shoe so much that the shoe clings to the ground so as not to skid (especially on the ground, in the curves or the painting of the zebra crossings) as to have the traction necessary to launch the body forward towards the next stride. And even if a training shoe is associated with not going fast, it does not mean that having a good grip is not important.

Durability: In addition to all the technologies that a shoe can incorporate, it must be able to withstand its use. It is very common to measure this concept in kilometers traveled, although its durability involves more factors than not only the distance accumulated by the shoe. And those of training are those that accumulate more kilometers and hours of use, so it is especially important that they are resistant to wear.

And there is more: Response, elastic memory, material reflectivity, impermeability and others, are more features that must have any type of technical shoe, also those of daily training.

From those who use “one for everything” (which is usually precisely this daily training shoe that we treat here today), to those who use them only to roll or heat (and then perform series or compete with both mixed shoes and called shoes "Flying"), come on Make a list of the best daily training shoes. We are also going to classify them in the two most widespread types of tread: neutral tread and overpronator tread. It should be noted that it is not a ranquin, that is, neither from best to worst, nor vice versa. It is a list of all the main ones that should be, regardless of whether one is better than some other model because, as we always say, there are as many feet as runners. Go for it!

Training shoes for neutral tread


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus It is the longest of the models indicated here and it is not for less since this training shoe has been showing its great performance for more than three decades. In this last installment, his exterior image changes a lot with respect to all of the above since his figure is more elongated, especially for that weeping projection on his heel. The midsole is built with Lunarlon material, present in Nike's high-end models in recent years and responsible for that soft and progressive but agile cushioning that makes this Pegasus very versatile. Inside it hides a Zoom Air type air chamber all along the sole of the foot. The sole is constructed with solid rubber and the groove is a longitudinal line that will help guide the tread. The upper incorporates a mesh made of a piece with large openings for better ventilation.

The weight of this Pegasus is 280gr in the finish of man and 232gr in that of woman. The drop, in both cases is 10mm. See Offers.


Brooks Glycerin 16 reviews "width =" 640 "height =" 336

Brooks Glycerin 16 is a solvent cushioned daily training shoe focused on neutral runners. his Thick midsole is made with the advanced DNA LOFT, a highly viscous non-Newtonian material that adapts individually to the tread of each runner. The surname "LOFT" points out that the mixture of DNA that is softer, indicated above all for those who seek a lot of comfort. The sole takes into account the different pressure zones to improve the cushioning ... that is: IDEAL Pressure Zones. It is made with Blown Rubber for a balance between traction and durability. The upper combines more closed areas in the mesh, by the way: Jacquard Mesh type, to improve support with more open ones to improve breathability. A Comfortable interior is combined with a rigid buttress wrapping the ankle to stabilize it. On the outside, up to 60 reflective notches make this shoe very visible from behind, in low light conditions.

The weight is 301gr in the male finish and 266gr in the female. The drop: 10mm. It is comfortable just put it on so it already gives clues that it is a good option if comfort is prioritized.

The official price of Brooks Glycerin 16 is € 170. See the best existing offer.


ASICS Gel Cumulus 20 is the renewed version of a great classic of the Japanese brand. This is also a daily training shoe for neutral tread but Versatile as for those who can use it, as it goes well for any type of weight, and willing to work especially with filming and accumulating kilometers. His midsole opens for the first time the FlyteFoam compound that is giving such good results to Kobe. Inside, it keeps the ASICS characteristic GEL® capsule and on the bottom, on the sole, two materials (AHAR and DuraSponge) combine to give very good durability and adhesion. The upper cut is characterized by having sought a lightweight and breathable mesh with a design focused primarily on comfort.

Cumulus 20 can be used in training but also in competitions, especially the longer, thanks to its combination of comfort and durability. The weight is 258gr in the finish of man and 236gr in that of woman. There is a version in Gore-Tex to better protect against inclement weather (€ 10, approximately, more expensive). In that case the weight is 348gr for them and 279gr for them (this is for the greater protection of the upper). The drop in both cases and sexes is 10mm, although the men's midsole is 1mm taller than the woman's. The official price ASICS Gel Cumulus 20 is € 140, while its Gore-Tex finish is € 150. See Offers.

Asics Gel-Cumulus 20, Training Shoes for Men, Blue (Blue / Peacoat 400), 46 EU


Mizuno Wave Ultima 10 REVIEW "width =" 640 "height =" 420

Mizuno Wave Ultima 10 is one of the star models of the brand based in Osaka, Japan. It represents a model with great cushioning and with a vocation to support all types of runners and runners given its careful midsole. It combines U4iC and U4iCX material to obtain both damping and reactivity in the most comfortable way possible. This is based on a Pebax plate or what is the same: the Wave system, that wavy plastic piece, so characteristic of Mizuno. Smoothride is the technology that is responsible for facilitating the transition of the tread. Below, an enlarged sole for this model uses the X10 compound that is Mizuno's most durable solid rubber. Ahead, a Blown Rubber will allow greater adhesion. Above, the mesh is of the Jacquard Mesh type. There are actually two: one more closed on the inside and one more open (AIRmesh) on the outside. Behind a buttress to which reflectors have been added, will be responsible for stabilizing the ankle

The weight stays at 335gr in the men's shoe and 280gr in the women's shoe. For both cases, the drop is 12mm, a classic in training shoes in comfortable shoes designed to accumulate kilometers without problems. See available offers


Adidas Solar Glide is the new benchmark of adidas as a quality daily training shoe, once with its emergence it has "retired" Supernova that was so quiet on his throne. Solar Glide's arguments are also based on a midsole built with the Boost compound, which has been demonstrating the success of the German brand in its inclusion in high-end technical footwear for six years. But it doesn't stop there. That Boost has been inserted Propulsion Rail, which is an encapsulation of the foot that allows you to guide it during the tread. Above, the upper is built in Engineered Mesh, a very light and breathable mesh. Behind the heel is well collected thanks to Fit Counter the piece responsible for stabilizing it. And below, the sole is made of Continental® brand rubber that is very resistant to abrasion. It is also of the Stretchweb type whose peculiarity is that it is very flexible, which improves both the flexibility of the assembly and the soft sensation when hitting the ground.

The weight remains at only 306gr in the finish of man and 256gr in that of woman. The drop, with heights of 32mm and 22mm stays at 10mm.

adidas Solar Glide M, Men's Running Shoes, Gray (Gricin / Negbás / Roalre 0), 44 2/3 EU


saucony ride ISO review "width =" 640 "height =" 400 "srcset =" https://www.sport.es/labolsadelcorredor/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/saucony-ride-ISO-011.jpg 640w , https://www.sport.es/labolsadelcorredor/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/saucony-ride-ISO-011-320x200.jpg 320w "sizes =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

Saucony Ride ISO is another training shoe that goes well for certain races, especially the longer they are. This is largely thanks to the Everun material of the midsole. This softly cushioned compound is capable of returning up to 83% of the energy it absorbs in each impact when running, according to laboratory studies by the American company. PowerForm is another technology responsible for absorbing the impact by distributing the pressure throughout the plant. The sole stands out above all for the design and materials. The design by the TriFlex, which collaborates with the midsole in the dispersion of the pressure of the tread, while some arrow shapes help to obtain good traction. The adhesion is in charge of the IBR + material, located in the metatarsal area, for a better boost. The durability is offered by XT-900, the most wear-resistant compound of Saucony. In the upper one, ISOfit stands out as a fastening system for a sock structure for better movement. Breathability is guaranteed by an engineering mesh reinforced with heat sealing.

The height of the midsole is 27mm in the heel area, while it stands 19mm in the forefoot. This gives an 8mm drop. The weight is quite low reaching 278gr in the male finish and 241gr in the female. See Offers.


New Balance 1080v10 is a top daily training shoe with great cushioning and comfort of use. Despite belonging to that group and being able to withstand any type of training based on filming (regardless of time or mileage), it has a really low weight: 280gr in the finish for men and 238gr in that of women.

Much of the blame is on Fresh Foam X, since by itself this compound manages to significantly reduce the total weight compared to its predecessor by putting even more volume of material in the midsole. Another notable element is the flexibility of both the Fresh Foam and the sole itself (the latter thanks to a segmentation that favors and softens the transition of the tread).

Those who use it could also take it to some competition, especially the more distance it is or if the pace in the race is going to be over 4’20 ”-4’30” a thousand. For happier rhythms there are other options, even to value combined with mixed shoes, or if it is really fast and only wanted for certain workouts, with competition shoes.

Fresh Foam 1080v10 is highly recommended for those who in addition to performance also seek high comfort. The official price of New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 is € 170.

New Balance 1080v10 Running Shoes - SS20-47.5


Nike air Vomero 14 review "width =" 700 "height =" 417 "srcset =" https://www.sport.es/labolsadelcorredor/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Nike-air-Vomero-14-001 .jpg 700w, https://www.sport.es/labolsadelcorredor/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Nike-air-Vomero-14-001-640x381.jpg 640w, https://www.sport.es /labolsadelcorredor/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Nike-air-Vomero-14-001-681x406.jpg 681w "sizes =" (max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14 is one of the best representatives in this category, thanks to its soft and progressive damping. Despite having undergone a complete renovation in this fourteenth installment, he is still able to accompany all types of filming and support any type of runner, but especially those of medium and high weight.

Its new midsole, which with 22mm in the heel and 12mm in the forefoot has dropped in height, maintains the usual 10mm drop so far. This first incorporates the React compound, from synthetic rubber and not the traditional EVA. This allows him to give 11% more cushioning and 13% more rebound than the previous Lunarlon, which in itself was the best of Nike to date. The sole also changes completely compared to the previous Vomero. Now there is a design in three different areas with also different studs. Together they work to correctly orient the tread, from the moment it hits the ground until it takes off from the toe. The size and shape of the heels has varied so that the sole is now, more versatile than the previous one. Above, in the upper one, an Engineered Mesh is used, a mesh reinforced with Flywire cables that guarantee to keep the foot held during all the steps of the tread.

The official price Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14 is € 140 (Men-Women).


Asics Gel Nimbus 22 is another good choice of the Japanese brand for daily training. If FlyteFoam was already included in the previous model, now, a layer is added to the bottom of FlyteFoam Propel, which provides a more durable and more reactive cushioning. Keep using two GEL® capsules, one in the heel and one hidden in the metatarsal area. In the sole, two different compounds are also used depending on the area we are talking about: AHAR + is very resistant to abrasion in the heel, in the area of ​​greatest wear; and in the forefoot Blown Rubber is used a material with better adhesion, especially on hard surfaces such as asphalt. The upper part is constructed with a monofilament mesh that is responsible for giving fit and breathability lightly. As an important fact, the form has widened a bit compared to the previous finish, based on the complaints of many runners who had noticed the progressive narrowing of this model lately. In addition, there is a piece that hugs the heel to stabilize it when hitting the ground.

The weight stays at 310gr in the finish of man and 255gr in that of woman. The drop is different between men and women being 10mm theirs and 13mm theirs.

Asics Gel-Nimbus 21, Women's Running Shoes, Black (Black / Dark Gray 001), 38 EU
Price: € 126.00


Mizuno Wave Rider 22 is a classic model already in the Japanese brand in this segment, where it enjoys great acceptance. It does it thanks to maintaining the philosophy of other previous versions. In fact, in this installment the newest is in the upper, since the midsole retains the U4iCX compound that provides a soft and light cushioning, supported by the Pébax Wave piece inserted in the back area, up to the half foot. In the upper, an engineering mesh is constructed using Dynamotion Fit technology for an adjustment at each stage of the tread. In the sole we find X10, the strongest rubber of the Japanese brand.
However, the weight reaches 295gr in men and 250gr in women. The drop of the midsole is 12mm. See Offers.

Training shoes for overpronator tread


Nike Air Zoom Structure 21 It is a shoe with great trajectory within the stability shoes and, like the Kayano, this 2018 continues to be very high, among the best. He has been given a more agile profile and shares silo with other shoes such as Pegasus, Zoom Fly or Steam Fly 4%. And this time Nike has used two compounds in the midsole: Cushlon ST and Phylon. Come on, soft, durable and firm cushioning. In addition, in the front part hides a Zoom Air capsule. The sole combines Duralon material with recycled rubber. The upper, the latest in this installment, uses Flymesh, a one-piece mesh with no seams lighter than in previous deliveries. Flywire is used to reinforce the support.

The drop keeps it at 10mm, but the weight has been reduced to 295gr in men and 255gr in women.


ASICS Gel Kayano 25 "width =" 640 "height =" 420

ASICS Gel-Kayano 25 It is one of the stars of the Japanese brand. His 25 years testify and this 2018 has been one more in which he stands out as one of the best. It does so thanks to the use of FlyteFoam, recently incorporated into the list of new ASICS technologies. It uses cellulose nanofibers to improve cushioning and durability. On the inside, Dynamic Duomax is responsible for helping to control the tread. To top it off, a GEL capsule also participates in a complete midsole. The sole uses AHAR + as an element of durability.

The weight is 336gr in the finish of man and 278gr in that of woman. The drop of the midsole is 10mm in theirs and 13mm in theirs. See Offers.


adidas Solar Glide ST is the stable version of Solar Glide since it is intended for brokers and brokers with excess of pronation in the tread or long distance runs. To all the features of adidas Solar Glide we must add Energized Stability. Solar Glide ST uses a Boost material with more capsules to obtain a higher density in the inner midfoot area to stabilize the tread. It also uses Propulsion Rail but modified to provide the same: stability. The drop is 10mm based on 32mm of the heel and 22 of the forefoot).

The upper cut is characterized by using an Engeneered Mesh for stability, that is, with reinforcements to better contain those who pronounce excessively, especially in the middle zone. Fitcounter on the heel to help when hitting the ground, when running. The sole is also Stretchweb of the Continental brand and the Torsion System is modified to be more stable.

The weight of this stable daily training shoe is 318gr in the men's finish and 278gr in the women's finish. The price Official adidas Solar Glide ST is € 139.95. See the best offers.


Mizuno Wave Paradox 5, Men's Running Shoes, Black (Darkshadow / Silver / Fiery Red 03), 44 EU

Mizuno Wave Paradox 5 is a cushioned shoe with maximum control of pronation. The midsole is built to provide cushioning but also to stabilize any footprint with problems of excess when pronouncing. The way Mizuno achieves it is largely thanks to the Wave piece, manufactured in Pébax. This structure allows to distribute the pressure that occurs when hitting the ground, but reinforcing the inner face of the ankle. Wrapping all of this, two materials: ap + and U4iCX are going to be partners of that stable and comfortable cushioning. The sole is constructed with X10, a solid rubber that is the most wear resistant of Mizuno. The upper uses AIRmesh as a lightweight breathability mesh while reinforcements under the “Firebird” logo will collaborate not only to support the foot, but also to keep it stable, working as a team with the midsole.

The weight in the male finish is 315gr, while that of the female is 265gr. The drop, based on a 31mm heel and a 21mm forefoot, is 12mm.


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is one of the best weapons that the American brand focuses on providing stable cushioning for overpronators. Share space with two other large training models with stability control within the brand itself, such as Brooks Transcend and Brooks Vapor. Adrenaline GTS 19 is a daily training shoe that uses a comprehensive support system with Guide Rails, guides that allow you to advance in the tread by controlling excess pronation.

As novelties, it incorporates precisely New Guide Rails Hollistic Support System and DNA LOFT Crash Pad. The first technical resource consists of a biomechanical solution for the midsole that aims to stabilize the outside and to limit the excess movement. The second is more focused on providing a better entrance by reducing the effects of that first impact on the ground when running and, incidentally, making it more comfortable. For the rest of the midsole, the material is BioMoGo DNA.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is included in the “Cushion” silo of Seattle and has an adequate weight of 312gr in men and 272gr in women. The drop is 12mm. A shoe for training based on shootings or competitions if these are mostly longer than short. Profiles of all kinds can be used, but without a doubt those with a medium or high weight will be able to squeeze it to the fullest. Best offers for men and women.


adidas Ultraboost St M Parley, Men's Running Shoes, Blue (Legend Ink F17 / Clear Mint F18 / Hi-Res Aqua F18), 42 2/3 EU

The equivalent to the adidas Ultra Boost model but instead focused on stability and pronation control; therefore the acronym ST of "Stability".

It is a fabulous training shoe. Very balanced, versatile, very comfortable and stable. Very cushioned and with well distributed technologies for stability. The best comfort, but without neglecting the rest of its qualities. It is not appropriate to write a "worst", although it is true that if you are looking to feel the ground on your feet this is not what you are looking for (32mm in the heel and 24mm in the metatarsal) nor is it what the shoe claims.

Especially suitable for pronators and heavy runners but also suitable for neutral or slightly prone footsteps. Equally valid for medium and long distances and workouts of varying intensity, although I would not wear them to do very demanding series or workouts.

We remember his 314g (42.5 Male) and 278g (38 Female), with 8mm drop, and € 180 start. Find them at the best price.


Mizuno Wave Inspire 15, with pronation control, is one of the most prominent shoes within the Japanese brand. It is indicated for runners and runners with a mild or moderate overpronation, who want them to train or compete and who its weight does not exceed 75-80kg in men and 60-65kg in women (For heavier ones there are other interesting options, even within Mizuno).

Inspire 15 incorporates a midsole with the new Wave technology using Pebax inserted between two compounds: U4ic and U4icX. Both cushion smoothly and lastingly, but the second one has more reactive properties than the first. The sole is constructed with X10 rubber, the most durable of Mizuno and Blown Rubber, a blown rubber that improves adhesion. In the upper, an AIRmesh mesh will ventilate and hold the foot lightly, while in the ankle area Intercool will work to keep this area as dry as possible. The weight is only 290gr in men and 245gr in women.

You will find them on Amazon at the best price.


New Balance Fresh Vongo v3 review "width =" 640 "height =" 400 "srcset =" https://www.sport.es/labolsadelcorredor/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/New-Balance-Fresh-Vongo- v3-012.jpg 640w, https://www.sport.es/labolsadelcorredor/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/New-Balance-Fresh-Vongo-v3-012-320x200.jpg 320w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo 3 maintains a great control of the tread, but improving the smoothness with respect to the previous finish. The only material is Fresh Foam and something else is used as the height of this part of the shoe has increased. The sole is characterized by the use of Blown Rubber, a rubber with great adhesion and good durability. The studs have two main orientations, to give greater traction and flexibility. The upper is 3D Print and is solved with two layers and without seams and with a buttress not visible in the heel area.

With 303gr in the finish of man and 255gr in that of woman, it seems a suitable model for training and races the more distance, the better. The drop, yes, is only 4mm. See Offers.


Brooks Transcend 5 with stability control is a shoe suitable for those seeking damping and pronation control. Guide Rails is the technology where this control is based, mounted on a midsole composed of SuperDNA, a non-Newtonian material that will cushion softer at a slow pace and firmer at a fast pace. The sole is segmented into three large areas: Ideal Preassure Zones, to distribute the entire effect of the tread throughout the plant. The heel, horseshoe-shaped, goes well for any type of entry depending on the runner or runner. Under the metatarsal Blown Rubber is used to improve traction.

8mm is the drop of the midsole, while the weight is 306gr and 258gr for men and women respectively. See Offers.


Nike Odyssey React, Gym Shoes for Men, Black (Black / White / Wolf Gray 001), 39 EU

Nike Odissey React is the new bet of the American giant to stabilize the footprint as Lighter and more reactive alternative than Nike Air Zoom Structure. Sand differs from that for many things, but the main one, without a doubt, is the use of React in the midsole. This is a new non-EVA-based compound with high damping properties and that we already saw in Nike Epic React Flyknit and, very recently, in a whole totem of the Oregon brand such as Nike Air Zoom Vomero.

React is able to provide very high damping and reactivity levels. It also does not lose properties even if the outside temperature varies (and much). This synthetic rubber is also lightweight and with great durability. The upper cut is constructed with a Jacquard type fabric, although in the area of ​​the fingers it is of the Knit type for greater breathability in that area. In the heel it is easy to see two elements: Heel Skin, which is the rigid piece that hugs the ankle, stabilizing it when it hits the ground; and Heel Clip, the surrounding TPU piece, heel all around. It has a wedge inside that is responsible for promoting resistance to overpronation.

The weight of Nike Odyssey React is 238gr for the men's finish and 198gr for the women's finish. All with a midsole with 10mm drop. See offers.


New Balance has a good catalog of shoes, and to control overpronation was not going to be less. This New Balance 860v9 is another good proof of that. his Classic look combines elements already used with the latest technologies of the American brand. In the midsole, for example, a material with a higher density is still used on the inner face under the ankle and even the midfoot. It is what many know as "double density" which, in the end, consists of combining a soft and cushioned material with a rather less soft one and that will resist the deformation caused by a runner or runner with excess pronation. That material is easily recognizable by its grayish tone.

The midsole therefore includes TruFuse technology to improve support. Above, a light mesh without seams will hold the foot while ventilating. Below, in the sole we find two materials, a resistant rubber, especially in the entire back and toe and blown rubber, this basically by the metatarsal area. That blown rubber will be responsible for good adhesion to hard surfaces. In addition, that area of ​​the forefoot is furrowed by several transverse stripes that greatly improves flexibility. The weight of this New Balance 860v9 is 327gr in the male finish and 272gr in the female. In both cases the drop is 10mm. New Balance gives an official price of 860v8 of € 140 (see offers).

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