Tendances Sneakers : The island of influencers

Tendances Sneakers :

The island of influencers

Brooks Best Fest

One hundred of influencers, those figures hated and loved in equal parts -like the redheads- locked in an island of just 4km perimeter and 30 minutes in zodiac of the coast of Croatia. Weather? 3 days.

Witnesses? Five irreducible media representatives most important specialized in running.

The #BrooksBestFest 2019

Although it seems the new reality of telecinco, it was the #BrooksBestFest, an event at European level where the American brand Brooks brought together all the members of its Run Happy Team on an island in Croatia.

The influencers in the spotlight

Rough times run for the influencer figure, cracks appear in a business model where the fan phenomenon is increasingly questioned. Controversies arise like mushrooms, such as the iconic case of Arii, the influencer with two million followers who failed to sell or 36 t-shirts, thus demonstrating that the number of followers can be irrelevant compared to the degree of loyalty.

Freshness, perseverance, credibility and connection with the public fan should be the strengths of the brands' commitment to influencers. And the meritocracy of an ‘influencer’ cannot be denied. He has known how to find his niche, has been imaginative, enterprising and has created a brand around him that many people follow. But that this makes water in many cases too, should lead to reflection.

Entering an island being an influencer and leaving as a brand ambassador

Not all digital strategies fit with all types of influencers, and as witnesses infiltrated in this event, we have managed to leave our prejudices on the ground to prove once on the island that more than influencers to use, we were on an island like that of Lost, but instead of with the others we were living with a species that we believed - unfortunately - quite annoyed called brand ambassadors

And, moreover, this species seems to be able to perfectly resist its disappearance and even turn around the influencers market a bit.

After three days of island in my opinion the American brand makes a brave triple bet:

1. Microinfluencers

Surround yourself with microinfluencers making them authentic brand ambassadors. After chattering Instagram profiles of the Run Happy Team from different countries (Italy, France, England, etc.) we have seen opinion leaders with a low range of action (even profiles with less than 1,000 followers) but that can provide a higher interaction rate than that of super celebrities online. And most importantly, a knowledge of the brand and a love for it much greater than that of a relationship at the checkbook.

2. Surround yourself with athletic people

That in the Spanish team of influencers of the brand there are -among others- figures like those of the young World Cup Victor Ruiz, The athlete and coach of Malaga Dani Pérez, the Paralympic athlete I wanted Vila or the former Duathlon world champion Roger Roca, speaks for itself. They will not be the most communicatively speaking experts (or yes in any case) but that they speak for example of the Ghost 12 will always generate much more credibility.

3. Bet on the specialist physical store

It may seem to swim against the tide to limit its presence in internet sales as much as possible, without making those great discounts online Who glare at their own retailers? It is also rare to find a brand that makes a bet (I would say almost romantic after hearing in an informal conversation to the director of marketing in Europe, Jim Miles) for the few-specialist stores that remain in our streets ... contradicting the logic of the market -salvaje- current and the way of acting of the brands of the competition. We like that.

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At a time when favorable winds blow for the brand (yes, another marine metaphor) due to the growth for the third year of double digits (between 15% and 20% we calculate) the time will give or take away the reason in your determined and brave commitment to philosophy run happy.

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