The 10 most beautiful ideas for decorating the Easter table Ideas and inspirations for decorating the Easter table: centerpieces, place cards and floral compositions …


Ideas and inspirations for decorating the Easter table: centerpieces, place cards and floral arrangements for a festive and spring mise en place. Find out how to set the table for Easter lunch: here are 10 simple and refined ideas.


This year the Easter lunch will be characterized by creativity and pastel colors. Therefore, food will not be the only protagonist of your table, because the mise en place will be full of themed decorations, original and refined.

If you don’t know how to decorate the table of the day Easter, take a look at the ideas we are about to offer you: these are easy decorations, which you can make yourself, and which will give the table a touch of creativity and color, through truly surprising natural compositions. Here are the 10 most beautiful ideas to set the Easter table.

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1. Round straw placemats

The Easter table is a tribute to spring, with its pastel, soft and delicate colors. To set up the table you don’t need many elements: the mise en place it is colorful and informal; this means that you can give up to the official nature of the tablecloth of great occasions, opting instead for some colored American placemats.

The most suitable are those of woven straw, which give the mise en place an informal yet refined touch. Furthermore, allow you to play very with the colors of the other elements present, like napkins, which will have to privilege natural fabrics and bright colors.

To make your table in line with the most current trends, you can also opt for cotton runners raw with of the floral or Vichy patterns, reminiscent of the typical colorful picnic tablecloths: the American placemat will become an elegant accompanying placemat.

The 10 most beautiful ideas for setting up the Easter table

2. Bunny napkin holder

The napkin holder with bunny ears it is a nice idea, to decorate the Easter table with a cheerful and fun touch. This can also be a valid one alternative to classic placeholder with name: placing the handkerchief in the center of the plate, just wrap the decorative clip around it to create an original Easter-themed placeholder bow.

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3. Decorations with eggs

On the Easter table They do not have to never miss the eggs, a symbol of life and rebirth. To make them appealing, as well as appetizing, you can decorate the shell of hard-boiled eggs with food coloring black.

Draw the eyes and the bunny face on each egg; then, crop of the paper strips thin shaped like ears: put the eggs inside the wrapping original, tucking the ears on the back of each. Bring the lidless package to the table: you will amaze all your diners with a truly original aperitif!


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4. To each his place

The absolute protagonist of Easter is certainly the table set for a party. But why neglect chairs? The idea we are about to propose will give you a festive and elegant touch to the chairs of your dining room, without being too loud or excessive.

On the lower part of the backrest wrap a strip of fabric ecru, decorating it with a pom pom White and small ears of fabric of the same color. You can choose different colors for each diner, or you can alternate two colors of your choice, based on the shades on the table. The result will be truly refined.

easter-table-decoration-ideas (11)

5. Centerpiece with colored eggs and flowers

How to create an Easter centerpiece in a few steps? By matching the colored eggs ai spring flowers you can get elegant and never predictable compositions.

For example, this wicker basket is decorated with blue and purple eggs, all arranged on a few strands of raffia which incorporates the same shades of the eggs. You will need a few to finish the composition flower petals and a few tufts of herbs Mediterranean, which you will insert between the spaces.

Eggs, Easter

6. Egg cup placeholder

Looking for ideas for a Easter placeholder different than usual? Create it yourself, recycling the pipes of toilet paper rolls carton, which have such dimensions that they can be transformed into original egg cups. Here’s how to do it:

  1. cut the card into three parts equal and dress each roll obtained with green crepe paper. The crepe paper strips will need to have double size compared to the roll Basic;
  2. wrap several turns of paper around the cardboard and stop with a staple point;
  3. Now cut out the excess paper, realizing from the top of the random vertical cuts, in order to get gods tufts of grass that you can model with your hands;
  4. decorate your placeholder however you like: a yellow cardboard flower embellished with a bead in the center, as shown in the photo; or you can apply an adhesive label with the diner’s name.

Easter-table-decoration-ideas (2)

7. Easter backsplash

The splashback for sweets and fruit is theidea for a greedy centerpiece, filled with sweets and chocolate eggs: on the Easter table it will appeal to anyone! If you want you can use it even just as a decorative element, beautifying it with colorful eggs, wildflowers and chicks or bunnies decorative. Children will love it for sure!

easter-table-decoration-ideas (8)

8. Origami napkin

If the art of origami has no secrets for you, have fun at to achieve gods Easter bunnies with paper napkins, to lay down in the center of the serving dish as a placeholder. If you have a good dexterity, you can also opt for a cloth napkin: the final result will be even more refined.

Easter-table-decoration-ideas (4)

9. Composition of flowers and vegetables

Bring to the table spring with the fresh flower arrangements seasonal, combining them with green leafy vegetables. That’s right: you can create small natural and colorful works by inserting cut flowers inside a cabbage. Among the most beautiful flowers to choose from, to embellish your alternative vase, there are the tulips, the primroses and the wildflowers: a tribute to spring nature and its magnificent colors.

Easter-table-decoration-ideas (7)

10. Green ideas

We could not conclude the list of ideas for decorating the Easter table, without proposing a green decoration themed, perfect for those who do not give up a touch of nature also at the table.

The eggs they are the protagonists again, but this time they will go emptied of their content to use the shell as a vase. Fill it with potting soil is insert small tufts of fresh grass: you will get a small natural lawn that will go to embellish the center of the table. Easter lunch will turn into an outdoor picnic within the walls of the house!

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Ideas for the Easter table: images and photos

Are you looking for other creative ideas to embellish the Easter table? Browse the gallery images and get inspired!

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