The before and after bar is an exercise for professionals. Results (before and after photos)

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I’ve been doing the plank for 30 days and here’s the result.

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Every sports exercise benefits our body. But there are some among them that have a positive effect in several directions at once.

Bright Side shares a 30-day program that will benefit your health.

The challenge is to do 1 exercise per day for a specific amount of time – from 20 seconds on day 1 to 5 minutes on day 30.

Leah Huaynalek, a journalist, decided to test the effectiveness of this program. Leah is an agile person, so she thought she could handle the test easily. “I was too confident in myself. When I took the right position, my heart sank, and I began to wait impatiently for the timer on the phone to approach zero, ”the journalist admitted.

“I have become more resilient. I did not realize this until the last week, when it became much easier to keep the bar than a week ago. The final result made me very happy ”.

But that was not the only change. “I felt that all the stress that had accumulated from sitting at the table was gone. I was surprised at this effect after such a short period. ” – said the journalist.

Leah Huaynalek sets the bar at work.

If you do this exercise daily, you will experience the following effects:

  • You will become more resilient.
  • You will improve your posture.
  • This will stimulate your metabolism.
  • You will work on several muscle groups at once.
  • This will help prevent injury.

If you decide to adopt this program, you should pay attention to a couple of points:

  • Correct posture is essential to avoid injury. This is essential.
  • Just because this is an isometric exercise, you should not think that it is too simple and you are not risking anything.
  • People who are overweight or have heart or back problems should consult their doctor before starting the complex.

If you are experienced enough, you can try to combine the complex with other exercises that can be found in this article.

Guys, we put our heart and soul into Bright Side. Thank you for
that you discover this beauty. Thanks for the inspiration and the goosebumps.
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Effective plank exercise – Before and after photos, reviews

There is a universal physical exercise – the plank (photo), which allows you to strengthen and develop many muscle groups. Static, fixed position – form the foundation of this load and make it possible to do without additional equipment.

Plank: advantages

Going to gyms, exhausting jogging in stadiums and squares, power and strengthening loads with the help of a wall bar, horizontal bars, dumbbells and other attributes of sports exercises are unattainable concepts for many. Sometimes, they do not allow you to fit into the daily schedule, or even simply frighten you with excessive effort and responsibility.

The plank is an exercise that is unique and versatile in every way.

  • Its implementation is costly with only a minimal amount of time.
  • It does not require a lot of room space.
  • It can be done at any time of the day.
  • A full stomach is not a question.
  • No need for special equipment.
  • Has a minimum number of contraindications.
  • The main muscle groups are involved in the development.
  • Careful execution guarantees the fit of the figure.
  • Strengthens the vestibular apparatus.

The main muscle groups are involved in the development

Correction of a figure with a plank

If you want a clear and clear picture of what the plank exercise will lead to after repeated workouts, then the results before and after monthly exercises can be viewed in detail not only in the photo, but also read about them here:

  • Posture. A sedentary lifestyle or physically hard work can lead to back problems: scoliosis, sciatica, osteochondrosis. Regular execution of the bar will free the body from the captivity of these diseases, strengthening the spinal column and the muscular frame of the back.
  • Legs. Almost all of the calf and thigh muscles are involved in the work when performing the plank. Their activation will return strength and elasticity to the legs.
  • Arms. Gradually, from day to day, confidence will appear in the palms, forearms, and shoulder girdle. Hands will get stronger and stop trembling from tension. But the result after some 3-4 weeks will encourage further studies.
  • Buttocks. The sexiest part of the body will round out, gain elasticity, say goodbye to cellulite.

This is a great exercise for tidying yourself up.

  • Stomach. The bar will force you to tighten the press, drive fat from the abdomen.
  • Waist. The sides and the muscular frame in the waist area will acquire outlines, and if from the very beginning you also measure the circumferences of body parts, then the desire to improve your figure will only grow.

Advice! After the first exercises, the muscles of almost the entire body will ache. This is inevitable, but it should not be alarming: it means that all the actions performed were carried out in strict accordance with the instructions.

Slimming exercises

The plank is an exercise for those who set themselves the main goal: to lose weight. The main requirement – regularity of performance – will provide fat burning, pumping up the abdomen and provide the muscles of the arms, legs, buttocks, and most of the back with a drawn silhouette. A rug and a little free time – these are all attributes on the way to improving the figure.

Classic plank

Beginners should …

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