The correct set of muscle mass – 10 common mistakes

Getting the right muscle mass – 10 common mistakes fitness enthusiasts make. Find out how to get the most out of your gym

The correct set of muscle mass - 10 common mistakes The correct set of muscle mass – 10 common mistakes

While gaining muscle mass, you should concentrate on building more quality muscle. You can change your shape beyond recognition, but many fitness enthusiasts often fail. Why?

Below are some of the most common mistakes gym goers make while gaining muscle mass. If you do a thorough error correction, this stage will be much more productive.

1. Not enough food for muscle growth

Meat is a great source of protein.

This item will be more useful for women than for men. This is because girls hate gaining weight, worrying that all they have gained is fat. Therefore, most girls eat relatively little food. As a result, they lack the energy to exercise effectively and improve their fitness. In many cases, they lose muscle mass, forgetting that 95% of their fitness is created in the off-season.

Without enough fuel in the form of a healthy, healthy diet, you won’t make a difference. Consume enough calories to get the results you want. You may gain some subcutaneous fat, but all the excess will go away during the diet.

2. The wrong approach to the principles of proper nutrition for gaining weight

What do you usually do when the drying period comes to an end? just honestly! You go straight to your favorite restaurant or cafe and overeat. Of course, it is very tasty and gives a lot of emotions. You deserve it. But you can’t let fast food ruin your diet while you’re gaining muscle. Many object to this that fast food is a very high-calorie food. Why not eat something delicious once a day to consume your daily calorie intake? But no.

Most of your calories should come from a healthy, balanced diet.

You need quality protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. We need to gain muscle, not fat. If you eat fast food all the time, then only a fraction of the weight you gain will be on your muscles. Everything else is fat. Watch your diet and the results will exceed all expectations.

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3. Insufficient intake of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are a crucial part of the diet when you are gaining muscle mass. They charge your body with energy for the whole day, if you correctly allocate the time of their consumption. Fast carbs are great for immediate post-workout consumption as they raise insulin levels and direct glycogen directly to your muscles. They also help to start the process of protein synthesis better after taking a protein shake. Complex carbohydrates have a longer lasting effect and should be consumed at breakfast and throughout the day. Examples of slow carbs: oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes. Examples of fast carbs: sugar, white bread, pasta.

4. No cardio workouts

This is a huge mistake that most men make when gaining muscle mass. They argue that they “do not want to shrink in size.” But a couple of half-hour cardio workouts per week will not affect your muscle volume in any way. By incorporating cardio into your workout routine, you will increase your appetite to unprecedented heights, allowing you to easily absorb more wholesome food.

You will also improve the performance of your cardiovascular system, which is fundamentally important for all advanced athletes.

There are a lot of athletes who do not have enough endurance for the planned load due to a weak cardiovascular system. They are full of strength for this, but corny lack of breath. If you are unable to complete all the planned load, sooner or later you will begin to lose muscle. If you want to avoid this, start doing cardio regularly.

5. Too much high-intensity cardio

This problem is especially true for girls. They don’t want to put on extra weight, so they often overdo it with cardio. Muscle won’t grow if you put all your energy into cardio. Low-intensity cardio will work for most men and women. Three to four workouts a week for 20-30 minutes will be enough. This will keep your metabolic rate up and increase your appetite. Also, you will keep in good shape the main muscle of your body – the heart.

6. Too many isolated exercises in simulators

Many athletes have replaced basic free weights exercises with the use of machines. It’s really convenient and productive. But the easiest way gives the weakest results. Trainers have their advantages, and they can be used to perfectly complement your training program, for example, you can do a few isolated exercises at the end of your workout. However, nothing will give you more results than heavy, basic free weights.

Exercises performed with a barbell or dumbbells, such as squats, …

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