Training the first day – First day at the gym: how to do it right

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First day at the gym: how to do it right

The life hacker has already drawn up a detailed training program for beginners who plan to train without a coach. This article will discuss other aspects of visiting the gym: how to dress, what to take with you, and what is best not to do so as not to violate the unspoken rules of etiquette.

How to dress

Study proved that clothing directly affects psychological processes. Things can tune you in the right mood, increase your mindfulness and concentration.

You should not wear clothes that are not intended for sports to your workout, even if you are comfortable in them. Buy sportswear, they are not that expensive. You don’t have to choose expensive items from well-known brands, but if you want to appear in the gym at Adidas or Nike, check out the discount centers: they can buy cheap clothes from the giants of sports fashion.

For women: sports jersey or T-shirt made of synthetic fabric, leggings or shorts, sports bra, sneakers. You can do it just in a sports top, without a T-shirt. But remember that if you do burpees, you will have to lie down with your bare stomach on the floor.

For men: sports jersey, shorts and leggings or pants, sneakers. Some people think that men should wear compression leggings with shorts over the top.

Men’s clothing options for the gym

But of course, there is no such rule, so if you want, wear leggings without shorts and just ignore the judgmental looks of some gym visitors.

You will find more detailed advice on how to choose sportswear in this article.

What to take with you

1. Towel

Some fitness clubs provide a towel at the reception, but not all. So just in case, take it with you to your first workout. Use a towel to wipe off sweat and place it underneath the bench for hygiene.

2. A mug for water

Now almost any sports club has water coolers, but drinking from plastic glasses is not very convenient. It is much more convenient to carry a sports mug with you – and it is more difficult to spill water on your own or other people’s phones, laid out on pedestals, shelves and window sills.

3. Ready workout plan

Write down a workout plan in a notebook or in notes on your phone: warm-up, exercises with the number of sets and repetitions, stretching. Watch the videos with the correct technique for the selected exercises. So you will come to the gym prepared and will not dangle from simulator to simulator, not knowing what to do.

How to behave

Put the equipment back in place

This is one of the signs of good form: disassemble the bar and return all the pancakes to their place, put the dumbbells on the counter, and remove the yoga mat after you.

If everyone drops equipment where they left off, it will take a long time to look around the hall for the necessary dumbbells or a jump rope.

Therefore, in order not to increase the clutter and not catch the indignant glances of others on yourself, put everything that you took for training in place.

Practice in a suitable area

Gyms are divided into zones that are the same in almost all establishments:

  • cardio zone, where the treadmill, exercise bike, ellipse is located;
  • area for exercise with free weights – next to the rack with dumbbells;
  • area for stretching and relaxation – there are massage rollers and balls, rugs, expander;
  • a platform where weightlifting exercises are performed;
  • areas for group lessons – as a rule, these are separate rooms with mirrors.

Try to do the exercises in the areas that are designed for this. If you sit stretching in an area where people are doing dumbbells, you will get in the way and look weird.

Share equipment

If the person is waiting for the simulator or dumbbells with which you are engaged, you can invite him to do the exercise in between your sets while you are resting. This is normal practice, especially during peak hours when the machines are constantly busy.

Leave no puddles of sweat behind

When a puddle of sweat remains on the bench after the last person, it’s just horrible how disgusting. Therefore, if you have excessive sweating, always put a towel on the bench, or at least wipe off the sweat after you – there are napkins in many rooms.

Always wash clothes after exercise

Smelling good – this can be attributed to the rules of etiquette in the gym, but despite modern hygiene products, there are always those who violate this rule.

If you put on clothes for workout, throw them in the washing machine as soon as you get home – no matter how intense the load was, whether you sweated a lot or “just a little”.

By the way, this is another reason to buy normal sportswear: unlike cotton T-shirts and shorts, they do not fade or stretch from frequent washings.

That’s all. Do not break the rules of good form, be polite and do not hesitate to ask athletes and coaches how to exercise on simulators, where to get the right equipment and if you are doing any exercises correctly – many will be happy to help you.

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