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Triathlon training program

Greetings to all triathletes and those who are just planning to do this wonderful sport. Many of you, especially novice athletes, are interested in the triathlon training program. And in this article I will explain it to you.

Who is the proposed triathlon training program for?

As I wrote in previous articles, triathlon includes three sports disciplines: run, swimming and bike… As a rule, many triathletes develop skills and abilities in one particular discipline and are inferior in another. That is, one athlete swims well and can run perfectly, but he has problems with a bicycle. The other, on the other hand, is a good cyclist, but is inferior to other triathletes in running or swimming.

This is not entirely correct. A true professional athlete must develop skills and abilities in all three disciplines. If you decide to do a triathlon, you should strive to both swim well and master the bike perfectly. At the same time, you need to try to run, not yielding to professional athletes.

Yes. This is hard. And some of you will say that this is not possible. But believe me, you are wrong. I know a fair number of triathletes who compete in specific disciplines in running, swimming or cycling. In addition, they show brilliant results in triathlon in general.

Personally, I specialize more in running and swimming, and regularly compete in these separate disciplines. I practice cycling only in triathlon, but believe me, at the same time I am not inferior to a professional cyclist. This is because I have chosen a fairly effective triathlon training program.

But here I want to make one remark. Much depends on your goals. If you want to surpass yourself, stand on a pedestal in this sport, then you should train what is called “to the fullest.” If you are just planning to improve your athletic performance and personality, then three to four running workouts per week, combined with swimming and cycling, will be enough for you.

The triathlon training program I have proposed is almost universal. It is suitable for both a professional triathlete and an amateur. I’ll explain why below.

Triathlon training program: program content

Be sure to take one or two days a week off. I have Monday and Saturday – days off! Although I often leave only one day off – Monday. Remember that rest is just as important as exercising. Rest is essential for muscle recovery. Popular wisdom says: “as you rest, you will work.”

Wednesday and Friday I have time for speed training. On these days, you have to overcome a series of high-speed segments with a heart rate (hereinafter – HR) up to 160-170 beats / min.

Tuesday and Thursday – recovery workouts. These trainings are performed in an aerobic mode in the second-third zones at a heart rate of 120-140 beats / min.

On Sunday, it is logical to accustom your body to competitive loads. This is important because it is on weekends that competitions in various sports are usually held. On this day, you need to prepare for serious training with simulation of competitive activity. During such workouts, it is important to warm up well and perform the workout suggested below at 80-90% of your maximum capabilities, focusing on your own subjective feelings.

By the way, a few more words about the warm-up. Warm up thoroughly before any workout! This will increase their effectiveness and prevent injury.

Attention! The triathlon training program is structured in such a way that every week attention is paid to one of the disciplines:

  • 1 week – swimming;
  • 2 week – bike;
  • 3 week – running;
  • 4th week – unloading.

It is also important to remember that a training plan is not a dogma, but a guide to action. If you’re feeling tired, take a day off or replace speed workouts with recovery workouts. You can completely change the specified program, adapting it specifically for yourself, your capabilities and your well-being. You can increase or decrease the pace or distance. The main thing in the training process is to enjoy sports, and not vice versa. Training shouldn’t make you feel worse. On the contrary, each lesson should cheer up the body and improve personal qualities (volitional, psycho-emotional, physical, external).

Triathlon training program: learning, acting

So, below is a 12 week workout program. If this program is difficult for you, then it can be changed by reducing the distance and pace of movement. If, on the contrary, this program is too easy for you, then increase the time of the training session. I recommend leaving the training structure as shown in the table.

That is, this is a basic triathlon training program that can be changed. That is why I call it universal.

Pay attention to the following abbreviation:

ORU – general developmental gymnastic exercises used to warm up various parts of the body (stretching, bending, lunges, swings, etc.)
SBU – special running exercises (jumps, running with an overlap of the lower leg, running with a high hip lift, running with side steps, multi-jumps, etc.)
HR – heart rate
Fartlek – “speed game”, cross with a series of accelerations according to well-being

No. Mon W Wed Th Fri Sat Sun
one relaxation Run:

cross 25 min, heart rate 120-140 beats / min

Outdoor switchgear 10 min

SBU 4 × 30 m

Acceleration 2 × 30 …

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