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Drying from Ekaterina Usmanova. | Slimming Fitness

Only if you need to remove fat from the thighs / sides / arms / abdomen – you need drying! Thus, if you have a press, but you can’t see it, you need a drying! Thus, if you need to remove excess volume, you need drying! If you want to see relief on your body, you need drying!

General information.
Drying is a complex of a properly selected diet and highly effective training aimed at developing muscle relief and burning subcutaneous fat.

As you might have guessed, the percentage of fat that allows our body to look sculpted should be quite low, but do not trust those extreme numbers that can often be seen in glossy magazines and in interviews with famous bodybuilders. So, it should be remembered that the vital amount of fat is 3%. This is an emergency reserve that is located in the outer sheaths of nerve endings and around the kidneys. The required fat differs from the subcutaneous fat. Without touching the emergency supply, our body easily consumes subcutaneous fat. Reducing its level, we get the desired relief.

Famous bodybuilders have a body fat reserve of 4 to 7%. At this level, the body stops burning fat and, in order to preserve an emergency supply, switches to eating muscle mass. The recommended fat reserve is 15%. For women, this percentage is slightly higher. So, we have found out that in order to look relief, you need a combination of a minimum amount of fat under the skin and an impressive size of muscles on the body. Often, many beginners, not understanding the very term drying and what it is for, begin to go on low-carb diets, take dietary supplements for a faster effect, change training programs, but do not have enough muscle mass. Thus, they only postpone their results a few months ago and either gain muscle mass practically from scratch, or simply abandon classes. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately face the fact: drying is needed only for those who already have muscle mass hidden under a layer of fat. And for those who just want to lose weight, you need proper nutrition, cardio training and nothing more.

We eat right.
Proper nutrition is the most important component of drying. It would seem that it could be simpler: we eat only vegetables and fruits and get rid of fat as quickly as possible. But, this is the main mistake during drying, which leads to the loss of the athlete’s muscle mass, strength and endurance. As they say, it is not the one who gets rid of fat that dries well, but the one who at the same time maintains and even gains muscle mass. So how do you achieve this? In fact, everything is not as complicated as it might seem. The main key to success is fractional nutrition. Frequent meals allow us to maintain a high metabolic rate (metabolism. And in order to achieve results in the shortest possible time, an increased metabolism is simply necessary. In addition, we need to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and fats consumed as much as possible, while increasing the amount of protein to maintain muscle mass. you need to try to adhere to the following formula: the daily calorie intake should come with protein by 45%, with fats – by 10%, with complex carbohydrates – by 40-45%. So, for an athlete weighing 90 / – 5 kg, the daily allowance is about 2500 calories, which is approximately equal to 270 g of protein, 250 g of carbohydrates and 40 g of fat. Eating a small amount of food (about 500 kcal) should be regular. In the event that the body is left without nourishment for a long time, it begins to produce the catabolic hormone cortisol At the same time, their own muscles are used as food, and accordingly their decay takes place. you should try not to lose more than 0.5-1 kg per week. Research shows that it is impossible to lose more than 1.5 kg of fat per week, even if you don’t eat anything at all. Our bodies simply cannot handle large amounts, so any more significant discharge will capture water and muscle mass along with fat.

Also, keep in mind that getting enough water is the most important aspect of any diet. The body needs water to eliminate the by-products of fat metabolism. It helps to quickly dissolve and flush fat-soluble toxins released into the bloodstream during diet. The more water you drink, the less the body retains it. Lack of water, on the contrary, forces the body to retain fluid through various hormonal processes and makes it difficult for the kidneys to work with a high-protein diet.
Fast carbohydrates found in sweets, buns and breads will have to be completely abandoned during drying. Again, water or low-fat (0.5-1.5%) milk will help to cope with the feeling of hunger. Only if there is a feeling that there is not enough strength for training, you can increase the amount of complex carbohydrates, but only before training. During drying, you should try to eat more low-fat cottage cheese, egg whites, fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, fish, boiled chicken (preferably breast) or beef. Fish must be present in the diet. Fish oil contains unique omega-3 fats that promote weight loss. Flaxseed oil contains the same fats. Green tea or its extract can also help our body maintain a sufficiently high metabolic rate.

Aerobic component of drying.
It’s not hard to guess that aerobics is one of the main …

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