Vegetable paintings: how to bring nature indoors Vegetable paintings are a perfect green touch to bring a breath of fresh air, and …

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Vegetable paintings are a perfect green touch to bring a breath of fresh air, and decorate your wall in a brilliant and original way!

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If you are tired of seeing only paintings and canvases on your walls and you do not have enough space to indulge yourself with plants on the balcony, the vegetable paintings I’m the idea you’ve been waiting for to make the inside of yours home or of yours office unique and modern with the advantage of sustainability!

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The plant picture is a fabulous piece of furniture, capable of creating a suggestive effect e sophisticated in your living room.

Let’s find out together what they are the characteristics of these living walls, how to best place this decorative product and how to make them in your home.

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How it’s done?

These innovative natural design works I’m composed of some types of plants, in particular from lichens and mosses stabilized colors, generally coming from the wooded expanses of Scandinavia.

These vegetable details come collected in special dedicated areas, still fresh and treated with a cutting-edge process of stabilization and conservation based on natural glycerin and food dyes, which have the advantage of making the moss malleable and keeping it fresh. After this first treatment the moss is dried so that it does not need any maintenance.

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What are the benefits?

The immutability of these green canvases that do not follow the seasonal cycles and they do not require maintenance makes the vegetable paintings perfect for those who do not have the infamous green thumb. These plant works of art, in fact remain stable for up to 10 years and they don’t need any care except a little dusting from time to time …

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The scenic effect is ensured with minimal effort!

In addition to the lack of maintenance the plant frameworks are also ideal for improving the healthiness of the environment, indeed, they succeed in just four days from their installation to to decrease noticeably the fine dust so as to make the air cleaner. Furthermore the green sculptures are able, if of adequate size, to stabilize the humidity and are ideal for reduce noise pollution absorbing sounds and noises.

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How to make it with your own hands

These green walls or floral they are not only purchasable, but they can also be made in your home.

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You just need to buy the material quite right and then give free rein to our imagination to become green artists. First of all we have to get the raw material of our creation then the moss or lichen to which we can add to give a personal touch of the branches and leaves of fern or ivy.

As a second step it is necessary procure a wooden panel light where to apply our green layer, in this case we can choose the size that we like best and that best suits the wall we want to decorate.

Do you have problems with plants? Join the group

The extra touch: we can create a set of frames small and medium-sized to be placed as we like on the wall to give it a more dynamic effect.

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To fix the moss on our canvas, first it is advisable to design the disposition on a sheet of paper so as not to leave anything to chance, then you have to work with a gun with neutral silicone and place the different lichens according to our taste, perhaps playing with colors and shades of green.

We create then a net of glue or silicone on the panel e we fix the moss, leave to dry and that’s it: your very personal DIY plant painting is ready to be displayed.

The extra touch: to choose a black frame light and linear for our panel so as to make our creation stand out in the best possible way!

The green future of our furniture: where to place it

Vegetable paintings are perfect for indoor environments because too much heat outside or prolonged light could ruin your sculpture. The size to choose from are many and they can lend themselves to any space, adapting best to the chosen environment.

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The feature that makes these paintings unique pieces of your furniture is that they can be placed on any wall by adding character and modernity to the room. They also do not steal space from your furniture, reducing the overall dimensions of pots and indoor plants which, although beautiful, could be excessive.

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The vegetable walls are ideal for covering the wall of your dining room with bright tones, certainly cheaper than large paintings, they will give you the impression of living surrounded by nature and amaze your guests with audacity and modernity.

The extra touch: we can use a green installation for separate the workstations in an office, this trick will be perfect for making the atmosphere lively and elegant, with a nod to the healthiness of the environment and making us more productive thanks to the green color, always a balm for the eyes and vehicle of positive energy!

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The most beautiful vegetable paintings: photos and images

Browse our gallery to discover the most amazing and original living paintings! Here is a series of images to take inspiration and make your home beautiful and full of greenery.

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