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14 Best Sports YouTube Channels for Women: Free Videos to Do Sports at Home

14 Best Sports YouTube Channels for Women: Free Videos to Do Sports at Home

You can go in for sports at home or on the street, you don’t have to run to the gym. There are some advantages from home workouts: a convenient time, you do not have to carry a uniform and a pile of things with you, and then run to the bus or drive a car to get home. The money saved on the season ticket can be spent on a new dress.

We have collected the best youtube channels and video tutorials for women and girls that will help you make your body beautiful, slim, or just lose weight.

804 thousand people have subscribed to the channel. Russian bloggers have been leading for more than 5 years, during which time they helped tens of thousands of subscribers to pull up the form. More than 700 sports videos: interval training, exercise to keep fit or lose weight, fitness recipes, tips for “drying”. The content is conveniently divided into playlists. It is easy to find specific tips and programs: problem areas, activities for beginners, training with equipment and more.

You will learn how to remove the stomach, tighten the chest, pump the inner surface of the thigh, pick up a complex for stretching or warm-up. You can train with the guys in a live format. They run massive weight loss marathons, make training calendars.

The platform is followed by 1.3 million users. It will tell you how to burn 1000 calories, why you exercise, but not lose weight. There are cardio, interval, strength and dance training, yoga, pilates, exercise for teens, recipes for healthy breakfasts, body care tips. The authors have compiled a selection of the best exercises for the hips, pecs, glutes and other muscle groups, as well as problem areas. They discovered the secret of how to pump up a relief press, exercising for 15 or even 6 minutes a day.

The videos on the channel last 5-10 minutes on average. They are also divided into compact playlists.

305 thousand people train with the channel. Video tips on fitness, proper nutrition are posted on the network. The authors tell how to lose weight in the legs, how to make a vacuum, practice on a fitball. They share ideas for pair workouts, disassemble the refrigerator into harmful and healthy foods, and help sit on the twine. Many of the videos will not take you more than three minutes – that is, you can get the most useful information by spending a minimum of time.

90-60-90 will appeal to those who love to lose weight for the holidays or summer – bloggers hold special marathons, challenges and sweepstakes.

Konova is trusted by 312 thousand subscribers. She creates content for those looking to improve their physical condition and health.

The playlists include crossfit at home, circular and sprint workouts, reviews of fitness rubber bands and exercises with them, classes on a step platform, a series of fat burning workouts, strength fitness.

New videos on the channel are released on Mondays and Wednesdays. The author’s regular columns include exercises for legs and buttocks, arms, abs, a series of fat burning workouts, intense cardio, healthy eating.

560 videos with different tips and techniques. They offer to dance and lose weight, conduct a test drive of unusual types of yoga, tell how to get rid of cellulite, how to do exercises at home, using improvised household items instead of gym equipment – a chair or even a sofa. Popular fitness experts who train celebrities and models are invited to the program.

Workouts for different ages. They motivate with stories of successful weight loss – famous personalities, spectators who have lost 20-30 kg, reveal secrets.

Julia Smolnaya has 170 thousand subscribers. Every month the channel publishes new training complexes – “zhirotopes”. Smolnaya was one of the coaches of the successful Russian Internet project Crazy Drying.

The trainer devotes large programs to preparing for the new year, the swimming season and other holidays – the exercises are designed for a month, for each of them a warm-up is given, and a full description. Five minutes, short videos for working out certain muscle groups: buttocks, problem knees, legs. Playlist – Lose Fat on the Beach, How to Lose Weight in 5 Minutes, Family Workout and much more.

The channel is hosted by Yulia Skripnik, the girl is ready to help everyone who is losing weight …

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