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Accelerating Results with Proper Nutrition

The combination of physical activity and proper nutrition helps to lose weight very well. But we tested one more method on ourselves – counting calories. Do you think this is very tiring and you will not have enough nerves and time? But no. There are many sites that you can find very useful (“My Healthy Diet,” for example).
“Two years ago my weight was 130 (!) Kg. I hated myself. But I had someone to live for, and I decided to change. I picked up a set of exercises, got hooked on the PP and started counting calories. For a year I managed to get rid of more than 60 kg ”- a response that Tamara left on one forum.

And here is what Olga says: “I knew that my weight should be in the range from 60 to 65 kg., But alas … the scales were 93. No, I did not become graceful, so I still go to my goal, but there is than, minus 15 kg in 5 months. Yes, this is not much, but I am not attracted by the ways that allow you to lose weight in 2-3 months. “

As you can see, if there is a desire, then you can lose weight. This will help the implementation of a set of exercises 3-4 times a week, proper nutrition and calorie counting.

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Thanks to scientific and technological progress, our standard of living has increased. However, oddly enough, our health deteriorated. This is due to improper diet and daily routine, bad habits and a sedentary lifestyle of most modern people. If you are comfortable with this state of affairs, then this article is not for you. If you want to lose weight, then it’s time to act!

It is important to understand that in any business the MAIN thing is to START! It takes effort to get things done. As the old Russian proverb says: “You can’t catch a fish from a pond without difficulty!” So, as you know, you have to try hard to achieve a result.

Most never reach their goals and quit training. The reason is incorrectly selected exercises. For example, someone wants to lose weight in the abdomen and sides by fanatically performing all kinds of abdominal exercises. However, it is actually impossible to lose weight in one place. That is why you need to do exercises to lose weight all over your body. Only in this way, subject to proper nutrition, it is possible to lose weight and maintain weight.

As you know, any physical activity burns calories. It is logical that the heavier and longer the load, the more calories will be expended. When performing heavy multi-joint (basic) exercises, significantly more muscles are involved than when performing lighter single-joint (isolation) exercises. Therefore, they burn a lot more calories. A simple conclusion suggests itself – do not waste your time on ineffective exercises!

Squats. Most of all muscles are involved in this exercise. It can be performed almost anywhere, as it does not require any additional equipment. However, it is best to do squats with a barbell on your shoulders whenever possible. The extra weight greatly increases the effectiveness of this exercise. Squat until you feel a burning sensation in the muscles.

Deadlift. It also uses a huge amount of large and small muscles. However, you will need a barbell or dumbbells to complete this exercise.

Lunges. This exercise not only strengthens the glutes and thigh muscles, but also burns calories well. Best done with dumbbells or a barbell over your shoulders.

Run. The best aerobic exercise for weight loss. However, keep in mind that running outdoors is much more effective than running indoors on a treadmill.

An effective set of exercises for losing weight at home.  Exercises and videos

Swimming. Swimming uses almost all the muscles in our body, making it extremely effective for weight loss.

Pushups. Practically all the muscles in our body are also involved in this exercise to varying degrees. An easier option is knee push-ups.

Bicycle riding. It will help not only burn a huge amount of calories, but also improve your well-being and cheer up.

Jumping rope. A simple yet effective weight loss exercise. Just don’t forget that you need to jump intensively!

Most people want to have a lean, athletic body, but not everyone achieves the desired result. This is due, first of all, to the fact that many do not know how to train properly and which exercises are the most effective for losing weight.

If the choice fell on training the whole body, then include the following exercises in the program:

  1. Squats are one of the most effective weight loss exercises, as they involve a lot of muscles, which seriously increases energy expenditure and causes a hormonal surge. When squatting, you can load the gluteal muscles, leg muscles, as well as the press and back extensors, which are included to stabilize and hold the body. You can perform in the following variations: classic squat, “plie”, “sumo”, squats in Smith and others.
  2. Deadlift is an exercise in which almost all muscles are turned on as much as possible. It is quite difficult in technical terms, so you should not chase large weights in the first lesson. There are several options: classic deadlift, “sumo”, deadlift, Romanian deadlift and others.
  3. Lunges are a great exercise for working your glutes, biceps, and quads. Before doing it with weight, learn the correct …

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