Wall table for the kitchen


Is your kitchen small and there is not enough room for a table? The perfect, smart and comfortable solution is the wall table. Here are many models of wall tables for the kitchen that will be a valid remedy for the lack of space. Let’s find out one by one.


Who said that in a small and not very spacious kitchen can’t you set up a practical and comfortable table? There are several models of wall table which can be easily assembled and opened in seconds. Drop-down, retractable, or adjacent to the wall, these tables are very popular for solving the big common space problem in so many kitchens.

In addition, thanks to these wall tables, you can draw on an extra support area at any time to work or study.

We have collected some main models, different in style and suitable for the most varied needs. Let’s find out which are the most comfortable and practical wall tables for the kitchen.

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Wall table for the minimal kitchen

Let’s start with simple ideas that embody innovation and style. The most popular wall table model and popular provides that a wooden board, in different sizes according to the space you have, come fixed to the wall through solid mobile hooks.

In this way the table can be opened when necessary and closed when there is no need to use it. The folding wall table turns out to be practical not only for enjoying lunches and dinners in the kitchen, but also for enjoying an extra support surface when preparing in the kitchen.

Discreet and very compact, this wall table is available in many variations of colors and materials, from plastic to wood.


A painting turns into a wall table

It is possible to disguise altogether the wall table in the kitchen in a picture. It is about a very ingenious idea that sees the use of two wooden boards superimposed on each other. The boards close upwards, leaving one of the supports visible on the wall. A picture, a blackboard or a fake wooden window therefore hides a small table that can be opened very easily.

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Thanks to this solution you can enjoy a table in a small kitchen by hiding it in a workmanlike manner.


Colored wall table

We have seen how a simple wooden table fixed to the wall magically transforms itself into a comfortable, functional and retractable wall table. However, if you like color and are looking for an eccentric and cheerful solution, you can choose a painted wall table model. There are the most varied models that feature pop designs, abstract fantasies or reproductions of paintings.

However, if you want to customize at most the wall table in your kitchen, you can arm yourself with creativity and acrylic colors and give life to your personal project. To transfer a design you like on the wall table you can use different techniques: stencils, decoupage, or create a freehand drawing, following your inspiration.

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Wall table and sideboard: two in one

Fruit of ingenuity and mastery, a carpentry work that surprises and enchants, it is this wall table that as well as being a support surface it also hides a belief.

The table is part of a larger, thin but very roomy structure. Inside the structure there are doors, in the lower part, and shelves in the lower part. The table is part of the facade of the structure and can be opened with a single gesture, to accommodate up to 3 people. The opening of the table leaves free access to the cupboard, full of space. This is a very convenient solution that gives a real turning point tofurnishing of small kitchens.

In recent years, the popular fashion of creating compact and very small furniture that hides elaborate structures within them has begun to depopulate. They are the result of the study of the most renowned product designers and surprise you with their effectiveness in furnishing very small homes.


High wall table

If you are a lover of smart solutions, here is the perfect wall table to occupy a not too large wall space. Whether it’s the area between two windows, or a corner in the kitchen, here is the high wall table, perfect to combine with stools. This solution proves to be optimal because a table positioned at a greater height turns into a peninsula on which you can work comfortably to preparations in the kitchen. Thanks to the high table you will not be forced to give up comfort even in a small space.


Wall table for the kitchen: photos and pictures

Photos and images dedicated to a life-saving piece of furniture: the wall table for small kitchens. Follow your style and use a wall table that meets your needs.

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