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Height-to-weight ratio – basic formulas for calculating ideal proportions

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Ideal body proportions drive a huge number of people around the world crazy. Meanwhile, having the same parameters, you can look absolutely different from each other. One will seem fat, the other normal. It depends on many factors, but the ratio of height to weight is of great importance in determining the ideal shape.

Height-to-weight ratio in women

Many women wonder what an ideal figure is. This is not just a ratio of height and weight, but a harmonious combination of proportions. Existing model standards rarely have anything in common with real parameters. Dreams in which a girl has an ideal figure make her work out in the gym and monitor her diet. At the same time, few people understand that suitable body parameters are calculated individually, and there are several ways for this.

How to measure height correctly?

Experts say that it is impossible to name one value like height or weight, so that it is considered the standard for everyone. If everything is clear with weight, because smart gadgets will calculate the weight to milligrams, then the answer to the question of how to measure height is not known to everyone. To correctly measure growth, you will need an assistant and adherence to certain rules.

  • The air temperature in the room where the growth is measured should be in the range from +16 to + 20 ° С.
  • Height measurement time – in the morning until 12.00. Immediately after sleeping, the person will be a couple of centimeters taller due to the relaxation of the vertebrae and muscles, by lunchtime the body will return to its normal shape.
  • It is necessary to find a flat wall without baseboards and stand with your back to it without slippers, best of all barefoot, putting your feet together.
  • Straightening the spine as much as possible, you need to stand so that the walls touch only the back of the head, shoulder blades, buttocks and heels.
  • Direct your gaze strictly in front of you, straighten your shoulders, do not protrude your chest forward.
  • The helper should make a mark where the extreme point of the head is, pressing down on the hair if necessary.
  • It remains to measure the distance from the floor to the mark.

Body types in women

There are several ways to determine your body type. Someone compares the female figure with fruits – an apple and a pear. Someone with the letters of the alphabet. The latter method is considered the most informative for understanding the characteristics of the figure, and drawing up the correct exercise and diet program to correct it. You can figure out how to determine your body type yourself. You need to undress and carefully look at yourself in the mirror, standing up in full growth.

  • The A-figure, or “pear”, is widespread among women. This type has full hips and slender shoulders. The figure seems to expand towards the bottom.
  • The T-shape is characterized by a narrow pelvis and broad shoulders.
  • The X-figure is considered the standard of beauty because of the pronounced waist, but the hips and chest have approximately the same volume.
  • The O-figure, or “apple”, has a wide waist.
  • The H-figure has even, without pronounced forms, outlines.

Height and weight of a woman by age

It has long been known that age-related changes affect not only the appearance, but also the weight of women. This is to blame for the slowdown of the processes responsible for the metabolism with age. To understand how the height and weight of a woman after 30 correlates, nutritionists advise using a simple formula that will help calculate the ideal value.

  • 150 should be subtracted from the height in centimeters, and the result should be multiplied by 0.75.
  • Subtract 20 from the woman’s age, divide the result by 4.
  • Add the two numbers you get and add 50.

Weight to Height – Formulas

Many ways can help in calculating the ideal proportions, while you should individually choose the most suitable option for yourself. Knowing how to calculate proportions is useful at any age, but you shouldn’t get hung up on finding the perfect formula. It is very important to love yourself today, and to feel confident in your body. In this case, any deviations from the norm will be perceived not as a tragedy, but as a signal for a change in life.

Quetelet formula

You can talk about the need to lose weight, or vice versa, gain kilograms, knowing your body mass index – BMI, or Quetelet’s index. The ratio of height to exact weight can give a clear picture of the presence of body fat. BMI can be calculated for all people between the ages of 20 and 65. Exceptions are women in position and breastfeeding. The male norm of BMI is from 19 to 25, the female – from 19 to 24. A value below the norm means a deficiency in body weight, above the norm – its excess. In order to calculate the weight norm using the Quetelet formula, you need to know your weight and height in meters:

  • BMI = weight / height squared;
  • for example, a woman is 174 cm tall and weighs 75 kg. Let’s calculate her BMI: 75 / (1.74 * 1.74) = 24.7.

Paul Broca’s formula

There are situations when one formula for the body mass index cannot be dispensed with, a more accurate calculation with additional parameters is needed. There is a formula for calculating the ideal weight, taking into account several factors: height, age, weight and body type of a person – Paul Broca’s formula. There are four types of formula:

  • For people with a thin-boned body type up to 40 years old: height 110 – 10%.
  • For people with a large-boned body type up to 40 years old: height 110 + 10%.
  • For people with a thin-boned body type over 40: height 100 – 10%.
  • For people with a large-boned body type over 40: height 100 + 10%.

John McCallum Formula

In the book “Keys to Success” the author D. McCallum shares his understanding of the philosophy of bodybuilding, and gives his system of how to calculate the ideal weight. According to McCallum, all sizes …

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