What to cook with tofu recipes

The benefits of tofu cheese

Tofu is of great benefit as it is rich in essential substances for the human body. Benefits of Tofu can support health. Cheese is also distinguished by the presence of 9 essential amino acids. Cheese is a great source of calcium. Tofu contains dietary fiber that can support the figure of dieters. This cheese is often added to low-calorie meals.

Tofu cheese is a low-calorie product
Tofu cheese is a low-calorie product

The Japanese even make baby food from tofu. It perfectly removes dioxin from the human body. The unique properties of cheese can lower blood cholesterol levels. Tofu is packed with trace elements and important B vitamins.

The nutritional value of cheese is based on the low amount of sugar and fat. As mentioned, cheese is made from beans. The boiled and crushed beans produce “milk” that needs to be curdled. Previously obtained cheese was even called “square egg” and ve because it has a high protein content, but compared to the present – it is completely cholesterol free.

Tofu is useful for its trace elements that make up cheese
Tofu is useful for its trace elements that make up cheese

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The harm from tofu cheese

For men, this threatens with a decrease in sperm concentration. People with endocrine disorders should avoid eating tofu. The factor of cheese production is also important: if soybeans are grown in unfavorable conditions, it can turn out to be a low-quality product, that is, tofu will be bad for eating.

Dish with tofu
Dish with tofu

Coffee Cherry Tofu Cream Pie

Lenten tofu dishes

A very easy-to-prepare lean holiday cake, or even a cake that, for all its simplicity, looks intricate and beautiful, especially when sprinkled with grated chocolate on top. Including in the section – the cake seems to have two different cakes, one juicy cherry, the other airy coffee. Lemon juice tofu cream is similar to traditional sour cream, so if soy sour cream is available, you can use it. Or even make a cream of semolina in nut or coconut milk, as in the recipe for lean “Napoleon” – this will not deteriorate the taste of baked goods.

Time: 80 minutes.

Quantity: 8-10 servings.

How to store tofu cheese?

Unfortunately, this product is quite perishable. It must be stored at -7 ° C. Fresh tofu tastes sweet. Sour tofu needs to be boiled for 10 minutes.

Tofu cheese in a package
Tofu cheese in package

Tofu is eaten in:

  • cheese
  • fried
  • pickled
  • smoked

Making tofu goulash

Throw frozen vegetables into boiling water and boil for 5-7 minutes. They don’t have to be completely cooked, because they can fall apart and turn the goulash into porridge.

Peel the onion, cut into cubes or half rings. Pour vegetable oil into a deep frying pan and heat. Add the onion, and when it is slightly browned, add the diced tofu (approx. 1×1 cm).

Fry until golden brown, then lay out the vegetables. Lightly brown them with the lid open.

Dissolve the tomato paste in half a glass of water. Pour the tomato into the goulash, add spices and dried herbs, salt.

Simmer with the lid closed for 5-7 minutes. If after this liquid remains, hold the pan over the fire a little more with the lid open so that the excess water evaporates.

It is recommended to serve tofu goulash with vegetables hot, with pasta or boiled cereals.

How to cook delicious tofu cheese?

Tofu has practically no taste. This allows you to combine it with many sauces. The structure of the cheese can be subjected to a variety of heat treatments.

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Fried tofu
Fried tofu

Tofu goes well with:

  • beans
  • asparagus
  • sesame
  • wheat
  • oats
  • peanuts
  • rice
  • barley
  • coconut

Tofu is incredibly popular for vegetarian diets around the world as it is very nutritious and satisfying. Cheese lends itself to frying, boiling, deep-frying and baking in the oven. Tofu can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time without paying attention to black spots appearing on the surface. Pickling cheese will help get rid of the unpleasant smell.

There are several beneficial uses of tofu with different ingredients:

  • with eggs
  • vegetables
  • rice
  • tofu in salads
  • fried in batter

Tofu in Chinese cuisine
Tofu in Chinese cuisine
The insipid taste of tofu is capable of well …

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