What to eat before exercise – pre-workout, nutrition, sports supplements

What to eat before strength training – pre-workout, nutrition, sports supplements.
Find out what is most effective for gaining muscle mass or burning fat.

What to eat before training - pre-workout, nutrition, sports supplements What to eat before exercise – pre-workout, nutrition, sports supplements

The higher the fitness level of an athlete, the more energy he needs for intense training. Pre-workout complexes are just what you need for this. Pre-workout nutrition is extremely important in order to create the prerequisites for gaining muscle mass. Muscle growth is impossible without protein synthesis. This process should be ongoing, especially before, during and after training. The body can be in a state of anabolism or catabolism. For fast mass gain, protein synthesis (anabolism) needs to last longer than breakdown (catabolism).

How to recharge before strength training?

Oatmeal is an ideal pre-workout meal. There are many opinions about pre-workout meals and sports nutrition. Some people think that a regular meal rich in protein and complex carbohydrates is enough. Indeed, fruitful training is impossible without proper nutrition. Food will energize us during training and also delay the breakdown of protein. Studies have shown that exercising on an empty stomach nearly doubles the catabolic rate. To feel good during your workout and to minimize catabolic processes, you should eat well two hours before your workout. Lack of energy will lead to the production of cortisol, which will lead to loss of muscle mass.

Even a morning cardio workout or light abdominal workout shouldn’t be done on an empty stomach. All the more difficult strength training.

Eating before a workout is intended to replenish the “fuel”, it will reduce fatigue and create the prerequisites for muscle growth. The amount of food should not be huge: about 400 kcal, 70% of which should be low-glycemic carbohydrates (oatmeal and vegetables), and the remaining 30% should be fast-absorbing protein (egg whites and chicken fillets). Fats take much longer to digest. Therefore, the amount of fat in the pre-workout meal should be kept to a minimum. Ideal: 100 grams (dry) of water-boiled oatmeal, one banana and six egg whites.

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Sports nutrition before a workout in the gym

Taking sports nutrition will not be superfluous in building muscle mass. The pre-workout complex will increase strength, energy, concentration and also help burn fat. When choosing a pre-workout complex, opt for a product whose components really work. Their effectiveness must be confirmed by scientific research. A good product should be free of impurities and “dummies”. The package must indicate the composition of the additive with the exact dosage of all components. We recommend paying special attention to the following components:


It is an indispensable ingredient for increasing workout productivity on all fronts. By increasing the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in muscle cells, creatine helps you exercise more intensely. Creatine also increases strength and reduces fatigue. This allows you to do more work before the muscles reach failure. Creatine monohydrate is still popular today for its scientifically proven efficacy.

Beta Alanine

Working as a synergist with creatine, beta-alanine is needed to form an amino acid called carnosine. Low blood carnosine levels significantly reduce exercise intensity. This increases your potential for anaerobic work.

Fat burners

Pre-workout sports nutrition often contains stimulating substances such as caffeine. Caffeine increases fat burning, thermogenesis, mental focus and energy. However, the list of stimulants doesn’t end with caffeine:


This central nervous system stimulant is effective in burning subcutaneous fat. By releasing norepinephrine (the hormone responsible for energy in the body), hordenine makes the body ready for serious stress. Under the influence of norepinephrine, a person can go beyond their physical capabilities. Hordenine also helps to use fats for energy, which lowers their levels in the body.


This is a substance from the group of nootropics that increases concentration during exercise. In addition, octopamine has a number of other important biological functions. By stimulating adrenergic receptors, octopamine signals the body to use fat as fuel. Using it before training will increase energy and start fat burning processes without overloading the central nervous system. Unfortunately, the use of octopamine by competing athletes is prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).


Like hordenine, yohimbine stimulates the production of norepinephrine and epinephrine to boost your nervous system and energize your body. Yohimbine is also beneficial for weight loss.


Caffeine is the foundation of all pre-workout supplements. It is a versatile energy drink that is consumed …

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