What to eat before your evening workout

What you can eat before your evening workout. Find out how much protein, fat, and carbohydrates to eat while gaining muscle mass or burning fat.

What to eat before your evening workoutWhat to eat before your evening workout

If you train after work, be sure to consider what, when and how much to eat before your evening workout.

Many people have heard that breakfast should be the highest calorie meal of the day. The calories and carbohydrates eaten will provide you with energy throughout the day.

But what if you train in the evening? Do I need to revise my meal plan?

Whether your goal is gaining muscle mass or burning fat, the timing of your meals is just as important as what you eat. If the schedule is wrong, you will be frustrated with the result (or lack of it).


Since the workout will only be in the evening, there is no need for a giant breakfast. If you are limited in carbohydrate intake, breakfast should consist mainly of proteins and fats. Vegetables and fruits can be used as carbohydrates.

If you do not particularly limit yourself in the intake of carbohydrates, then you can add to your breakfast and complex carbohydrates.

Midday snack

If you are not consuming too many calories, you should store carbs for the remainder. Enjoy a light snack with fast-digesting protein and a small amount of healthy fats. Add vegetables to this to maintain water and salt balance.


Your lunchtime meal depends on your goals. For those who are burning excess fat, protein foods and some healthy fats are fine. To add to this low-calorie meal, eat another serving of vegetables.

If you’re trying to gain mass, add medium complex carbs. Even during this period, it is advisable to eat most of the carbohydrates before training. Then all of them will be used by the body as energy.

At this time, you need to prepare your body for the upcoming load. You need food that will energize you without making your stomach heavy. If you prefer solid foods to sports nutrition, you should eat 2 hours before your workout. You can drink a cocktail for 3045 minutes before training.

You need fast-digesting protein and complex carbohydrates, do not overload on fats. You need carbohydrates that will be absorbed for a long time, then glucose will evenly enter the bloodstream during exercise.

Eating after exercise

If you’re on a diet, a carbohydrate meal should be followed after exercise. This will replenish glycogen stores without storing excess fat. If you are gaining muscle mass, feel free to load. You can eat an excess amount of carbohydrates once a day.

You will also need a source of fast-digesting protein, such as whey protein isolate. Carbohydrates should be both simple and complex, so you quickly restore your blood glucose levels and store energy for several hours. If you don’t need insulin spikes, eat only complex carbohydrates, then there will be no fluctuations in blood sugar.

There should be little fat in this pishzi. Carbohydrates must be delivered to the muscles with insulin, and fat intake will make it harder.


Unless you’re following a strict fat-burning plan, dinner should also contain complex carbs. The portion should be medium. These carbs are needed for post-workout recovery.

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If you are on a strict diet, then leave only protein, healthy fats and vegetables for dinner.

Eating food or sports nutrition before bed

Forget about carbohydrates before bed. Otherwise, you will wake up in the middle of the night due to fluctuating blood sugar levels and gain extra weight. The ideal bedtime meal is a serving of casein or slow-digesting meats like beef steak or salmon.

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