What to go to the gym for a girl photo – What to go to the gym for a girl (photo). How to go to the gym for a girl

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How to go to the gym for a girl (photo). How to go to the gym for a girl


Choose the right shoes. There are many types of sneakers, the choice depends on what you plan to do. Due to the different types of exercise on the machines, a versatile shoe can be recommended. But if, for example, you mainly do on a treadmill, opt for running models.

Wear sports socks or knee-highs under your sneakers. Such underwear does not imply seams, which will reduce the likelihood of calluses for you. It is best to opt for socks made of cotton materials – they not only allow you to maintain foot hygiene, but are also durable enough.

Sportswear should be neither cold nor hot – it should be such that it becomes cool if you stand still. This will encourage you not to stop for long breaks during your workouts. This approach will allow you not to overheat from intense physical activity.

Stretched leotards

But for various reasons, you postpone starting classes day after day.

Lack of desirable fitness clothing

should not be an obstacle to practice. The main thing is to start. Later, you can buy what you like and will match the selected workouts.

What to wear for fitness

Clothing made of dense, tight, breathable materials that wick away moisture are preferred. Optimal is the presence of mesh inserts that provide ventilation and create comfort during exercise.

If you plan to practice with a trainer in the gym on strength machines, it is best to choose tight-fitting clothing in neutral colors.

It is not safe to work out on strength machines in loose clothing. The shirt or top should be long enough. In addition, sweatpants, breeches or leggings. In this form, you will not experience discomfort while exercising on sweat-soaked simulators.

For Step and others intense aerobic exercise bright, short, tight-fitting tops and shorts that do not hinder movement are perfect. Tops with a bra that tighten or support the chest are perfect for such workouts.

For Pilates and especially Yoga use only comfortable clothes made from natural materials, neutral, bedding shades.

For group lessons where it is supposed to use rugs, balls, it is also recommended to wear leggings, breeches, trousers, including rather wide ones

For practicing oriental dances you can put on a hip belt embroidered with coins directly on the sweatpants and that will be enough.

Do not wear to fitness

Fitness clothing should fit your body type, true size, fit and fit perfectly

Should not wear clothes that you wear when relaxing at the sea or in the country, as well as pajamas or t-shirts from pajamas.

Working out in jeans is inconvenient, and in shoes it is not safe.

Particular attention should be paid to shoes … When choosing sneakers, consider what activities you plan to wear them to.

If, for example, you will actively train on a treadmill, then sneakers should be on a flat molded sole, without a heel, with laces.

It is very important. Only in this case, the feet will be positioned correctly and will not be damaged. You can walk from heel to toe and easily complete a 45 minute marathon.

Look attractive and aesthetically pleasing

Choose clothes that highlight the best in your figure and hide flaws.

For example, a T-shirt with a wide horizontal neckline looks very attractive. This neckline allows you to open two shoulders or slip the T-shirt casually over one shoulder.

Choose socks to match your sneakers, preferably short or matching the color of your sweatpants.

You will sweat during intense exercise. To prevent sweat stains from being noticeable, you can wear an alcoholic T-shirt under a sports T-shirt.

Should you use for intense aerobic exercise? Slimming Belt or additionally wear a sports jacket?

All this is certainly possible, but it is better to use a warming cream. It causes profuse sweating and helps to remove fat in problem areas.

Swimming clothes.

It is necessary to distinguish between swimming on the beach or in the pool on vacation and classes in the pool in the fitness club.

For fitness training, it is better to use an indoor swimsuit. It is important to choose it according to the size. There are various options for spectacular swimwear. They can be slimming, perfectly tightening the chest, modeling the figure with the help of various prints.

Thus, you need to think through all the details of your fitness wardrobe.

The main thing in sportswear is comfort, functionality, excellent fit, compliance with fashion trends

Fitness club is a place for sports, recreation, communication, acquaintances. Everyone visits the club based on their interests.

If you come for sports activities, then focus on them and correctly draw up a training program.

It is absolutely normal to have no makeup, no perfume smell, clean body and clothes. Use a towel while exercising and be sure to drink water!

I like the unusual, functional, fashionable fitness apparel of the Italian brand Freddy. The clothing of this brand fully meets the requirements of professional athletes and dancers.

It trains Italian gymnasts and the stars of Milan’s La Scala ballet.

Working out in a fitness club, but not seeing visible results? Want to lose weight, but don’t know how?

I am with pleasure I will share with you the experience of organizing fitness …

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