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How to lose weight without harm

Losing weight has become fashionable, and rightly so. But before you start to mortify yourself for a year or torment yourself with unbearable physical exertion, you need to realize that rapid weight loss can bring the body no less harm than obesity.

The harm from losing weight increases in proportion to the rate of weight loss. That is, the faster the hated kilograms leave, the more cells, tissues, organs suffer.

But not everyone today agrees to wait for results, if not for years, then for months, after all, the rhythm of life dictates its own laws. And there is no need to wait, you just need to continue living, rejoicing in every new day that takes away at least a few grams of excess fat.

How to lose weight without harm – reduce weight gradually, no more than 1.5 kg per month. These are optimal values, confirmed by many years of clinical observations of physicians.

Is it possible to lose weight quickly

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If you adhere to radical diets and significantly reduce the diet, then you can lose weight in record time. However, experts advise not to pursue a quick result, because its effectiveness will be short-lived. The lost pounds can come back just as quickly. If you really want to gain a slim figure for a long time and maintain health, then it is better to lose weight gradually, gradually adjusting your diet. Start monitoring the quality of the food you eat, reduce portions. Enterosorbent drugs will also help cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.

The harm from fast weight loss is the loss of attractiveness

The harm from fast weight loss is noticeable even to non-professionals. A grayish shade of sagging skin emphasizes the expressionlessness of a sunken face surrounded by dull strands of dry sparse hair. Loss of attractiveness is upsetting, and endless questions of outsiders about health is annoying.

The rainbow promises of promotional photos before and after losing weight do not come true, which aggravates depression. But, it would seem, one should rejoice, since the weight has nevertheless decreased.

The harm from rapid weight loss is manifested by a malfunction in the systems of regulation and metabolism.

The body of a healthy person is a very complex open system capable of regular renewal on the one hand, and maintaining a constant composition on the other.

The reserves of biochemical processes continuously occurring in living cells are large, but they have their limits.

Essential nutrients must certainly come from food, otherwise the synthesis of new substances is disrupted, which sooner or later leads to serious diseases.

The harm from fast weight loss is infertility

A sufficiently long restriction of food affects the depletion of the nervous and humoral systems. The menstrual cycle in women becomes irregular, the maturation of the follicles is suspended, and ovulation does not occur.

A starving woman can become sterile. And if pregnancy does happen, then the risk of premature birth or miscarriage increases many times.

No less serious negative processes occur in the bodies of men, although they do not have such an obvious manifestation.

The easiest way to lose weight

There are a number of simple guidelines that you can follow to easily lose weight:

  • Give up sugar, flour, fatty and sweets
  • Say no to all carbonated drinks
  • Drink plenty of water, at least two liters a day. Often hunger is caused by a lack of fluid, and not a lack of food.
  • Eat less salt
  • Avoid fast food, cook at home, and switch entirely or at least partially to homemade food.
  • Arrange fasting days once a week

Harm from rapid weight loss – dizziness and dystonia

Today it has become fashionable to eat low-fat foods. Wanting to lose weight, people buy products in supermarkets and other retail outlets that are positioned as healthy food, although in fact they are not.

Why shouldn’t fat-free foods be added to the menu?

When fat is removed from milk, cottage cheese, kefir or sour cream, they lose not only their taste, but also their consistency.

Unpalatable and unattractive dishes are not in high consumer demand, and both producers and sellers know this truth. For this reason, they indulge in all sorts of tricks.

Instead of the removed fat, thickeners, flavorings, colorants, flavoring and other additives are added to the finished product formulation. As a result of all these falsifications, the calorie content of the finished dish becomes even higher than that of an analogue with a normal fat content, because starch and other fast sugars most often act as thickeners.

How to lose weight without harm – give up the use of low-fat foods, replacing them with natural ones. Whole cow’s milk contains essential fatty acids necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system, the timely transmission of nerve impulses.

Deficiency of essential nutritional factors leads to attacks of dizziness, severe headache and other rather unpleasant symptoms.

The harm from fast weight loss – emotional stress

In order to lose a few pounds in a week, you have to starve, that is, limit the calorie content of the diet and its amount.

Do not believe the advertising, which persistently convinces that you can maintain your usual way of life and lose 10 kg per week with the help of some overseas weight loss product.

If such drugs exist, then weight loss is provided by the diuretic or laxative effect of its ingredients. the most dangerous means for …

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