Workout for women – Workout for girls

Фитнес-клуб для женщин — Женская территория

Workout for girls

Street workout as a direction of sports has attracted the attention of athletes from Russia for several years. Its great popularity in Europe, and especially in the United States, made domestic manufacturers of sports equipment pay attention, and they began to actively supply children’s, sports and school grounds with a variety of workout equipment.

The advantages of a workout for many are the absence of the need for training on complex simulators and the opportunity to engage in health promotion on the street at any time of the year. Workout proponents argue that practicing their sport is much more beneficial than persistent and hard training in the gym, and to some extent they are right. The workout combines elements of artistic gymnastics, aerobics and strength exercises. The most important thing is that the vast majority of exercises are performed with their own weight, and are aimed at strengthening the muscular corset and the articular-ligamentous apparatus. The availability of workout facilities in Russia allows all categories of people to engage in individual exercises, including children and women.

Women with a workout have their own special relationship. It is generally accepted that strength training, the basis of which is laid in street training, is suitable exclusively for men. Indeed, at the beginning of the workout era it was difficult to meet a girl in the company of athletes, but today traditions have changed radically. Today, among male athletes, there are active followers of the female direction who perform all the basic exercises, excluding the maximum strength exercises. Before figuring out whether it is worth working out for girls, let’s look at the main advantages of exercising in contrast to gyms and fitness centers.

Advantages of workout classes for girls

  • Availability of simulators

Many of the street sports simulators have long been known to all residents – horizontal bars of different heights have always been present in the arsenal of playgrounds throughout the country. Handles and horizontal bars of different height are easy to find in any area of ​​a Russian city, even in the absence of a ready-made workout platform, a girl will have the opportunity to perform basic exercises (a link to them can be made, they will be further)

  • More freedom

One of the main reasons why girls actively go to workout is the lack of general male attention, which is difficult to get rid of in a crowded hall. The girl herself has the right to choose the place and time of the class, and in terms of the number of people per square meter, the street platform is significantly ahead of the halls. Men in a workout, of course, will also pay attention to a lady in their company, but this can be used to help with difficult exercises.

  • Large selection of exercises

Hangs, push-ups, stretching, elements of acrobatics or gymnastics – if there is a fully equipped workout area, a girl can perform her own set of exercises based on her plan. Ordinary crossbars, horizontal bars, and benches are suitable for the lesson – the choice of exercises is limited only by the work plan and imagination. There are more than 7 types of pull-ups in the workout!

  • Outdoor activities

Of course, in winter it is not as comfortable on the site as in spring or summer, but you can do the vast majority of workout exercises at home. But with the onset of warm days, active sports will have a beneficial effect on the girl’s body, with the right load

  • Varied muscle stress

Most workout exercises are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the whole body, using the smallest ones, which do not always work when doing heavy weights in the gym. Another plus of working out is the ability to use fitness rubber bands and dumbbells to expand the range of exercises performed. With a rubber band, you can round your buttocks, strengthen your back and improve your posture.

Where to begin?

Any sports activity, be it a morning run or heavy weight training, requires preliminary preparation. First of all, you need to contact your local doctor to point out the existing problems in the body and tell you how it will affect when you start playing sports. For girls, this is of paramount importance, and it’s not at all about age. Healthy people, in principle, do not exist, you need to accurately understand your problems and exercise should be aimed at supporting the general condition, and not at its deterioration. Therefore, in the presence of chronic diseases, it is necessary to go to the doctor before starting classes, and a good specialist will help with the choice of exercises to prevent / prevent / treat the existing problem. The female body is much more complicated than the male, this must always be remembered, and the wrong approach to exercise can only aggravate the situation.

The second point, the choice of a mentor or self-study. The question is rather complicated, and everyone solves it according to their capabilities. If you have a girlfriend / friend who has experience in the classroom – great! They will help with some aspects of the activity, such as: choosing clothes and shoes, technique and frequency of exercise, nutrition, and much more. In the absence of individuals versed in street workouts, the Internet will come to the rescue, which is replete with useful videos about all aspects of street workout. If the doctor has given the go-ahead for physical education, you can safely begin to study the workout and all its workouts.

Drawing up a training program

Equally important is moral preparation for the fact that you will have to pay attention to training at least 2 times a week, and not just training, but to a high load. Also…

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