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Фитнес-клуб для женщин — Женская территория

Beginner program – workouts for women


Tone Muscles, Lose Fat, Improve Overall Health with This 4 Week Workout Program Designed Specifically for Women

Synopsis is a workout for women. A program for beginners.
primary goal Lean muscle gain
Training type Full body workout
Fitness level Beginning
Workouts per week 3
Necessary equipment Barbell, exercise equipment, dumbbells, block exercise equipment, rubber loops
For whom Women

Program description

Very often, after the first workout, you feel tired and overwhelmed the next day. The whole body aches, but there is no trace of the desired feeling of cheerfulness. And sometimes, even during your first workout, you already feel like giving up everything.

Many women want to start strength training but feel anxious for some reason – little knowledge of fitness, poor fitness, age, worry that “this is not for women”… The most serious obstacle at the start (and, in fact, the most easily overcome) is the lack of a clear plan, a step-by-step program for every day. offers women who have decided to change themselves – a step-by-step training algorithm for beginners. offers you a simple but effective training system for women. The program contains a training plan for 4 weeks. By following this plan, you will improve your health, tone your muscles, give your body elasticity, and accentuate the sexiness of your figure.

Remember main secret any workouts and diets – the process should be enjoyable, this is the best indicator that you are doing everything right and what you are doing suits you. You must be consistent in your movement towards the goal – gradually increase the load, take an interest in knowledge about your body, training and nutrition, ask for advice from more experienced friends or colleagues in the gym (not from those who loudly criticize others, but from those who do this and looks like it says). And at the very start, learn – you have to workto achieve the result. Losing weight quickly in 15 minutes a day is self-deception. This is not for you. You will be proud that you have worked honestly and know the value of every gram of your weight, every centimeter of your chiseled waist.

Day 1

An exercise Week 1 (set x rep) Week 2 (set x rep) Week 3 (set x rep) Week 4 (set x rep)
A1. Squats “in a pose of a glass” 3×8 3×8 4×8 4×8
A2. “Turkish semi-rise” 3×3 (each side) 3×3 (each side) 4×3 (each side) 4×3 (each side)
B1. Push ups 3×5-6 3×5-6 3×5-6 3×5-6
B2. Dumbbell Rows 3×8-10 3×8-10 3×8-10 3×8-10
C1. Barbell Bridge 2×10-12 2×10-12 2×10-12 2×10-12
C2. Reverse lunges 2×8 / each leg 2×8 / each leg 2×8 / each leg 2×8 / each leg
C3. Crossover or butterfly trainer 2×5 2×5 2×5 2×5

You will notice the peculiarity of this program: the load on the lower body combined with pulling and pushing movements for the upper body. The exercises should be fairly simple, especially at the stage when you are just learning and your body is getting used to the strength load.

For glass squats, try a dumbbell or kettlebell. Each of them will provide the necessary load. The dumbbell is a little easier to hold due to its shape. However, recommends that you experiment and choose the projectile with which it is more convenient for you to train.

Training program for women

Use a gym mat or foam roller under your lower back for the Barbell Bridge exercise. To prevent bruising and to avoid bruising in the beginning while you master the exercises.

Day 2

An exercise Week 1 (set x rep) Week 2 (set x rep) Week 3 (set x rep) Week 4 (set x rep)
A1. Dumbbell bench press lying on a horizontal bench 3×6-8 3×6-8 3×6-8 3×6-8
A2. Breeding hands with rubber loops 3×10 3×10 3×10 3×10
B1. Reverse grip pull-ups (with the help of a partner or on a machine) 3×4-6 3×4-6 3×4-6 3×4-6
B2. Extension of the back on a block trainer 3×12 3×12 3×12 3×12
C1. Block Machine Vertical Knee Press 2×8 2×8 2×8 2×8
C2. Side lunges with dumbbells 2×8 / each leg 2×8 / each leg 3×8 / each leg 3×8 / each leg
C3. Pull the block to the rear deltas, kneeling 2×12 2×12 2×12 2×12

The load on the 2nd day is light enough. Adding some new exercises and pull-ups. If there is no special machine for pull-ups in the gym, you can ask your partner to help you at first.

Day 3

An exercise Week 1 (set x rep) Week 2 (set x rep) Week 3 (set x rep) Week 4 (set x rep)
A1. Deadlift “sumo” 4×4 4×5 5×4 5×5
A2. Concentrated contraction of the back muscles with an emphasis on the bench 3×10 3×10 3×10 3×10
B1. Counterweight Single Legged Squat 3×6 / for each leg 3×6 / for each leg 3×7 / for each leg 3×7 / for each leg
B2. Backdraft on the bar 3×8-10 3×8-10 3×8-10 3×8-10
C1. Push-ups at an angle 2×6-8 2×6-8 2×6-8 2×6-8
C2. Seated Leg Curl 2×10-12 2×10-12 2×10-12 2×10-12
C3. Side plank with twists 2×4-6 / on each side 2×4-6 / on each side 2×4-6 / on each side 2×4-6 / on each side

The sumo deadlift is similar to the classic deadlift, except that the legs are spread wider and the toes are turned more outward to allow more range of motion in the hip joint.

On day 3, we included incline push-ups. However, if you see that you are strong enough, you can do push-ups from the floor.

Rest time between sets in one exercise is 60-70 seconds. Rest time between exercises is 120-150 seconds.

Sumo deadlift

If you have questions about exercise, and any other questions about your training program —…

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