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Top 3 MLB Prop Bets for Wednesday (July 10): Which Picks Should You Back?

MLB Props: 3 Best Picks for Wednesday (July 10)

The MLB season is in full swing, and the excitement is reaching fever pitch. With so many games happening every day, it can be tough to keep up with all the action. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’re diving deep into the world of MLB props, revealing three of the hottest picks for Wednesday, July 10th.

  • Corbin Burnes is likely to have UNDER 6.5 strikeouts against the San Francisco Giants due to their ability to make solid contact and his recent command issues.
  • The Giants are a tough team to strike out, ranking well in the league in terms of strikeouts per game.
  • The game being held at Oracle Park in San Francisco, a pitcher-friendly venue, could further limit Burnes’ strikeout potential.
  • Pete Alonso is a strong contender to hit a home run against the struggling pitching staff of the Washington Nationals.
  • Alonso has been displaying impressive power and consistency, making him a formidable threat in this matchup.

Corbin Burnes UNDER 6.5 Strikeouts (-115)

Corbin Burnes is a dominant pitcher, known for his exceptional strikeout rate. However, he’s facing the San Francisco Giants, a team that’s been surprisingly tough against right-handed pitching this season. The Giants have a knack for making solid contact and avoiding strikeouts.

Burnes has been a bit inconsistent lately. He’s been dealing with some command issues, which can impact his strikeout total. That, combined with the Giants’ ability to make contact, makes this UNDER prop an intriguing play.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Burnes’ Recent Strikeout Performance: In his last five starts, Burnes has averaged just 5.8 strikeouts per game. He’s been slightly below his season average of 7.1 strikeouts per game, which adds further credence to the UNDER.
  • Giants’ Strikeout Resistance: The Giants are a tough team to strike out. They rank in the top half of the league in terms of strikeouts per game, indicating they aren’t easily fooled by pitchers.
  • The Venue: The game is at Oracle Park in San Francisco, which is considered a pitcher-friendly park. This could potentially limit Burnes’ strikeout potential, as hitters tend to struggle a bit more in these parks.

While Burnes is a talented pitcher, we’re leaning towards the UNDER in this matchup. The Giants’ ability to make contact, Burnes’ recent command struggles, and the pitcher-friendly venue all contribute to the validity of this pick.

Pete Alonso to Hit a Home Run (+330)

Pete Alonso is a home run machine. He’s one of the most feared hitters in the league, and he’s always a threat to go yard. He’s facing the Washington Nationals, a team with a pitching staff that’s been struggling to contain opposing hitters.

Alonso has been on fire lately. He’s been hitting the ball hard and showing incredible power. He’s also shown a knack for hitting home runs against right-handed pitching, which is the type of pitching he’ll be facing.

Here’s why we’re backing Alonso to hit a home run:

  • Alonso’s Power: He’s known for his incredible power, evident by his home run totals in recent seasons. He’s a consistent threat to launch a ball out of the park.
  • Nationals’ Struggling Pitching: The Nationals’ pitching staff has been struggling to keep the ball in the ballpark. They’ve given up a high number of home runs this season, creating a favorable environment for Alonso.
  • Alonso’s Recent Performance: Alonso has been hitting the ball well lately, showcasing his power and consistency. He’s hitting the ball with authority, making him a prime candidate for a home run.
  • The Venue: The game is at Citi Field in New York, a hitter-friendly ballpark known for its short fences. This plays in Alonso’s favor, giving him a greater chance of hitting a home run.

While the odds might seem a bit high, Alonso’s power, the Nationals’ struggles, and the hitter-friendly ballpark make this a high-risk, high-reward prop bet worth considering.

Kyle Freeland UNDER 3.5 Earned Runs Allowed (-165)

Kyle Freeland is a solid pitcher who’s been performing well this season. He’s been consistently limiting runs, showing good control and keeping the ball in the park. He’s facing the Pittsburgh Pirates, a team that’s been struggling to score runs lately.

The Pirates have been a below-average offensive team, struggling to hit for power and consistently put runs on the board. They’ve struggled against left-handed pitching, which is what Freeland brings to the table.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Freeland’s Recent Performance: He’s been pitching effectively, limiting runs and keeping opponents off balance. He’s been showing good control, minimizing walks and limiting big innings.
  • Pirates’ Struggling Offense: The Pirates are not a high-scoring team, struggling to generate runs consistently. They’ve been particularly ineffective against left-handed pitching.
  • The Venue: The game is at Coors Field in Denver, a hitter-friendly ballpark known for its elevated altitude. However, Freeland has been surprisingly effective at Coors Field this season, limiting runs despite the challenging environment.

This prop bet might seem a bit risky given the hitter-friendly nature of Coors Field. However, Freeland’s recent performance, the Pirates’ offensive struggles, and his ability to pitch effectively at Coors Field make this UNDER prop a strong contender.


These three MLB prop picks stand out for Wednesday, July 10th. We’ve carefully considered recent performance, team matchups, and venue factors to arrive at these selections. Remember that betting on sports involves risk, but these picks present compelling opportunities for those looking to capitalize on some exciting MLB action.

Use this information to inform your betting decisions, but always remember to bet responsibly and within your budget. Happy betting!

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