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Nebraska Football Excluded Once Again from EA Sports College Football Ranking: Why the Snub?

Nebraska Football Shut Out of Another EA Sports College Football List

Another day closer to the release of the highly anticipated College Football video game, another stunning realization for Nebraska football fans.

It has been 11 years since the last college football video game was released, as NCAA Football 14 was the final installment of the popular game series, until this year. With the release of EA Sports College Football 25 creeping ever closer, the team at EA Sports is dropping more content with each passing day. Today’s release, the Launch Roster Reveal, features the top 100 ranked players in the game.

There are no players with the rare 99 overall ranking, although three players come in at a 96 OVR. Those three are Michigan CB Will Johnson, LSU LT Will Campbell, and Oklahoma State RB Ollie Gordon II (who was arrested for a DUI but will miss zero games according to head coach Mike Gundy).

The final 29 players in the rankings come in at a 90 and include players from Kansas (2), West Virginia, Purdue, Liberty (2), and Rutgers.

Despite there being 31 players from the Big Ten Conference represented, not a single player from Nebraska finds himself inside the top 100. There are seven defensive tackles (three B1G) and 10 cornerbacks (four B1G) on the list.

  • Nebraska football players are left out of the top 100 rankings in the upcoming EA Sports College Football game.
  • No Nebraska players made the cut despite having standout defensive stars like Nash Hutmacher and Ty Robinson.
  • The game features three players with a 96 overall ranking, but none from Nebraska are included in the list.
  • Despite being part of the Big Ten Conference, Nebraska fails to have any representation in the top 100 ranked players.
  • The absence of key defensive players like Tommi Hill highlights a surprising snub for Nebraska football in the upcoming video game.

Nebraska’s Defensive Stars Left Out in the Cold

Although NU has one of the best returning defensive line groups in the country — Phil Steele has them ranked fifth-best in the country — Nash Hutmacher and Ty Robinson are no-shows. Tommi Hill, who tied for the Big Ten lead last season with 13 passes defended and ranked fourth with four INTs, is also absent.

All three of those Huskers were honorable mention All-Big Ten selections.

Hutmacher started all 12 games last season and set a career high with 40 tackles, 8.5 tackles for a loss, and 4.5 sacks as a nose tackle. Robinson appeared in all 12 games, starting 10, and posted career highs in tackles with 29, pass breakups with six, and tying his career high in tackles for loss with four. These two anchored a defensive group that allowed only 93 yards rushing per game.

For comparison’s sake, the lowest-rated defensive tackle is Clemson’s Peter Woods (ranked 91st according to EA Sports), who is going into his sophomore season after recording 26 tackles, 2.5 TFL and 1 forced fumble.

There is a chance that one, if not all three, of these Huskers come in at a 90 OVR and were just left off the top 100 for numbers’ sake. However, it’s still a baffling omission considering their impact on the field and the strength of Nebraska’s defensive line.

A Missed Opportunity for Nebraska Fans

The lack of representation for Nebraska in this initial list is a disappointment for Husker fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of the game. It’s always fun to see your favorite players in the game, especially when they’re among the best in the country. This omission, however, is a missed opportunity for EA Sports to showcase the talent that Nebraska has on its roster.

While the game might not be a perfect mirror of real-life college football, it’s a great way for fans to experience the sport in a different way. Seeing your favorite players in the game, with their accurate stats and abilities, is a huge part of the appeal of the game. This exclusion is a bit of a slap in the face to the Nebraska faithful, who have supported the game through its many iterations.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. There’s still a chance that Nebraska players could make their way onto the game’s roster before its release. The game’s developers are always tweaking and updating the game, and they could very well add Nebraska players to the roster in the coming months.

Looking Ahead to the Release of EA Sports College Football 25

The release of EA Sports College Football 25 is a major event for college football fans. For those who are eager to get their hands on the game, the wait is almost over. While the lack of Nebraska representation in the initial list might be a bummer, it doesn’t mean that the game won’t be a fun and engaging experience.

With the game’s release just around the corner, it’s a good time to start getting hyped. The game promises to be a faithful recreation of the sport, with all the excitement and drama that comes with it. While the absence of Nebraska players is a disappointment, the game’s developers have a lot to offer fans with this new release.

EA Sports College Football 25 releases July 19, but if you were to pre-order the game, you get early access three days prior. For more information on the top 100 players, head to the EA Sports College Football website.

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Why Is Nebraska Football Being Snubbed?

The question remains: why are Nebraska players being left out? Is it a reflection of their recent performance? Is it a strategic decision by EA Sports to focus on other programs? Or is it simply a matter of overlooking talent?

It’s hard to say for sure. Nebraska has been through a rough patch in recent years, but they have some talented players. The fact that they’re not even in the top 100 suggests that the game developers aren’t giving them the credit they deserve.

There’s a chance that this is just a blip on the radar, and Nebraska players will eventually be added to the game. But for now, Husker fans are left wondering why their team is being ignored.

The Impact of EA Sports College Football 25

The return of the College Football video game after an 11-year hiatus is a big deal for the sport. It’s a chance to re-energize the fanbase and bring in new fans. But it’s also a chance for the game developers to make a statement about the sport and the players who play it.

EA Sports has a chance to show that they’re committed to representing every program in college football, regardless of their recent performance. They can use this game to showcase the best players in the country, regardless of their team’s national ranking.

The omission of Nebraska players in this initial list is a missed opportunity. It’s a chance for EA Sports to make a statement about their commitment to the sport, their dedication to representing the best players in the country, and their understanding of the passion that college football fans have for their teams.

The Future of Nebraska Football in EA Sports College Football 25

Time will tell if Nebraska players will eventually be added to the game. However, it’s a chance for the game developers to show that they’re committed to representing the entire sport, not just the top programs. The Huskers have a long and storied history, and they deserve to be represented in this new game.

The release of EA Sports College Football 25 is a chance for the game developers to make a statement about the sport, the players who play it, and the fans who love it. It’s a chance to show that they’re committed to representing the entire sport, not just the top programs.

Nebraska fans are hoping that the game developers will take this opportunity to show their respect for the Huskers and their tradition. It’s a chance for them to make a statement about their commitment to the sport and the fans who love it most.

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