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How can Oklahoma State earn the opportunity to host a College Football Playoff game?

What does Oklahoma State need to do to host a College Football Playoff game? | Big 12 Media Days

The College Football Playoff is expanding to a 12-team format, and with that expansion comes a new opportunity for teams like Oklahoma State: the chance to host a playoff game. This could be a huge boost to the university and the state of Oklahoma, generating excitement, economic benefits, and a chance to showcase the Cowboys on a national stage. But what does Oklahoma State need to do to secure a playoff game hosting opportunity?

  • Oklahoma State needs to meet specific requirements set by the College Football Playoff (CFP) to host a playoff game, including ticket allocation and suite availability.
  • They must provide 3,500 tickets to the visiting team’s fans and have a plan for managing ticket distribution and logistics.
  • Clear plans for suite allocation, considering existing suite holders and CFP requirements, are essential for hosting a playoff game.
  • Addressing logistical concerns such as unpredictable weather, hotel availability, and stadium renovations is crucial for Oklahoma State to be considered as a playoff game host.

Meeting the Requirements

The College Football Playoff (CFP) has outlined a set of requirements for host schools, ensuring a smooth and successful experience for both teams and fans. Oklahoma State needs to demonstrate its readiness in several key areas to be considered:

1. Ticket Allocation: The CFP mandates that host schools provide 3,500 tickets to the visiting team’s fans, with additional tickets reserved for sponsors. This necessitates a robust ticketing system and a clear understanding of how to manage both the distribution and logistics of these tickets.

2. Suite Availability: While the CFP acknowledges that suite usage can be a complex issue, they are working with schools to ensure that existing suite holders have priority access. Oklahoma State must have a clear plan regarding the allocation of suites during a playoff game, considering the needs of their own donors and the requirements of the CFP.

3. Logistical Concerns: Beyond just the stadium, Oklahoma State will need to address several logistical concerns, including:

  • Weather Concerns: Oklahoma is known for its unpredictable weather. The Cowboys will need to have a plan in place for potential weather disruptions, including backup plans for game postponement or relocation. This might involve exploring alternative indoor venues in the area.
  • Hotel Availability: The CFP requires a certain level of hotel availability near the stadium. Oklahoma State will need to ensure there are sufficient high-quality hotels to accommodate both teams, staff, and visiting fans.
  • Stadium Renovations: If Oklahoma State has any planned renovations to Boone Pickens Stadium, they need to ensure they are completed well in advance of a potential playoff game. The CFP doesn’t want to disrupt a game due to ongoing construction.

4. Contingency Plans: The CFP will work with host schools to develop contingency plans for unforeseen events, such as power outages, water issues, or stadium closures. Oklahoma State must have a clear understanding of their potential response to such emergencies and how they will communicate with the CFP and fans if a change in venue becomes necessary.

The Importance of Preparation

While Oklahoma State’s athletic prowess and fan base make them a strong contender for hosting a playoff game, it’s essential for the university to be ready for the challenges that come with hosting such a high-profile event. The CFP is looking for schools that can demonstrate a commitment to providing a first-class experience for everyone involved.

1. Beyond the Field: The CFP’s expanded format creates an opportunity for schools like Oklahoma State to showcase their entire university experience. It’s not just about the football game; it’s about the overall atmosphere, the city of Stillwater, and the university’s commitment to academic excellence, research, and community outreach.

2. Economic Impact: Hosting a playoff game can be a significant economic boost for Oklahoma State and the surrounding area. Hotels, restaurants, and local businesses will see a surge in activity, creating jobs and generating revenue for the state. Oklahoma State should be prepared to capitalize on these economic opportunities, working with local organizations to promote tourism and highlight the unique charm of Stillwater.

3. Building a Legacy: Hosting a playoff game can be a defining moment for any university. It allows Oklahoma State to establish itself as a national force in college football and showcase the passion of their fan base. This can be a critical step in building a lasting legacy for the program and the university.

The Road to Hosting a Playoff Game

Oklahoma State’s journey to hosting a playoff game begins with consistent on-field success. Their ability to make a strong run in the Big 12 and earn a high seed in the CFP will be crucial. However, beyond the football field, Oklahoma State needs to demonstrate a proactive approach to preparing for the responsibilities of hosting a game.

1. Collaboration and Communication: Oklahoma State should be actively communicating with the CFP, seeking guidance and feedback on their plans. Building a strong relationship with the CFP and demonstrating a willingness to collaborate on various aspects of hosting a game can be a significant advantage.

2. Community Involvement: Oklahoma State should involve the local community in their preparations. This could include seeking input from businesses, residents, and local organizations. Engaging the community can help ensure a smooth and successful hosting experience for everyone.

3. Marketing and Promotion: Once Oklahoma State is selected as a host, they need to launch a comprehensive marketing campaign to generate excitement and attract visitors. This should include promoting the local attractions, the unique qualities of Stillwater, and the university’s commitment to providing a memorable experience for fans.

4. Sustainability: Oklahoma State should prioritize sustainability in their hosting plans. This includes considering environmental impact, waste management, and promoting eco-friendly practices throughout the event. Such efforts can demonstrate the university’s commitment to responsible event management.

Oklahoma State has the potential to be a fantastic host for a College Football Playoff game. Their dedicated fan base, beautiful campus, and the unique charm of Stillwater create a strong foundation for a memorable event. By proactively addressing the CFP requirements and demonstrating their commitment to excellence in all aspects of hosting, Oklahoma State can position themselves as a leading contender for a playoff game hosting opportunity, solidifying their place as a national powerhouse in college football.

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