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Taylor Makar: Building His Own Hockey Legacy While Navigating His Relationship With His Brother and the Future of His Career

Taylor Makar: Following in His Brother’s Footsteps, But Forging His Own Path

The name Makar echoes through the hallowed halls of hockey, synonymous with elite skill, athleticism, and a fiery competitive spirit. While the name is most closely associated with Cale Makar, the reigning Norris Trophy winner and a cornerstone of the Colorado Avalanche’s defensive core, another Makar is poised to make his own mark on the hockey world: Taylor Makar, Cale’s younger brother.

While Cale’s name is etched into hockey lore, Taylor is carving his own path, making his way through the ranks with a determination that mirrors his brother’s. Despite the inevitable comparisons, Taylor is carving his own identity, one defined by hard work, unwavering dedication, and a thirst for success.

Taylor, selected in the seventh round of the 2021 NHL Draft by the Avalanche, is currently participating in his third development camp with the organization. Being surrounded by the Avalanche’s esteemed coaching staff and veteran players provides a unique learning environment for the young forward. The opportunity to learn from his brother, a seasoned NHL veteran, further enhances his development.

“It’s pretty cool,” Taylor said when asked about being in the same organization as his older brother. “Obviously having that time with my brother, learning lots of tips and tricks, meeting people early, getting to know a lot of the staff, training, and stuff like that. I’d say in that manner, it really helps and it’s cool that he’s here before and can show me some of the ways.”

The Makar brothers’ bond extends beyond the ice, solidifying their connection as siblings and hockey enthusiasts. Despite their busy schedules, they make a concerted effort to stay in touch.

  • Taylor Makar is carving his own path in the hockey world, separate from his brother Cale Makar, with hard work and dedication.
  • Selected in the seventh round of the 2021 NHL Draft by the Colorado Avalanche, Taylor is currently participating in his third development camp with the team.
  • Being in the same organization as his older brother Cale provides Taylor with a unique opportunity to learn from him and benefit from his experience.
  • The Makar brothers share a strong bond both on and off the ice, forged through intense competition and a shared love for hockey.
  • Their rivalry since elementary school has fueled their development and pushed them to excel in their hockey careers.

A Brotherly Bond Forged on the Ice and Over FaceTime

The Makar household was a breeding ground for intense competition, a sentiment that carried over to their hockey careers. From their days in elementary school, where they’d battle it out in the front yard, to the professional arena, their rivalry fueled their development and pushed them to reach their full potential.

“We went to the same elementary school,” Taylor said. “And then pretty much every day after school, we’d come home, make our microwave plate of nachos, and head out to the front yard where we’d play a fun game of pass and it’d end up with someone getting beat up or someone crying in the front lawn. So that’s usually how it’d go.”

When asked who the more likely crier was, Taylor chuckled, “Cale. He was a crier, for sure.”

Their competitive spirit extended to their college careers. Taylor spent his first three collegiate seasons at U-Mass Amherst, while Cale carved a path in the NHL. Despite the distance and their demanding schedules, they maintained a close connection, staying in touch through regular FaceTime calls.

“So usually, every Sunday we try and FaceTime each other,” Taylor said. “It’ll be a long one and he’ll catch up on my games and, you know, give me tips. And then I pretty much watch his games every single night that they’re on, so try to learn a lot of stuff, and we always communicate that way.”

Taylor’s dedication to watching Cale’s games speaks volumes about the depth of their bond. It’s not just about watching his brother play; it’s about learning from him, absorbing the nuances of his game, and using those insights to refine his own skills. This unwavering support and desire to learn from each other is a testament to the strong foundation of their relationship.

Facing New Challenges: Taylor’s Move to the University of Maine

The upcoming season marks a new chapter in Taylor’s career. He’s traded the familiar surroundings of U-Mass Amherst for the University of Maine, eager to take on new challenges and contribute to a championship-caliber team.

“Just a different setting,” Taylor said. “The coaching staff I know is amazing there. Lots of talks with them. I’ve been having a great amount of communication, and just really excited to meet all the guys and hopefully we can get a championship team going.”

Taylor’s transfer to Maine reflects his ambition to push himself and grow as a player. The move signifies a willingness to step out of his comfort zone and embrace a fresh environment, a quality that will undoubtedly serve him well in the competitive world of professional hockey.

The University of Maine offers a new platform for Taylor to showcase his skills and make a name for himself. He’s surrounded by a coaching staff that believes in his potential and a team that shares his hunger for success. This new chapter is an opportunity for him to refine his game, build new connections, and further his development.

A Family Legacy Built on Hockey and Mutual Support

Taylor’s journey through the hockey world is marked by the unwavering support of his family. His parents, Jack and Cathy, have been instrumental in his development, fostering his passion for the game and providing unwavering support throughout his career. Their presence is a constant source of strength, reminding him of the importance of family and the values that have shaped him.

With Cale’s success paving the way, Taylor carries the legacy of the Makar name with pride. However, he’s not simply living in his brother’s shadow. He’s forging his own path, carving his own identity, and proving that he’s not just Cale’s brother, but a talented hockey player in his own right.

His commitment to hard work, his unwavering dedication to the game, and his desire to learn and grow are qualities that will undoubtedly lead him to success. The Makar name is synonymous with hockey excellence, and Taylor is poised to add his own chapter to the family’s legacy. He’s not just following in his brother’s footsteps, he’s blazing his own trail, demonstrating that the Makar name stands for more than just talent; it stands for dedication, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of greatness.

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